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Djbanka! (Della soul sound)  FB: selectordjbanka Bookings # 18763978659 Crukus wid ruckus

Breakfast party! Musical brothers.

Musical brother's. @wayneed_classic876 big up yoself fam. Della soul × presto mix a problem.

Work mood#

Big up all hard working ppl.

Suh mi a start my day 2moro! @kempunch @dread_roadblock

More updates on my sound. Della soul sound. God a god! The sound with a difference. Wen this drop a problem!!!

This is my fren fr kgn 20. the great mc'dupe. Circle me seh him frass. Suh yo kno mi affi shot him a thing. He said his favorite artiste is @grunggaadzilla.

@manhimselff yo deh ya fi stay fam. Dem caa guh round that. Mi talk it everyday. Why uno think mi keep mi circle small.

Likkle fr this!

More updates on my sound. this is a sound with a difference, only a real sound man and owner, would kno wat am i talking bout. Look at these equipments. Think a chattingz!!!! Everyday i ask father god for this, and mi affi seh big respect to u father god, big up mi general boxer George who make this possible. U tell mi seh u gonna give me a strength, and u surly did. Am going to make u proud fam. This is called loyalty! The amount of sound link me to play their sound, and a refused. Bcuz i believe in my sound. Big up mi 2 shooter dem @dj_siddo & @djbigga5. This summer sound deh a yard!!!!! Soon start tek bookings.

Mek the pussy dem gwan chat off dem horny mouth, bout a mac mi a mac wen mi seh mi sound soon drop a yard. Anyway to all my fans, here's some update of my sound ( Della soul ) all the styling soon over. Me a sound ower now yere!

The youths are the future. Studio vybz#

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