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⚡️Abelena⚡️  Reppin XO to the death / Selenation Just supporting two legends individually & together Sel liked 💕

THAT SMILE and when he blew that kiss IM WEAK😭😍😍 IM SO EXCITED FOR THE TORONTO SHOW TMR 🔥 I wonder if he'll bring out any artists like he got Kendrick to come out to the LA show😏👀 TORONTO CROWD GONNA BE LUCKY AF TMR ABEL FOR SURE IS GONNA GIVE THEM A REALLY GOOD SHOW😭🙏🙌👏

Interviewer: "I'll have a Piña Colada and a nice tan guy outside a palm tree waiting for you"
Sel:"I don't know about that I'm taken" I SCREAMED AND SHE WAS ALL CUTE AND GIGGLY MY ABELENA HEART😭😭❤️❤️I'm so happy for Selena she's in such a great point in her life that interview made me so happy I can't wait for her upcoming projects and HOPEFULLY SOME MORE CUTE ABELENA MOMENTS 🙏😩

Hearing her cute little sick voice and her laugh😭😭🙌👏😍 "I'm the kind of girl that loves tremendously big. I just have always been that girl. I will give my heart and my soul to the person that I love. It's just how I operate. With that comes a lot ya know." - sel 😭😭❤️❤️SHES TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD I SWEAR

OMG THIS RADIO INTERVIEW ( LINK IN BIO) IM SCREAMING I MISSED SELENA'S VOICE even tho she still sounds sick poor bb 😭she had bad liar for over a year DAMN GIRL and when she said she gives her heart and her soul to someone she loves IM CRYING I LOVE HER she's so cute😭 the interviewer asked her the last lie she said and Sel said she WAS PLANNING A TRIP TO LEAVE AND SHE WAS TRYING TO GET SOMEONE CUTE ( Abel for sure) to make her stay 😭❤️❤️❤️ also OMG THE ENDING THE INTERVIEWER WAS LIKE NEXT TIME U COME TO MIAMI WE HAVA A PINA COLADA WAITING AND A NICE TAN GUY AND SHE WAS LIKE IM TAKEN I SCREAMED 😭😭😏🙌👏👏 YESS SEL SHES LETTING EVERYONE KNOW SHE HAS A MAN🤧❤️

Holy picture🔥😍😍🙌Will @mertalas ever bless us and release the rest of the pics from Selena's vogue shoot 😩😭🙏 forever waiting especially those pics from that video he posted from Miami 😩

LMAO AT NAV'S COMMENT the crew and abel love their video games ❤️when I saw this I thought of elie's interview last year talking about BBTM tour and how abel would dominate when it comes to video games 😂😭🙌 he's such a dork I love it he's gonna be playing Mario kart all day for sure. I can imagine sel cheering him on or LMAOO what if she plays and beats all the guys😂👏👏

All these pics of Abel backstage with fans are honestly goals af😍😭Looks like Sel was at the Detroit show last night too👏🙌❤️tbh whichever fan that gets to take a selfie with Abel and Selena would win at life🙏😍 AND IF THEY BOTH ARE SMILING TOO 😭😭😭

Aw sel with a lucky fan last night💕I want a selfie like this with her😩she looks so pretty NATURAL QUEEN😍😍I lowkey hope we get some videos of sel singing along to Abel's songs tonight at his show cuz they are so cute😭🙌👏I love how Sel has been to SOO MANY OF HIS SHOWS🙌😭she's so supportive and loves being around Abel 🤧❤️

I'm so busy with school ugh Fml wish I can be on here more can't wait for these next two weeks to be over 😭😒 BUT ANYWAYS Selena's outfit last night was poppin😍🔥🔥🙌

ABEL 👅👅👅THE ARMS THO 😍😍😭via @garrettream

WOKE UP BY A GIRL I DONT EVEN KNOW HER NAME 🔥 I live for videos of sel singing along to Abel's songs 😭😍😍🙌👏

Acquainted is def my fav song off of BBTM✨🙌 ALSO ABEL'S JACKET IS SO CUTE WITH THE PINK INSIDE 💗 I love it/want it lol 😭credits to @bmariek 💕

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