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Jane Rhodes  📍Utah // @prolooksports contact: It is never too late to give up your prejudices. -Henry David Thoreau

~ The Egyptian lantern we brought home for her makes the prettiest shadows. Magical bedtime. ✨

~ Happy Father’s Day to everyone who fills this role to anyone!! I love this day every year and the opportunity to hyper praise @drocksox. I can gush & gush about how great he is. How he works so hard for our family, actually never stops working. How supportive he is of each one of us and on and on. But let me tell you this right now, and this is all that matters... Our kids, without a doubt, know they are loved. Dusty drenches them in it. If there’s one thing I know our children will say about him, it’s that they know their father’s heart bleeds for them and that there’s *nothing they can ever do to lose that.❤️ #dandjrhodes

~ Fred is currently being boarded with a trainer for three weeks and Wellesley is finally living a puppy free life after all these months. I feel like she is really loving this time to relax and deserves it. But we miss Fred so much!!! 🐾 #wellesleybaloogram

~ I saved this quote on Pinterest a few days ago and keep thinking about it. I like the simple implication to self evaluate, make changes, and live the life we want.🖤 #seejanequotes

~ Khan el-Khalili (Arabic: خان الخليلي‎) The bazaar district in Cairo, it comes alive at night! 💫#khanelkhalili #therhodestravel

~ 10pm, the sound of Ramadan prayers. #cairoegypt #therhodestravel

~ Egyptian lanterns.✨ #therhodestravel

~ Lunch with a view! ☺️🍕🙌🏻 @pizzahut #pizzahut #therhodestravel

~ Hello Sphinx. I studied you in an art history of Egypt class and now we meet. 🤯 #therhodestravel

~ We LOVE this girl and this time with her is absolutely priceless!! ❤️ #therhodestravel

~ Not being sacrilegious whatsoever, this felt very three wise-man-ish. In fact, Egypt feels very biblical in general still today. Also, on our walk my camel kept biting the back of myla’s camel’s back leg. We were joking they must be siblings or a couple. 😜😂🐫

~ After spending the morning with camels I’m thinking maybe the yoga camel pose should be child’s pose. Look at how they sit! And maybe camel’s pose should be renamed rainbow pose? 🐫🤔🐫#therhodestravel