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Amy Bowling  This page is for me to post about the things that are unseen on a daily basis. It was just a project but as I️ continue to explore more I️ will update

More about the UNSEEN: So this right here is 2 rooms in my dorm, on my floor. I️ have NEVER, not once been on this side. I️ never knew what it looked like either, the only thing I️ knew was that people lived there because it’s always loud. The funny thing is their is only two rooms right here so why is it so loud, but that’s besides the point 😄 It honestly even felt weird to be in that side of my floor I’m not even going to lie, I️ don’t know anything about it or anyone which is why it probably felt a little off for me. Stepping there, now makes me interested in wanting to know who’s on that side of my floor , because there are only 6 other rooms near me. I️ guess we’ll just have to find out :)

What does the residence hall council even do? That was really my question. I️ve never seen them ( probably because I️ don’t go to their meetings), but I️ don’t even know who’s on the council. “What do these people do to help me out?” “Should I️ even care about what they do?” “Do they care about me?” Yea… my answer was no to most of these questions. But I️ve come to maybe they don’t care about me specifically but they do care about the well being of others. All though I️ have never seen or met any of these people, they took their time from their day to help me, and others to understand ourselves more to benefit our health. They also, had other people write down things about the topic that are personal to them to help everyone out. It really is the little things that count. The little pieces of information that can possibly help you more knowledgeable about things that are unaware to you, and maybe they are but it’s something that gives you just a little bit more insight on what you already know or maybe what you want to know more of.

If you have ever been inside of Johnson and walked up the stairs, you might have realized that there’s paintings along the walls of each floor. At least leading up to my floor. But have you ever stopped and really looked at them. For example on the 5th floor, it’s is a picture of a dinosaur in a house, or at least that is how I️ interpreted it. And on the 6th floor it is a deer. But I️ never really stopped to think why that was. I️ then remembered that I️ live in the “artist colony.” Johnson is filled with artists. But I️ mean VCU in general contains many artists. But I wanted to know why was the dinosaur in a house located on the 5th floor and why was there a deer on the 6th. I️ could come up with many reasons as to why that was, but I️ still don’t know. I️ could ask, it’s not like it’s taboo. I️ve just been wanting to get s better understanding for the things and places that I️ have overlooked for the past 6-7 months! But the painting is absolutely beautiful. Shout out to those painters.

My view. Like it’s actually BEAUTIFUL. I️ have a view of the buildings that are used by some of the art students. I️ have a view of West Grace South, I️ have a view of Brandt and Rhoads, I️ have a view of the people who probably think I’m a weirdo for taking this picture through my window, HA, I️ have s view of the street, the cars passing by, the trees, and I️ have a view of the lights. Lights that go beyond VCU’s campus. Places that are still unseen and still unknown to me. Places that I️ will have to go to in order to be more knowledgeable about, places that maybe one day I️ could write about. Who knows? But I️ also want to go beyond the lights and see where that takes me and so on. I️ will only go as far as my curiosity takes me, to see the unseen.

When I️ first came to VCU one of the first things I️ did was take a picture of the address that they posted on the front counter. By looking at the piece of paper they had taped on to the desk, I️ remembered that I️ lived on Franklin. But being at VCU I️ never really took the time to pay attention to my surroundings, especially the street names. I️ thought I️ was the only one but, in all reality I️’m really not! So many people walk around campus everyday, or whatever part of Richmond that they need to go to and the street names are still unknown. I never even knew how people would know that I lived on “Franklin” when I told them I lived in Johnson. Everything that they had seen was completely, mindless to me. It never occurred to me that I have walked past my address everyday. So now lately I️ve been paying more to my surroundings and have realized that I️ am in between Franklin and Laurel. And there are so many more street names that I️ have come up on!

Everyday, I️ open my blinds, simply for the suns rays to beam into my room. I️ typically only look out my window when it rains to see what attire I️ should wear, other than that I️ only have my blinds open for the light. While doing this project I️ decided to do Johnson Hall. Why not ? I️ go in and out of it everyday, it’s the one place at VCU that I️ actually know … or at least I️ thought. When I️ walked into my room I️ looked at all the items that I always look at and really pay attention to. My bed. My snack section. My closet. My dresser. And my window? I️ thought to myself “everything about Johnson is trash, what could I️ really see?” So from my closed minded perspective I️ decided to look through my blinds, but they were only slightly opened but, when I️ did that I️ saw the unseen from my room. I️ saw that I️ had a beautiful view of certain parts of the VCU campus. That was still only from a tiny view, because I️ was looking at it through the blinds of my windows, so throughout the course of these pictures WE will see how I️ zoom into the surrounding areas around me from Johnson Hall.

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