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Select Study Abroad  We ❤️ Florence and we ❤️ bringing #sistersabroad! #FallinLoveWithFlorence because #FlorenceisForever! Pictured ΑΔΠ & ΑΦ’s summer abroad trips. Enjoy!

So excited to meet our @deltagamma_eo sisters this summer! #sistersabroad #studyabroad #summer2017 #florence #italy #saynotofomo

We've had #ADPi #sisters from #Quinnipiac every summer since we started, and not only do we have a special bond with them, they continue to have a special bond with each other. Says Caila: "Being able to go on this trip with girls from our own chapter currently was amazing, but being able to come back and have the same connection with girls who went years ago was even better. It was so fun to come back to school and talk to girls from our chapter who went in years past about how their experiences connected to ours. It made me feel like this trip didn't really end because there were other girls with whom I could relive my time in Florence over and over again. I can't wait to have girls from our chapter come back in the coming years and talk about their times while they were in the best country ever." Quinnipiac Alpha Delta Pi continues to keep the #legacy alive, and we can't wait to meet more of their sisters next summer! #sistersabroad #studyabroad #florence

"All of Florence is your playground on Select." -Kathleen #tbt #lovethiscity #studyabroad #sistersabroad #florence #summer2017

Happiest of #Valentines ❤ from all of us, from Florence, and from Gusta pizza. If you can't say "I love you" with pizza, how can you say it? #happyvalentinesday #pizzaislove #florence #studyabroad #❤ #🍕

Hannah Fritschner joined the Select Study Abroad team two summers ago. She is now our Assistant Director and an integral part of our team. We knew she was Select material when we saw how much she cared about our students. Within the first few days she knew everyones’ names, hometowns, colleges, majors, chapters, favorite foods, and favorite colors. When we asked her how Select Study Abroad has been #lifechanging for her, well, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

My college didn’t have Greek life. I don’t have any sisters and I never went to camp. I’ve never done the girl bonding thing. I never really understood why anyone would join a sorority. After working for Select Study Abroad for one summer, I get it. These girls are a lot of things. They are strong and smart, adventurous, fun, and thoughtful. Most of all, they are supportive.

Going abroad with strangers can be daunting. Italian culture is foreign in more ways than one, and though we (your Select Study Abroad Staff) try to make it as seamless as possible, speedbumps are inevitable. From the get-go, though, the girls had each other’s backs – finding common ground, encouraging each other to try new things, playfully calling each other out, studying together, building each other up, getting frustrated at things they would later laugh about. It was like they all knew they were going to come out of this experience with an amazing bond, so they decided to skip the awkward period and embraced the bond immediately. That’s not easy, and I think it’s uniquely sorority....
If you have any doubts about studying abroad with your sisters, don’t. Yes, there can be frustrations. You may get annoyed. That’s true of all relationships. But your sisters are there to help you through the homesickness and culture shock, and they’ll turn your good times into unforgettable memories. These girls made me understand what sisterhood is all about, and I count myself lucky to know them. #lifechanging #sisterhood #studyabroad #sistersabroad #sisterswhocooktogetherstaytogether

Take advantage of the early mornings when the city is yours. #wednesdaywisdom #traveltips #florence #italy #studyabroad #passionpassport

A perfect spot for a morning coffee. #☕️ #mondaymotivation #studyabroad #sistersabroad #italy #venice

It's #NationalWearRedDay! In honor of our sisters at @alphaphiintl who work with @goredforwomen to raise awareness that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, we're wearing red today and we hope you are too! #alphaphi #wearredday #hearthealth #philanthropy #goredforwomen #❤