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Clynton Oliver Cox 

I like these pants.

This a pic of a tree. Get into the blossoms. If you zoom in to my face you can see how I feel about most things.

They caught me. @urbncommunity ๐Ÿ“ธ@Danny.owens


31 makin me feel like it's the first day of school again.

This kid. He's my consult, my therapist, my hype man, my confidante, my roommate, my teacher, my annoyance, my video director, my reprimand, & my co-dreamer. More than all of those, he's been my brother. And somehow, this MFer thinks no one likes his face. God will show you favor as he already has my friend. Here's to your old ass ๐Ÿป@squaredotcom

Such an invincible summer.

Shed a tear cuz it looks like I lost my ice cream.

Caught some golden hour love the other day.
C/O @squaredotcom & @gina.etc

I might belong here.

I fell in love a few more times. Nothing like gaining family.
๐Ÿ“ธ: Me, Homie.

(Shout out to des colores en Cuba)

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