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See Me!!  I am a gifting street artist. Collect a work? Tell me! Found more? Leave it, re-gift or take it somewhere fun. Instagram when you do. Thanks

Another great collector!

In the Collective showing the kids some art and left 10 CANAPÉ. See Me!

In Bushwick showing the kids the Collective so released a LISTEN next to a lovely @hellbent_ . #See Me!

We finished the semester visiting the wonderful @strayones in Bushwick. Thanks for the knowledge!

In #Bushwick to show the kids the Collective so I released a LISTEN next to a @niogallo See Me!

Visited @DavidZwirnerGallery the last day of the #felixgonzaleztorres exhibition just to see work that always makes me sad and smile - Perfect Lovers, 1990. "Two clocks are placed side by side; one will inevitably stop before the other. The date of this work corresponds to the time during which González-Torres’s partner, Ross Laycock, was ill, and it embodies the tension that comes from two people living side-by-side as life moves forward to its ultimate destination. González-Torres once commented: 'Time is something that scares me . . . or used to. This piece I made with the two clocks was the scariest thing I have ever done. I wanted to face it. I wanted those two clocks right in front of me, ticking.” (Dallas Museum of Art) I was taking a picture and these two perfect angels wandered up to view the work. I shuttered. #cityminireview

Huh? Couldn't resist. Released a LISTEN along 9th. See Me! #spotjocking

Another great collector!

CANAPÉ and #stikman ! See Me! #spotjocking

Dropped a LISTEN on the way to some where yet to be named. See Me!

Oh, and a CANAPÉ. See Me!

Another great collector!

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