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Lex 🌸  I love her with all my heart and soul. β˜€οΈ πŸ’ #RevivalTourDallas 6.18 β™‘

when i hear selena at work, or just in public in general, i think i just about have a heart attack. πŸŒšπŸ’—

good morning πŸ—Ώβ€

hi guys, my name's lexus and i love you all very very much :) πŸ’™

i signed up for my 'first' credit card and i am so excited to get it in the mail. πŸ˜‚ i think i'm gonna go crazy and buy purses and so much makeup tbh 🌚

i πŸ™‚ wish πŸ™‚ some πŸ™‚ people πŸ™‚ knew πŸ™‚ how πŸ™‚ to πŸ™‚ mind πŸ™‚ their πŸ™‚ own πŸ™‚ business πŸ™‚ and πŸ™‚ not πŸ™‚ cause πŸ™‚ drama πŸ™‚ because πŸ™‚ they πŸ™‚ just πŸ™‚ wanna πŸ™‚ be πŸ™‚ messy πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!!!

i really want to buy a wristlet from selena's coach collection, but i'm a poor soul. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ƒ

perfect will forever be her best song. enough said!

hey, @selenagomez, i know i'm 19 and all, but can i still be one of your littles?

would you rather meet selena off the street or during a m&g? πŸ’—

coach is sending me a bag as well & i cannot express my amount of gratitude. i am so blessed and thankful- supporting selena since 2008 has been such a beautiful thing to me. i've been there through the good moments and the not so good ones. not once have i ever regretted the time and effort i put into loving her. it's all been worth it. she is one of the most kind and genuine human beings on this planet and i cannot express how honored i am to have someone like selena to admire. she has taught me so much about life and about myself. she pulled me out of my darkest of times and i can't thank her enough for it. i may not have her constantly seeing my posts, and i may not have met her before, but it's so funny how someone can have such an impact on you without even knowing it. she's made me such a stronger person and she inspires me daily to be a better version of myself. thank you, selena, for all you've done for me. and thank you, @coach for the opportunity. i cant put into words how happy i am right now. thank you. thank you. THANK YOU. πŸ’™

having a follow from selena does not make anyone at a higher pedestal than the rest of us. we are all equal- i wish contests could be equal for all of us as well. i've been behind selena supporting her through thick and thin since 2008. i have dedicated so much of my time -so much of my LIFE for that matter- ..countless hours, days, months, YEARS of my life to Selena, and the fact that it seems like we're being ranked as being biggest fans based on a follower count/whether we have Sel's follow is really discouraging. i just wish we all had an equal opportunity at competitions and sweepstakes. -some people can't afford to buy tickets to her shows or meet and greets. shit, some people can't even see selena live at all because she doesn't tour in their countries. i just wish it wasn't the same fans each time. i wish each got to experience something great because it's what we all deserve. i can only hope that @coach chooses fans that may not have a follow or have ever been noticed before. everyone deserves a shot.

i need selena to come out with her own makeup line already

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