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Cianna Perez  Unwrapping this box of life that is a present. 🌴 Beach yes please🌴 TX, US, ES, MX are home.. Friends + Family + Health + Fitness UTRGV Proud

There is an interesting story behind the 🌹

Here's to an amazing woman and sweet friend! My #WCW Christian 🤗 Onto getting more work done this week!

Break Time? Yes, I'll spend it enjoying my Bayside patio that I've long missed, but not for long! Spring break family coming in two days.. #homeless #itsrented

☑ Jumped out of a plane and survived! #skydiving #lastweekend

Earlier today when we rolled into Taos for some dinner :) Let the ski adventures and laughs begin!

Getting comfortable in Spruce House!

Hello New Mexico!

Workout Complete 💪

Lessons from paddling today for 2017... The beaming sun is shining for the what is to come.
The chilling water that makes us gasp at first and later relic in enjoyment is like a new experience.
Stepping in the bay's mushy ground full of seagrass and seashells may be like moments of discomfort, but we must recognize it will pass (and hey! You might get some shells out of it).
Drifting into the bay while tanning and chatting on paddleboards is easy, but be need to be ready when it's time to paddle back home. It's gonna take effort-at least a more than you thought. Aka, sometimes we get distracted with good times (and that's okay!) but be ready to put some work in when you have to get back on your original plans.. And paddling feels good. Work keeps us vital and healthy if it's the kind we are passionate about.

So happy to get to be around these cool 😎 people I call my brothers and sister. -Christmas 2016

Family lunch shenanigans!

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