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Francisco Barrera  ☀ | Per áspera ad astra | 🌙 ------------------------------------------------------- I roam across the land, I wish to seek and understand.


Feel the sun, warm your skin.

happy hour

Got my first handgun lol. M&P Shield with TLR6 Laser/Light.

I find it hard to feel alive, when my heart beats on borrowed time. Its been awhile. #counterparts #guitarcover #chugsofinstagram #chugs #hardcore #guitar #shittyguitarcovers #metalcore

Ive waited years to have these all on disc, in blu-ray no less. So happy with it.


CZ Parrot. Only 10 exist in the world. Meant 10 in my last post, but 5 only in the U.S. crazy. #guns #firearms

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