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Nicole Abuhamada  Artist 🎨 New website is up!

A wish is a seed cast to the wind. What wishes grow in your garden? Which seeds never found purchase?

Still bringing this painting of Idris to life!

Trying to remember my gesture drawing skills to capture this busy 🐝 gotta love some purple @jacobabuhamada and @the_official_jhemma

Recent clips from my life. Soylent (green!?) ramen, Idris, and gorilla taped dressers

A silly looking picture of us both seems to capture the truth best.

Trying to do my homework. I really get why flowers look like this.

Oldie but a goody if I do say so myself. Miss this dude.

What is on the outside

My most unwelcome struggles have become my greatest allies, and this book, The Four Agreements. Had I known my struggles would one day provide the substance to my parenting, I would have prayed for more challenges to come my way before Idris came along. Tonight I pray for more struggle in my future. May struggle bring new insight and prepare me for what is next, as difficulties always do. May I have the suppleness to allow what comes to pass, commanding myself while allowing others their freedom.

This book is like a best friend

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