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🌸  My angel. My heart. My soul. My everything. #RevivalTourDallas 6.18 β™‘

i am living for selena's old insta posts. 🍾🌸

my allergies are getting so bad again. my throats feels so dry no matter how much water i drink, i keep coughing and sneezing, my eyes are watery, and my nose either gets really stuffy or really runny. 😫 i hate season changes.

flawless inside and out. πŸ’

if you could have any username for a fanpage for any of your favs, what would the username(s) be?

just bought the same outfit sel wore on the 4th of july. sooooo excited to get it. πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌ


i miss the stars dance era. πŸ’œ

i'm so far out of sight, yeah that sounds about right. kill this cup, not my vibe. be the highlight of my night. πŸΎπŸ’“

life imitates art. ✨

today was the absolute worst day ive had in AGES. first of all, my car died on me while i was at the gas pump today. i had to call my moms friend to help jump my car off so it could run. then i went to a car store and they told me it wasn't my car battery that was wrong, it was my alternator (which is expensive as fuck to replace). i don't wanna keep this car so why even put money into a car i just wanna get rid of instead of using the money i have saved up already as a down payment on a new car? anyways, after i got off work, my boyfriend had to jump my car off so i could leave. i didn't get very far, though. my headlights dimmed to the point where i couldn't see and then as i started to get on the highway, my car started slowing down and my dash lights shut off. i am so stressed. we finally got my car to run, but i cannot stay with that car. i really hope i can get a new car tomorrow. i can't handle anymore days like these.

i got so excited to see that Lana Del Rey is finally coming to Texas to perform. then i looked at ticket prices. come to find out, it costs like $1,000 to attend the festival she's performing at. wow. im a poor bitch. hA im sad

HOT MAMA 😍πŸ”₯🌹❀️

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