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Jane Rhodes  📍Utah // @prolooksports contact: It is never too late to give up your prejudices. -Henry David Thoreau

~ #tbt My Myla in 2014, fifteen years old! Myla ran twelve 5K’s with our family in 2014 (she might have cheated on a few.) She also made her high school tennis & softball teams. Went ice fishing for the first and probably last time. Took her first programming/coding classes. Played her last season of soccer. But probably the biggest highlight of 2014 was after she had begged and begged and begged for a puppy for a few years - she was given an Australian Labradoodle that Christmas, that she named Wellesley Baloo. She named Wellesley after our suburb in Boston, if you are unfamiliar with the city. And, their relationship lasted about ten days. Myla had made alllllll the promises that she would take care of her puppy. Walk it. Feed it. Get up with it at night in the early weeks and do everrrything needed to have a dog. Then she really had to do it. And about six days in she started to conjure up deals she’d make with all of us to help. Then seven days in she started to offer her bank savings in exchange for making her puppy a “family dog” instead of just her dog. That way, Wellesley would be more of my responsibility too. We made a deal. She got out of all that puppy responsibility and to this day I’m pretty certain Myla won’t ever have a dog again and will really think about kids till the day she’s absolutely positively ready. 😉#mylamareerhodes

~ #tbt My Myla in 2013, fourteen years old! She became so obsessed with reading & finished so many books that I actually banned her from reading one month so we would see her more as a family. • She loved cleaning our garage in Boston, specifically using the leaf blower there in the Fall. • Tennis. This girl was at a USTA tournament somewhere in New England every weekend. • She had started her vinyl collection and became obsessed with Miles Davis. • She loved going to the Brimfield Antique show in Massachusetts with me to buy these records. • In 2013 she told me she wanted to grow up and become an archaeologist. (I think that’s changed.) • She started Chinese at school and LOVED it. Due to this she constantly had pen-ink tattoos of Chinese characters self-drawn all over her hands. • She would practice archery in our backyard possibly due to a fettish with Katniss. • Myla was always making “daddy’s special recipe” at home which is a unique combination of vanilla ice cream, Rice Krispies, cocoa and a little milk. • Played piano. • Went to lots of Red Sox games. • In June of 2013 she started sobbing herself to sleep each night. Our family had decided to move back to Utah and she was being torn out of place that she now loved. • She bawled on the first day of school in Boston out of nerves and now she was sobbing to leave. • Regardless, she was a champ. She returned to Utah, started working at @prolooksports and saved enough money that summer to buy all the parts she needed to build her first computer. A little perk of moving back. #mylamareerhodes

~ #tbt My Myla in 2012, thirteen years old! Myla embraced living in Boston and loved the focus there on academics and athletics. School was a LOT harder & more competitive in Boston than it is in Utah. It was rarely an option to turn something in late or re-take a test. (Those options are pretty standard in Utah.) For a solid year Myla never took the bus home because she stayed after school for at least an extra hour to get tutoring from her teachers. Specifically, one teacher, her 6th grade English teacher Mrs. Connor  went out of her way to help Myla. She not only helped her with English but also taught her study skills to help her become an overall better student. Two years ago, after we’d been back in Utah for three years, and four years after Mrs. Connors had been Myla’s teacher I randomly received an email one day from Mrs. Connor. It was her reply to Myla, and she included Dusty and I both in the reply. Myla emailed her unbeknownst to Dusty and I and thanked her for the skills she had taught her in 6th grade because now that she was in high school she was a better student due to the time she invested in her. Myla thanked her for all the study tips, focus to detail, kindness, I was in tears the email was so full of gratitude. We had no idea Myla had reached out to her all these years later until we received her reply. Mrs. Connors was thrilled to have heard from her & happy she was still succeeding in school. It was so cool. Kudos to the teachers who who go the extra mile. And kudos to the students who appreciate it. #mylamareerhodes•

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~ When I went outside two days ago & took pictures of our snowball bushes it was so good for my creative soul. It was calming & therapeutic. I’ve been especially missing watercolor lately so one of my only goals for this summer is to make the time for me to create. 🖤

~ After seven years of being on Instagram I’ve never done an official ‘about me’ post. So, here’s the start of a few for anyone new around here... My name is Jane Francis (Beckner) Rhodes. I was born in Juneau, Alaska in the 70’s while my parents were living there because my Dad was working on the Alaskan pipeline. My parents divorced when I was two months old. At that time my mom moved back to Montesano, Washington a small town near the NW coast where her parents lived and we lived there with my grandparents till I was thirteen. My childhood consisted of a lot of old people, rain, fog, the rainforest, moss, Mt. St. Helens erupting, clam digging, berry picking for money, fishing trips in Alaska, learning to swim in the local lake and everything else that comes with small town American life. And my favorite childhood book series was The Boxcar Children. My mom and her family and my friends at school called me Jane growing up and when I was with my Dad’s family I went by Franny. It was like having two different identities my whole life. Now, where did you grow-up?? And what was it like? Any questions for me? ❤️•

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~ Lunch with my girl. This time she came to me, for our favorite tacos! @oteorestaurants ❤️

~ My snowball bush picture taking buddy. Except, she doesn’t care about how pretty the blooms are, she just wants me to pay attention to her while Fred isn’t around!!! #wellesleybaloogram 🐾

~ In my backyard right now. I love this time of year! ✨ #snowballbush #viburnum

~ The great Michelangelo was credited for saying this phrase “ancora imparo” which means “I am still learning.” In fact, at the age of 87, Michelangelo wrote this on a sketch he was working on. What an example. 🖤 #seejanequotes

~ #tbt My Myla in 2011, twelve years old! I could sum up this year of Myla’s life with two words: duct tape. But I’ll share just a little more... In July of 2011 our family moved from Utah to Boston, Massachusetts. Myla made one of the biggest changes because she’d been in 5th grade and in Utah 6th grade is still elementary school. But with our move 6th grade was going to be junior high. On her first morning of school, her eyes started to get teary at home as the nerves set in. By the time we were driving to school she was bawling. As in, the hyperventilating type of bawling. I couldn’t say or do anything to help calm her down. She was nauseous she was so nervous! It was awful.  She calmed herself down enough to walk in. Then I spent every minute of that day a total mess worrying about her - it was AWFUL. When I picked her up after school I couldn’t ask fast enough if she was ok and how was the first day... She was all smiles and didn’t even acknowledge that she’d been nervous! All my worry for nothing! She was so brave. I drove her home and she went right back to making things out of duct tape. Duct tape roses, rings, wallets, flip-flops. Just this year during spring cleaning I finally threw away the last rolls of duct tape that were almost gone from this era of Myla’s life. PC: @mrs_bossman #mylamareerhodes

~ #tbt My Myla in 2010, eleven years old. At Eleven years old Myla was extraordinarily confident. She always had been but it really shined at this age. It displayed itself in sass, stubbornness and lots of arguments with her Dad. In the summer of 2010 we made a trip to Laguna Beach, California to visit family there. One afternoon we were at the beach and Myla went out in a kayak with her older cousin Martin. He was in his early thirties and (as this post proves) Myla was eleven. While kayaking SEVEN dolphins appeared! They counted seven, there could have been more. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Our cousins who live there said it was really rare to have this happen. The dolphins started circling the kayaks and at this moment Myla decided this was overwhelming, she started threatening Martin. Martin said she started easy, splashing him with her paddle and asking him to take her back. Things quickly escalated when she said she was going to hit him in the head with her paddle if he didn’t get her back to shore immediately! 😳😂😂 That’s our Myla. She is fierce and will take all matters into her own hands to get what she wants. Of course, usually respectful and kind. Just don’t take her kayaking in the wild with dolphins. PC: @mrs_bossman #mylamareerhodes 🐬

~ #tbt My Myla in 2009, ten years old! In 2009, Myla and Kiana went on their first flight together without a parent. They flew to Reno, Nevada and spent a week with their aunt & uncle on their horse ranch. They had SO much fun, living the life of cowgirls for a week! Their first morning there I got a text from their auntie saying, “at 7:30am Myla was riding her horse bareback. At 8:30am she was saddled up and chasing steers out of the chute!” Myla also didn’t shower the whole week. I picked the girls up at the airport and Myla had the biggest smile on her face. She was head to toe cowgirl in wranglers, boots and a hat and still had dirt on her face. One of the best weeks of her life! I can’t find any pictures from that week in Nevada so this is one of my favorites from 2009, taken by @mindymoveit. #mylamareerhodes

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