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God says, "Be like little children."
We say, "No problem." Photo and caption by @mollymarko

I walked away from my first mother/son photoshoot thinking I got maybe one good picture. The little boy was rowdy, the clouds were gloomy, and I was low on ideas. But when I looked at the pictures on my laptop, there were more good ones than I knew how to edit. More often than not, you are doing a lot better than you think you are.

Photo and caption by @mollymarko

I haven't done many photoshoots, but people in love are by far my favorite.
And I'm pretty sure they always will be.
Photo and caption by @mollymarko

I don't really belong here.
Out of the blue eight months ago, I bought a camera with money I didn't have and knowledge I didn't have either.
And I still don't know. But that's life with Jesus. You don't really know anything until he brings you through something you don't really know. During these eight months, I have learned to see beauty where I've never seen it before. Including myself.
My name is @mollymarko and I am just a college girl with a camera. I am so humbled to share with you a little bit of the beauty I've seen! My guess is if I saw you, you would be on that list.

This community is the reason I love what I do! It's such a special thing when people gather together to share what they are passionate about. Thank you for allowing me to share the world I see through my lens with you. - This last photo brings two of my favorite things together, love + simplicity.

Anytime I have an opportunity to shoot for fun I take it. When I have spare time I love photographing flowers and telling stories with them. This hands down is one of my favorite photos I've taken. Remember, life is a journey full of ups and downs. - All love.

Lifestyle sessions always seemed like a challenge. Challenge accepted. This shot is the reason I love photography. Tender moments that warm the heart and capture genuine human connection. (@northcaleb)

Surrounding yourself with fellow creatives is something I have found extremely helpful when it comes to creating. Surround yourself with good people and always do what makes you happy. - I started out shooting portraits. While I was in high school I took senior pictures to earn a little extra money. What started out as a simple way to earn a couple bucks turned into a newfound passion. Finding you're niche, developing it, growing, learning from mistakes, and staying humble are a few of the ways I have turned a simple hobby into a passion/art. Portraits, especially moody ones will always have my heart.

It was a Friday night in the middle of a field, it was only an hour ago they became one. Their footsteps were light as a feather as they gazed into each others eyes. "I" seemed as if it were a statement from the past and "we" their forever. - While second shooting for the amazing, kind-hearted Morgan (@indigolacecollective) I decided to try a double exposure of the happily married couple. Golden hour is a photographers best friend. So are beautiful sunsets and wildflowers!

Hello there! My name is Caleb! I am a photographer located out of Indiana. I adore moody portraits, family sessions, and the occasional second shooting for wedding's here and there. Storytelling has always been something that I have been passionate about whether it be through written word, art, or images I strive to create and capture pictures that tell stories. - I can always appreciate a good black and white, I chase light and aim to capture real moments. This first photo was taken during the "last" light on a summer night. We were heading back to the car but stopped and ran back into a field of golden light to capture this sweet + tender moment. I am very privileged to get to share some of my work with all you fellow creatives this week! Here's to seeking light and capturing the sweet moments life has to offer. - Feel free to follow me on my adventures and lets become friends, I'd love to hear from you and see what you see!

​One of those waterfalls that really take you by surprise by their true size... I always recommend checking out these places yourself, looking at it on a tiny phone screen just doesn't do it justice.

Caption and photo by @samshatsky.
Thank you so much for sharing your work Sam!!

​Growing up with the Oregon coast so close to me, I was incredibly surprised by the immense beauty the California Coast had to offer. These unique rock formations are something out of this world.

Caption and picture by @samshatsky.

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