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⚡️Abelena⚡️  Reppin XO to the death / Selenation Just supporting two legends individually & together

Shit I forgot to include this in the last one but fun fact this pic always gets me emo 😩Selena's smile in the reflection and Abel laughing all cute 😍😍🙌❤️ I don't think I'll ever get over this HAPPINESS>>> ( on a side note tho I'm still curious on what Selena said that was so funny👀) they really are such dorks

#tb to 6/7 months ago in Italy Damn wow time flies✨❤️❤️I just wanna know how Abel and Selena are so good at being lowkey👀😭They really are the type to just stay at home and watch movies all day or binge watch Game of Thrones lol🔥🔥🙌👏but I mean those are the best types of relationships having someone to just chill with and love similar things to rave about

The fetish bts really was everything tbh seeing Selena smiling and being all happy 🙌💗also this is my mood cuz I got a few of my friends hooked onto fetish finally like a month later lol it's such a bop deserves more love

Grammy museum last night looking adorabel ( I haven't used that in a while lmao) HIS HAIR THO😍😍

Selena's moderating the Q&A for the Good Time movie lit I hope we get some videos!! It's the same movie Abel was raving about on ig and twitter lol I just love how they both are SO into films they prob watched it together cuteee 💗Selena prob got sent the movie early to watch for the q&a and Abel prob got to watch it too and was clearly shook lmao😂😭 I hope he goes too on Saturday and meets them that would be cool (oh wow A24 production company worked on spring breakers too 🙌👏 and even moonlight 🔥🔥 I really wanna watch the movie now)

Finally the untagged version 😭🙌👏👏😍❤️

@fouad CAME THRUU😍😍

Ok the top pic tho such a natural beauty 😍😍

Just the cutest💕💕😍✨ I love BTS videos if you stream fetish and then login to Spotify it unlocks the video

Ok wow these shots tho 🔥🔥🔥😍 via @fouad

OMG THIS VIDEO THO AWW SO CUTE 😭😍😍 I'm highkey jealous of everyone at that building who works there meeting Selena today via @rannaa777 she really took the time to meet so many people today ALSO wow glad the fan told her how she appreciates her deep lyrics and totally true on how the world really gotta pay attention more to what she has to say in her songs 🙌👏👏

Tbh I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching Abel jump while he's performing he puts so much energy into it lmao 😂😂😭❤️ via

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