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Sarah Frey  I was recently described as versatile.

“Dusty finishes Miwok 100k”
In case you didn’t know, this guy is strong. Mentally and physically strong. We should all be more like @dustyfrey.

Right time right place. Life is a series of choices we make for ourselves. Whatever the sequence of events that occurred to make a friendship like this possible, I’m thankful for it. .
We ran, napped, colored, cooked, and we talked, sang, and chanted our way along trails and mountains all week long. We told stories from our lives, learned about ourselves, and made up so many fun and interesting new things. .
Wild Women Trail Running Society retreat week was something I’ll never forget and I wrote it all down just in case.

What a special trip it’s been. Thanks to all the companies we sponsored on this retreat! Tap photo to see tags. #notsponsored #noad #lookingforsponsors #rentalcarlife #hammocklife #ac100 #ac100training

So @dustyfrey was completely content with his new job until he chatted with @djmetrognome at the @pacersbikeshare Bday party and now he’s convinced he has a new calling! 🎧 When’s the next round at @deckademics start?

Why yes, I do always run with my eyes closed. Thanks for a great event @runyamacraw! #yamacraw50k

I love the reality of this photo. Me: come on guys I just want a good photo. Ivonne & Ryan: strictly up to no good.

During the Christmas holidays, my brother @lordbyron40k, iced the family and I’m not one to turn down a challenge. May I present to you, the judgey mom look.
#smirnoffice #igoticed #iced #thefamilythatices

Ran 37 miles (60k) in the desert today. Couldn’t have done it without @smileitsliz and my people waiting for me at the finish line! Thanks for believing in me @dustyfrey @vonn.garcia @becksbees @michaelraymond @ryanthrower @smileitsliz!! ❤️😎 #blackcanyon60k


Spoiler alert ladies, this is what your 12th Valentines Day together will look like if you’re lucky. 😍

Come ride with me on February 24th at 9:15a (Hip Hop Party ride theme) & 10:30a (Femme fatale ride theme) for the @citymarketymca Cycle-A-Thon! Fun morning and $$ to a GREAT cause!! #Repost @citymarketymca with @get_repost
Have you signed up to ride in our 2nd Annual Cycle-A-Thon? We have 5 one hour slots for you to ride with 5 different instructors with themed rides! All the money raised during this event will go towards our Annual Campaign efforts. Register TODAY through our YMCA website, or through our Facebook page! LET'S RIDE!! #cycleathon #YMCA #cycling

HELL YES. People always say “I could never do that!” When they hear about my races. (News flash: YOU CAN!)
On Sunday, I was struggling with a training run. Tired, sore feet, bored... I thought to myself, this isn’t a gene I was born with or some magical skill I’ve learned, this is COURAGE 🦁. It takes courage to sign up for a race, knowing that there’s a potential of failure (😧, isn’t there always with new things?). Not even the best training can ensure you’re going to succeed. So I’m reminded to be thankful that I have the courage to keep going, to try anything, to push my body and my mind in ways I didn’t think I could. Embrace those sore feet - keep going. To all my homies doing big, courageous things, I salute you because it isn’t always easy but it’s worth it! And if you’re not, just know that I know that you’ve got what it takes.

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