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Seeking Truth 37  The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than you think. Researcher of the UFO phenomena. All I know is that, I don't know anything! On FB as Seeking Verdad

I have been working with my heart, sweating with my tears, walking bared footed on a path fill with torns and yet, I'm still standing.
I'd knocked on doors and no one answered them, I'd knocked on windows but they hide from me. So, I'd decided to brake the doors and walk right in but I was kicked out, I'd broke the windows to get in but I was thrown out.
No matter what I'd tried no one believe in what I'm doing, so I decided to keep walking alone and build my own place but without doors and windowless as reminder to see where I was and how hard it took me to get where I am today, and what started only as a curiosity, brought me to where I thought I will never be.
My place will be always open to those who are just starting their life journey into their dreams, and even though I'm just barely tapping into my dreams, I try to do the best I can to help others.
Few are with me and I thank them very much, where others left me to die, I only found strength in my self to keep walking and make it happen.
To those few who are still with me I want to say thank you, to those who are not longer with me and doubted me, I also thank you.
It is because of all of those who are in my life and out of my life in one way or another, it is how I found my inner strength to really make my dreams happen and see them develop right in front of my eyes.
I stand proud and with my head held high, with no regrets for the struggles and obstacles that I have passed and that I'm still facing.
It is thanks to those struggles that I have become the man that I am today.
The only obstacle to achieve your goals, it will be only you.
If you want something go and get it, and if you ask for help and don't get it, do not give up!
Have faith in yourself and you will see how far you can get.
I'm not here to brag, I am only here to thank all of you.

Same video from my previous post but in slow motion.
Again, this UFO was filmed out of the window of a passenger airplane on this year 2017 in the the skies of Spain.
Thank you for sending your videos and photos!
#ufo #spain #wow #ovni #alien #wtf #thankyou

Got a this amazing footage sent to me of a UFO that was filmed out of passenger airplane.
This video took place this year 2017 in the skies of Spain.
I will upload a zoom in version of it that came with the video.

Did you know that there is a war being fought right in front of our eyes and we don't even know about it. A war between Awareness vs Consciousness.
Two different things just in case you thought otherwise.
In my ongoing research on the reptilian race, I have come to found out a lot more that I didn't even know about or had ever even heard of.
Most of the things that develops on my research takes me through unthinkable paths that, in other people's view, it would sound like if it was taken out of a science fiction movie or book.
Then again, I have also mention that how far apart is fiction from reality? Well, the answer is not very far apart.
This war that is being fought right in front of our eyes, is a war that took place way before us today's human beings were created.
To most people this "theory" will sound absurd and totally crazy, therefore most will take it just like a if was taken out of comic book.
There is so much that connect us and yet, we are still divided by petty differences, man-made distractions, and so on.
This realm that we live in is real but at the same time is not (confuse? Yeah, I know how it sounds trust me).
We are entering into a new era that we cannot feel nor touch, but we will. And those so called star-children are a very important key players in this transition that we will enter to.
A time will come were us humans, will have to choose a side between two ancient rivals.
Just as written in the bible, but not as it has been thought or told to us. There is a God don't get me wrong, but God it is more than it has been shown to us or what we may think of God.
As I has promise not to talk more than I've been allow to say (due to request of the sources that I have met) I will throw every now and then bits and pieces of whatever it is that I'm allow to share.
The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper, with so much to learn from and perhaps not be able to see life as the way we see it now.

An odd object was captured on July 15, 2017 at approximately 7pm in central Los Angeles, CA.
The man who captured this object on his cell-phone, said that the object was "just sitting there in between the clouds, it was in that same position for about 7 to 10 minutes. I watched it not making any sound or the same time there was some type of dispute between a homeless couple that set a tent on fire. No one was paying attention at the sky due to the commotion that was happening." He went on adding that the object started to fly up and down then went on a straight line onto the clouds as a police helicopter was approaching. He stated that " as the helicopter was approaching the object got inside the clouds and vanished." He sent me 3 photos with the object and I'd zoomed in as you can see on the second photo, I also used 2 different filters to get a better idea of what it was that this man saw hovering in the sky.
Let me know what you think about this odd object.
#undentifed #flying #object #losangeles #ufo #ovni #what #are #your #thoughts #alien?

Part 2
I will upload what she is saying in portuguese by tomorrow, since I don't have the time today.
But I do have the time to at least help my fellow brothers by posting this videos, even if they are not in english and that some of you cannot understand it.
Let's unite as brothers and sisters from this planet and it is time to make a chance as an species. Let's move on to find a solution to all this madness that the world governments has brought us because of their selfish deed.
Until when are we are going to wake up and keep being treated like this? UNITE, WE ARE ONE RACE, LET'S STAND TOGETHER AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!
#unite #worldpeace #we #are #one #race #wakeup #we #are #humans #let's #stand #together

I was asked by a friend from Brazil to publish this video of the current situation that is going on in Brazil.
Brazil is in the dawn of an undeclared civil war due to injustice, violence, and the lack of government power.
This news report is by a local journalist named Emillie Virgilio, she is brave enough to bring the real situation that goes on in a country that has been left to sort it out by themselves by those who swear to protect it. It just shows how intense the hand of corruption extends around the globe with no one to be held accountable for.
#Brazil #support #stop #corruption #pray #meuirmaos

The same person sent me this video and, I think this one is real. Not like the other one he sent me and it had fake all over it (I will not post fake videos).
This happened in San Juan, Puerto Rico back in 1974

It appears that someone is trying to attack me by talking bad about me. I've been attacked in the past but this time is different.
Even though I have proof to defend my self from this attack, I will not use them.
That is not the type of man that I am, I'm on a different path and I will not waste my time and energy to prove the contrary.
I have great respect for people and specially from the ones that are trying to attack me.
I will not talk about it, I'm just letting you know that if you hear bad things about me, I actually have solid proof that what it is been's not the entire truth.
Again, I will not try to defend my self from this attack that is trying to portray me to be something that I'm not.
I'm just letting you know just in case you come across of whatever it is that is been said, the ultimate decision will be yours to make on wether to believe those rumors or not.
The only reason that I will not try to defend myself, is because regardless of what happened, I still got a great respect for them and love as well.
I am not a hypocrite person.

Declassified CIA photos taken in England and in the USA.
Top photo: Sheffield, England, 4 March 1962
Bottom photo: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 20 October 1960
Have a great day everyone!

Ufology used to mean something, it started as a way to unite and to help one another.
Today's ufology has become a joke. Now is about how many followers one can get, how popular you are, how many likes you post is getting. What ever happened to finding the truth, work as united species to help better understand a phenomenon that we all know is real...I see people posting "I want to believe" " the truth is out there". That is false PROPAGANDA!
A deviation from the truth it self.
You know is already believe in it...the truth is within you. It always has been.
The same goes for spiritualism, charlatans claiming to be what they are has become a business for those who seek enlightenment and purpose. Where ALL the corrupted religions has failed us to understand the true meaning of God. Keeping the real teachings to themselves and giving us a bit of it but with limitations to their convenience
The UFO and Alien experience is to help us grow as humans, to become better people, to learn the true meaning of unconditional love and harmony.
Aren't you sick and tired of all this crap that goes on in this world that we live in?
BRING UFOLOGY BACK AS THE WAY THAT IT WAS INTENDED TO BE. Not as the way that it has become.
How can you expect to make contact when you cannot see pass your selfish self!!!
What happened to finding the truth? Where is the tolerance to your fellow human? Hippocrates that say one thing and do another.
Let's stop fighting each other to see who is right and who is wrong who did what and who didn't, instead, let's help each other to better educate those who are walking behind us and show them the way.
It's about awareness I heard many times I don't really think that hoaxing a video or photos help us at all. It only hurt us, it only makes us look like a joke to the real gate keepers...because they know they are doing a damn good job keeping us divided.
This is what I think and I know that I'm not alone in this thought.
Unfollow me if you wish, I had said it more than one time that I'm not here to see how many followers I may get, how many likes, and all of that.
I came here to connect, to find others that are seeking for truth as well.

Part 2 of 2
Specialists assume that a source of energy that is still unknown to Earthlings instantly changed the structure of the soldiers living organisms, having transformed it into a substance whose molecular composition is no different from that of Limestone.
A CIA representative stated: "If the KGB file corresponds to reality, this is an extremely menacing case. The aliens possess such weapons and technology that go beyond all our assumptions.
They can stand up for themselves if attacked." What would they think it was going to happen?! I mean, there is a lot of things that we can conclude from this declassified document, but even if these beings are peaceful (don't forget that the CIA has been messing with them as well as other intelligence agencies around the globe) these beings are entitle to defend themselves from such attacks. They know what us or those in the intelligence departments do to them.
So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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