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Russian flags with five bullet holes in them at the Moscow march in commemoration of Boris Nemtsov, shot in front of Kremlin two years ago. Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov was a Russian physicist, statesman and liberal politician. He was murdered for opposing Putins authoritarian regime. Alexei Navalny Russian presidential candidate and " the man Putin fears the most " was seen marching in the protest . #russia_without_putin #Alexei_Navalny #boris_nemtsov #free_crimea #putin_is_the_real_terrorist

Hey you 👋. Have someone who speaks Russian read the headlines from any major Russian news source. The only story on America i found , was about how Trump will crackdown on leaks . That should be terrifying in case you aren't paying attention. The Russian media is only promoting the one thing trump wants us to focus on , "the leaks " and not the actual crimes ! Nothing on Flynn or anything else involving Russia. coincidental? I doubt Russia would be so restrained not to criticize the chaos from the country that is holding them responsible for Crimea with oil sanctions that crippled the economy of Russia.
Putin is a strategic genius in many ways , but overall he is a fool . Why is Russia's economy solely reliant on oil ? No cars , no computers , no new innovations outside of oil and weapons. Putin has the country focused solely on making him oil money. It's short sided and a bleak future. Imagine all of the hardworking and brilliant minds of Russia developing solar panels competing against the USA with a Cold War urgency? Some may say It's almost too utopian to imagine , especially if you have a clear view of how badly psychologically and socially damaged Russia is, primarily from the ussr and now Putin . They are headed in the direction of North Korea as a society and trump has us marching in that direction in America.
Freedom of thought and speech! Protecting and conservation of the environment! Finding creativity, balance , and integrity in ones own life and helping the ones you love. Solidarity with all humanity and conscious creatures. Personally I think that's all that matters . We need to get this business men who would sell their grandmother to make money out of office! Impeachment for trump and Putin and all the rest of these greedy asshole liars! #this_machine_kills_fascists #trump_is_a_traitor #saint_sek3_of_dogs #iloveyu

Impeachment is imminent ! Putin can keep Eric Snowden , instead stay out of Crimea and Syria ! #born_free #impeachtrump #impeachputin #trump_is_a_traitor #this_machine_kills_fascists #big_paws #iloveyu

stephen miller said the presidents power is absolute and won't be questioned. I have a question? #stephenmiller #trump_is_a_traitor #impeachputin #impeachtrump just sayin......

Once you leave the womb, republicans don’t care about you until you reach military age. Then you’re just what they’re looking for. Republicans want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers. Collaboration with comedian and bodies builder @akirabeard #abstractexpressionism #painting #abstract #calligraffiti #iloveyu

“Live and let live.” That’s my motto. “Live and let live.” Anyone who can’t go along with that, take him outside and shoot the motherfucker. It’s a simple philosophy, but it always worked. #big_paws #this_machine_kills_fascists #calligraffiti #abstracto #abstractexpressionism #iloveyu

Honesty may be the best policy, but it's important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy. - George Carlin #abstractexpressionism #this_machine_kills_fascists #calligraffiti #iloveyu #big_paws

I won't wait for tomorrow and live my life today ! Cause I was born .... free! #born_free #fight_the_power #saint_sek3_of_dogs #iloveyu #big_paws #abstractexpressionism

I start the day by tweeting to Donald trump . It's oddly satisfying. I know it's unlikely he will see it , but it feels like my only voice since popular votes don't count. I do not hope he succeeds , like so many suggest in saying " If he succeeds, America succeeds" . NONSENSE!!! He is a villain in every way , all his efforts betray common decency and common sense. Allowing him to do anything but be impeached is unacceptable. The article in the photo , essentially makes animal abuse of all kinds profitable!!! Did you hear me ??? Profit from animal abuse! He has not drained the swamp , but in fact dumped toxic waste into the swamp. The world is ready for green energy and kindness. Enough with this black oil and thug run economy! Fuck trump and fuck the evil dictator Putin . These are men without vision or compassion. They are two thugs who manipulate , lie , and with Putins case... kill . #fight_the_power #saint_sek3_of_dogs #born_free #this_machine_kills_fascists