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Michael Angelo Engro  ☆ Artist ☆ Maker NW Pennsylvania 🇺🇸

Re handled Lexington Village Blacksmith cleaver in Walnut with brass tubes

Local Army surplus store closing = New bug out bag / mobile makers pack. Lots of compartments to fill 🗡💀🛠 #bugoutbag #falloutfriday #seilies

New edge & new handle for this Lexington Village Blacksmith cleaver all ready for glue up. Highly figured Walnut with brass tubes. This thing is a beast.

#lexingtonvillageblacksmith #cleaver

When your afternoon includes some cool ass fuckers and their tinkering... #starshipenterprise #johnvahanian #pariahknives

Good morning vibes from Presque Isle Bay. Ready to assume this position again.

So overwhelmed by this gift from my first client. It's a turkey foot knife by Tom Vosler - Greenville, PA. The blade is signed and stamped it's his 5,025th hand made blade, dating it sometime in the early 90's . Tom has made 10k+ more since, but only a handful with the turkey foot handle.

#tomvosler #custommade #knifecommunity

The asymmetry of this build might be a bit too much for the traditionalist, but Chris and I intended to push the envelope on the creative side of this one. Scalloped bolsters for "The Raven Prototype" in cross cut box elder burl & spalted maple burl w/ alternating copper & g10 liners ⭐


Crazy St. Patty's Day. Visited Doc Ford and checked out his weapons stock. Black powder rifle after black powder rifle & hundreds of blades from all over history. He passed me this cleaver to re handle. I think some nice walnut scales I have in stock will play nicely, the ones pictured I'm not a fan of.

Lexington Village Blacksmith is clearly stamped on this one. @upbeatvintage do you know of these?

I can only choose one...

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