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Lex 🌸  #RevivalTourDallas 6.18 β™‘

Her visuals got me like 😍😍😍
(Yes, that's me screaming in the background lol)

she was only 5 feet away from me.. and all i could do was cry my eyes out. πŸ˜­πŸ’™

my video of selena performing sober in dallas, tx during the revival tour. πŸ˜­πŸ’™
-being so close to her, i still couldn't comprehend that she was real. she's way too perfect. also, can we talk about how good her bangs looked? πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌ

june 18th, 2016: the day my life was changed, & one of my dreams came true. i finally got to see the woman i've supported for years and years perform for the first time right in front of me. no more watching her on a phone screen. it was so surreal to me. i had a GA PIT Early Entry ticket, so I got to go in (along with a small group of others who had the same ticket) a little earlier than those who had regular GA tickets. but since it is still GA, you have to get there before the others to get the spot you want. i waited in 100 degree weather for about 5 and a half hours as the sun beamed down. i was so sweaty and my legs and feet were hurting so bad from standing for so long. also, my sister and i were passing out signs to as many people as we could that said 'you saved me' so that we could all hold it up during her performance of 'who says'. anyways, i ran straight for the barricade when we were finally let into the arena and i was blessed enough to have gotten the very front row. it was one of the happiest days of my life, and it's something i'll always cherish. sorry i was crying so much in this video that it turned out really shaky, but oh well. i really adore just reminiscing over the wonderful memories of that day & i hope you guys all enjoy the videos i was able to take to remember that special night. πŸ’™

i don't think anyone truly understands how badly i want to meet selena. i've loved her for so many years, ive supported her though so much, ive just always been here for her. i've grown up with her. i've been there through the good and bad times and have never once thought about leaving her side. i just wish one day it could finally be MY chance, my shot, my opportunity to finally meet the woman who changed my life and made me the stronger person i am today. i love her far more than words could ever describe. i just pray God brings her and i together somehow, someday.
i love you endlessly, selena. ❀ @selenagomez


selenators !!!! you better not let selena down when her new single comes out. buy that shit, gift that shit, stream that shit on spotify & apple music, request that shit on radio stations. don't! fucking! let! her! down!
P R O M O T E . T H A T . S H I T .

so ready for selena's announcement 😍

friendly reminder: you are so beautiful and so special. you are loved by so many people, you are strong, and you can get through whatever it is that may be going on in your life. keep holding on, keep pushing forward, and keep fighting. because you CAN make it. and you're GOING to make it. i believe in you. stay strong. πŸ’™

today is my boyfriend and i's 6 month anniversary and i am so blessed to have him in my life. beyond thankful that after years of pain, loneliness & feeling like i don't belong in the world, someone finally came along that makes me feel like i truly do have a purpose. ❀

so jessica simpson is at my work right now eating with her fam and i'm not even working today.. probs gonna go up there and see her 🌚

follow me on @xselenagomez pwease πŸ’— really excited to get that account going. ☺️

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