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Chris Wright  Artist and father in Oakland. Long time illustrator for DLX. Raised in the South, settled on the West. Selling custom tees and the like.


Stumbled upon this amazing 1968 painting by #earlnorem for some men's #pulpmagazine #realillusttation #actfourfreddy #fuckyeahbears

RIP #harrydeanstanton ...died at 91. He had a good run I'd say. #repoman

Gotta break the personal wheel archive monotony somehow. FOR SALE my beloved Hunter long johnny cargo bike. My kid got too big and is trying to learn wheelies on his own bike, so it's time to say goodbye. $4500, craigslist ad in my bio. Perfect for bike nerd new dads. #huntercycles DM me for more pics

Classic dragon style for @daewon1song for #spitfirewheels 2011 I think. Had fun with this one. More use of a custom scale brush.

There's a certain repetitive vocabulary here... @dennisbusenitz2 for #spitfirewheels

"I've got a armful of decent tunes mate, but it's all so fucking boring."- Sleaford Mods. @daewon1song Bezerker wheel from around '06 maybe. #spitfirewheels

Raptors 2007 #spitfirewheels

Cooksie for Spitsie 2006 @spitfirewheels @hcharlescooke

I am appalled almost daily by the Conservative Christian agenda of this moronic U.S. administration and its backers. The erosion of civil rights in this country is just one more thing on their to do list. #fuckjeffsessions #fucktrump #fuckthechristianright #fuckyourpersonalvietnam

Back when @ckfoster and I were housemates in SF and he skated for @realskateboards he kept telling me that Deluxe needed an artist. I was terrified of the prospect. Although I could draw, I had barely touched a computer in my life. At the time I was working as a valet. Somehow he convinced me to try, and my job application was basically that Anti Hero Santa on the toilet with whiskey and a revolver graphic. That was a long time ago. I truly have no idea where I'd be today if I hadn't taken that first step thanks to Cairo. Forever grateful. This was from around 2005 @spitfirewheels

Flash Fires... #spitfirewheels

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