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Seeking Truth 37  The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than you think. Researcher of the UFO phenomena. All I know is that, I don't know anything! On FB as Seeking Verdad


Took this photo at 6am (Los Angeles time) and I just cannot get enough on how beautiful every morning is at sunrise.
Well, heading to my daily grind and to enjoy another hot day in L.A.
Have an amazing Friday people!!
#L.A. #beautiful #morning #nofilterneeded #gottalove #nature

There are so many topics that I would like to talk about as well as to share it with you, and perhaps get a bit of a discussion going. But before I continue, I want to say the following.
There have been many times that I had to restrain myself from posting my point of view on certain topics such as god, religion, conspiracies, politics, Extra-Terrestrials, and the list can go on and on.
I personally don't like talking too much about politics, religion, and other subjects, however, there are times that I must (since is what I think and I see it as) but always doing it in the best way that I can so I don't disrespect anybody's belief, religion, race and whatever else there is that you the reader of my posts may have on that matter.
Having said that, I've also came to the conclusion that no matter what, some people WILL get offended regardless of how careful I try not to insult anyone.
The thing about me is, that I like to respect people just as the way that I would like to get respected. I could care less about the color of your skin, the religion that you practice, your social status, gender, sexual preferences, and all of those bullshit categories that there is to categorize a simple human being. In my opinion, that is pretty irrelevant.
Now that I finally got that out of my system, I will be posting topics that many will not like and if you feel that need to unfollow me due to it, please do so. I have never been about how many followers or likes I could get, and though I do appreciate it, I do not mind if I get unfollow due to wherever reason someone may have.
I'm all about trying to connect with people and talk about different subjects and just not watch videos about UFOs. But please, do not misinterpret what I just said, I also like watching them. But what is the point of just watching videos if we don't know who they are! The whole point about UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials beings is also knowing of who they are, what do they want, and what role do they play in our progress as an specie if in fact we do indeed share something with them such as DNA for example.
I hope that you get the point that I'm trying to make.
Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Ancient Sumer, an era filled with mysteries, wonders, and many debatable theories. Land of the Gods and also known as the cradle of humanity.
Ancient Sumer is where the first urban civilizations and writing was born, however, it is not where the first human being came from.
There is evidence (perhaps you knew this or not) but ancient Sumer was created or was formed by different tribes that came from various places such as mountains and surrounding areas e.g. the South, North, West, and East surrounding areas to be exact.
In other words, Sumer was born by different groups of humans and others beings, that when got together, they created what we now know as the modern civilizations. Many traditions that were used in Sumer such as governments, farming, and even the different religions that we know today, were ALL borrowed from ancient Sumer.
I don't want to talk too much about the Sumerians. What I do want to talk about is, who were those tribes who gave life to ancient Sumer.
As I said above, Sumer was created by different tribes, and one tribe in specific, was as it is known as the Ubaid period.
These people and/or beings from the Ubaid tribe, brought with them distinctive fine quality pottery that spread throughout Mesopotamia, including farming and other interesting items that were part of their culture.
Among those items and/or objects, there is one indistinguishable and very interesting item known as the Lizard-Men dolls or statues.
You may be wondering "so, what is the point?" and I apologize if I'm not making myself very clear. But I've been very busy these past weeks with a lot of stuff that I'm working on, including personal matters. And I have this little "theory" that I will like to share with you that includes not only Sumer, but those before them and those who came after them. Like the Egyptians for example, and all the way to our current time.
My so called "theory" it is based by different sources that I have researched. From mainstream science and history, to unorthodox science and history, and everything in between.
Have a great weekend!!!

Check this out!!!
With the solar eclipse fast approaching, in the fox news website and other news outlets, there is an article warning the people of South Carolina about a Lizard-Men sightings that will happen during the solar eclipse event.
But that's not all, in the news the reporter goes on saying that the "SCEMD (South Carolina Emergency Management Division) stated that not only to be ready for UFO sightings but also, to be vigilant about other paranormal activities." It goes on adding that "Considering that the eclipse is a space event, you might think the warning is simply an amusing alert to keep an eye out for UFOs, but that's really not the case. SCEMD is being quite specific about its advise, and it's asking citizens to be wary about the Lizard-Men."
Some of you perhaps already know me that I like to think outside the box. So, it makes me wonder if these people who "leaks" such statements or warnings, could maybe take the opportunity to release this sort of information to news outlets that most of us have stop believing on everything they say, to let us know in these times of social conflicts that here in the U.S. are taking place. To let us know about space visitors and other paranormal activities that goes on not only in the U.S. but around the world.
Why do I think this? Well, this is a great opportunity for them to release information about humanoid creatures and UFOs since the American public is very well distracted with all the madness that is taking place in and outside the country.
What do you think? Can this really be a very good tactic from those who know more than we do? Whatever the case it may be, I think that this could be a good time to keep an eye towards the sky, and maybe some of us can get something on video or in pictures.
Where will you be on the 21th of August?
Have a great week and don't forget to look at the sky.

Apparently, World War 3 could ignite in just in a blink of an eye and though, there are just all talks and threats at this moment (let's just hope that it stays that way). We can all agreed that if this event happens, we will see a great consequence in our planet.
Haven't we learned enough throughout our modern history that war only serves one master? And who is that master? Well, that master is death and the interest of those who profit from it...and leaving the rest of us to cope with it.
Panic has already started to be seen in people who are preparing themselves on buying food supplies, medical kits, and so on.
Whether this could be a false flag or propaganda, who are really benefiting from all this fear? The big corporations that have invested on the supplies mention above. However, this doesn't mean that we should take this war claims lightly, on the contrary, we should take them serious but be reserved at the same time.
Let's all just hope that this threat that we, us citizens of this planet, don't have to go through such madness. We as a humankind society, have been waking up to the lies that had us in the dark by those in power, and we are not so easily fool anymore.
I can add that perhaps, this could be an excellent time for non-terrestrial beings to show themselves to us and I think that they will (but of course that's just my opinion) that they 👽 will intervene if things get really out of hand since now we have nukes that can erase us from the entire universe.
Have a great weekend and enjoy life to the fullest!!!!

I have finally been able to overcome a thorn that was blocking my way to fully take flight on my projects. Now I'm pumped up and ready to go with my plans full speed!
There is nothing holding back anymore, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!

Hello everyone, how is your Monday or what it's left of it.
Today I've got sent a bit more of 200 pages (in a pdf format) of this "Operation Plate" that was conducted in Brazil back in the 70's. And although my portuguese is not great, I can somewhat understand it.
I'll look into this documents that were sent to me from a source that resides in Brazil, but it will take some time since I'm currently working on 3 other projects and 4 with this one.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank a few people that was concerned about me being suicidal.
The answer is no, I am not suicidal and I'm far from even thinking about it. I don't even think that exist in my vocabulary.
Nevertheless, thank you for your concern.
Have a great week and have fun doing what you love doing.

This video got sent to me just as the way that you are looking at it, no sound and in slow motion.
All I know about this video is that it took place this year and the person that sent it to me, I have no idea who he or she may be.
Have a great Sunday and be safe!

Got this video sent to me by Juan from Chile.
Two long objects that appear to be like those cigar shaped UFOs were filmed in Chile on January 13, 2017. The objects seem to be camouflaging themselves in a cloud form.
What do you think?

The previous post was a challenge that @neurotoxic_venom sent me about preventing suicide.
If anyone that you know or maybe you have thought about committing suicide, please talk to someone, life is beautiful and there is people that care for you.
You don't have to be alone in your thoughts, talk about it!!!!

Took this picture with my new toy, lazy Sunday and just relaxing today.
On a different note.
Stay alive challenge accepted!

This is another file from the Operation Plate that was conducted by the military of Brazil.
This specific investigation of a civilian commercial airplane pilot by the name of Claudio Temporal, was investigated by a sergeant by the name of Joao Flavio da Costa who passed away in 1993 without been able to tell more of his involvement in such operation.
The drawing as you can appreciate above, it was obtained by Sergeant da Costa from the civilian airplane pilot Temporal. The pilot gave specific details of his encounter with what appears to be a UFO with some sort of landing gears.
Now, could this be a man-made UFO or an actual spaceship from another world?
Why do I ask such question? Well, as the rumors go, it has been said that (in specific) that the U.S. military, has been able to reproduce alien looking aircrafts. And seeing a sort of landing gears on the drawing above, one can only speculate, then again, I've never seen a UFO or an outer space aircraft land before.
Can the rumors be true, was this spaceship the real deal, or could it be that the Brazilian military along side the U.S. military were testing a prototype aircraft and was accidentally spotted by a civilian pilot?
The investigation continues.

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