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Karl Jon  Exploring small home living and connecting to a more simple life as a means to nourish my soul and spark my creativity

Early morning watering of my first western red Columbine. This brings me great joy in the #backyardhabitat program. #gettingthere

After living away from Portland for 10 years, I made it back to the Mother's Day Rhododendron sale at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. This year, the rhodie I bought is for my own mother - the first since her passing. #crystalspringsrhododendrongarden #traditions #honor

In in the process of transforming my backyard for #backyardhabitatcertification. You can't see it here, but there is a squirrel in this pic. S/he roamed around my yard, started to go under the fence to the neighbor's yard, and changed her mind. Yep. I think my yard is better than that boring place other there, too!

First rhodie bloom in my new place. Thanks @jim_oregonrhodies #nofilterneeded

So, I opened my home to a stranger, a traveler, recently. He was from out of town, but attending a workshop I attended years ago. It wasn't a high risk venture, but not exactly something everyone would do. I did it anyway. We got along famously for the weekend and, today, I received in the mail "thank you socks". I am, now, a fan of the idea of "thank you socks". It may become part of my practice! #thankyousocks

All those anticipated blossoms on my Rhododendron rex. ssp. fictolacteum are turning out to be fresh sage green-colored new growth. I guess blossoms will have to wait for next year. #rhodendron #firstyearinthegarden #beingpatient

The juxtaposition of beauty given to me by a true friend versus the beauty created by a wanna-be father. #rhododendrons #fathers

I bought this home for many reasons. The prime directive was to be close to my son and his soon-to-be-wife. Life has thrown us all some obstacles, but we have come through it all closer and more appreciative of each other and what we have. Soon after this pic, my son visited, we shared gin-and-tonics, and just talked. When all is said and done, life is not about houses or things, but about the relationships we forge. Ya, this porch is pretty special, but sitting on it with my son makes it so much more meaningful. I look forward to many years of making memories here. #contented #frontporch #fatherandson #jenningslodgeoregon #simple

Show off your pine cones! #pinecones #beavercreekoregon

I made it to the much anticipated Native Plant Sale to slowly add to my collection of plants native to the Willamette Valley -en route to my #backyardhabitatcertification . Today's acquisition: Western Columbine (Aquilegia formosa), Kinnickinnick (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), and Western Bleedinghearr (Dicentra formosa ssp. formosa).

That moment where I turn off the lights for the day, before bed, and I am filled with gratitude. The lighting, the home, the purpose, the family. When it fits. I exhale. #thankyou #nofilterneeded #iamsurviving #ittookfuckinglingenough

No dad bod here.

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