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🌸Seirah D🌸  Central 277 | RU ‘22 | ☀️Occupation: Resting☀️

🍂We call it fall because leaf fall down🍂

✨I don’t know how to take pictures of myself✨

✨i don’t know how to write captions✨

This just in, Seirah makes a thumbnail for a thing because she wanted to...and it wasn’t a bunch of scribbles.

I miss him.


Oh yeah I graduated. With a Bachelor of Arts and a Barnwell Enamel Pin. Wow. Me @ myself: I can’t believe you’ve done this(in the voice of that one vine)

I didn’t take many pictures but....#prom2k18

🌈Relax, God is in control🌈


☀️🌸You Are Very Special 🌸☀️

🌸Just yesterday this tree was in full bloom, but now the petals are everywhere. Cherry blossoms are fragile🌸

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