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Isabel Seneca  NorCal distance runner, always prefer a trail to a road 26.2x3; 50kx1; 50mix1 RYT-200 Yoga Teacher & AFAA Fitness Instructor Strava: Isabel Seneca


I love running, but I’m not as drawn to training as I am to my study of yoga right now. I went to a really wonderful yoga nidra training last weekend, and it made me realize I’m ready to deepen my practice and pursue my advanced certification. A little hard to do with a full-time job plus a part-time job, but I think I’ve found a really great program that can make it happen. Stay tuned, but I think 2018 will be the year I become a 500-hr Registered Yoga Teacher! (For those that don’t know, you become a 200-hr RYT first, then 500-hr.) Not to say I won’t run, but I want to run because it’s fun and something I feel like doing, not something I feel like I have to do to train for another race... anyway, lesson learned, do what you love! #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #yoga #yogi #meditation #singingbowl #soundhealing

A long run of 12 miles yesterday, some sweet new pants, and back and shoulder flexibility increasing by the day- I am doing ok! One day soon I'll be able to let go of the strap... Some bad things going on in the world, so love yourself, love others, and be compassionate in all thought, word, and deed. Happy Monday, sweet friends. Edit: sorry not sorry for always having books in the background of my yoga poses- one day I'll get a studio space... #dancerspose #natarajasana #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #yogi #marathontraining #fitness #instafit #flexibility

I'll be in the woods and off the grid for the next few days. Good luck to everyone racing! (@23jcar @_graywilson who else?!) ❤️ #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #natureyoga #armbalance #handbalance #astavakrasana #getoutside #yogi #yogaretreat

Handstand variations in beautiful places :) from a few weeks back on the Russian River. Excited to be going to a yoga retreat in the woods this weekend, but more on that tomorrow. For now I'm just trying to get healthy after being ill on and off all week. Forced myself to rest today though I reeeeaaallly wanted to run.... tomorrow I hope. Happy Autumn, my friends! #yogaeverydamnday #handstand #yogi #yoga #yogateacher #fitness #instafit

Still under the weather, but I bought v3 of the New Balance Zantes, and I couldn't bring myself to wait to try them out 😬 so here I am at the track 🤷‍♀️ the v2s were my favorite road shoes ever, and the v3s do not disappoint! A more flexible, breathable mesh knit upper than the 2s and a little more firmness underfoot, but just as light and low profile as before, ahhhh ☺️ I tried so many other shoes, but nothing compares to you, Zante ❤️ you always knew I'd come back to you, didn't you? ...definitely planning on wearing these for CIM. #running #trainhard #newbalance #trackworkout #fitness #igrunners #runitfast #runner

Well, I'm feeling sick today (the husband was sick for the past 4 days so it was only a matter of time), but it's supposed to be a rest day anyway... BUT more importantly, last week I got to be a guest on my absolute favorite podcast @thenegativesplits !!! Listen to us kiiind of talk about running, drink beer, and answer life's most important question: would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck??? It was an honor and a total blast, gentlemen. Hope to do it again soon! Cheers. Time to sleep and watch Netflix so I can get better in time to run tomorrow. ----------------- #Repost @thenegativesplits (@get_repost)
Episode 49 is now available! We talk to 5 randomly selected guests with the catch that Glen has a new beer for each interview. We open with Chris Thornley from SNB and find out why it's a possessive S in the name, his favorite athlete and more. We transition to Isabel Jane Seneca Robert Gonzalez Jay West and Dave Melohusky and talk about their running and more. Does it come off the tracks? Find out in the link for in the bio. #instarunners #runnerscommunity #run #running

Taught 2 back to back classes, then hit 3.7 on the treadmill to finish 20.1 miles on the week. Not bad for my first week back in it! Also feelin my new running kit so I had to hit all the angles 😏 Happy Sunday, buddies. #running #instafit #lookgoodfeelgood #marathontraining #fitness #trainhard #yogateacher #sundayrunday

I missed you all and I missed running, so here I am trying to get back in it. First double digit run since.... June?! Yikes. Didn't feel terrible though? Hope you're all still kickin ass and takin names. 💃🕺🏻 I've got 2.5 months to marathon time. Think I can pull it off and not totally embarrass myself? #marathontraining #running #training #runselfie

Wrote out an 18-week (ok, 17.5) training plan for California International Marathon (December 3)! Trying to start early-ish so I can build nice and slowly and peak at a 50-mile week. Also including both a 20 miler and a 22-25 miler. CT will likely be yoga class, on top of the 3 classes I teach. Also unrelated, I just got back from vacation in Michigan and hooooly shit I have so much respect for all of you who live in hot, humid places and run... I got 2 miles done and called it a day 🤷‍♀️ also unrelated, but kind of related, I'm sorry I suck at Instagram. One day I'll get better at keeping up... #marathontraining #cim #marathon #training #trainhard #discipline

Viparita Dandasana 🌈 backbends kind of terrify me, which is exactly why I practice them (this one is also a massive shoulder and chest opener) 🌈

A treadmill 5K after teaching HIIT. Shouldn't have done all those burpees with them... really pleased with my crow pose progress though! Finally gotten my arms almost completely straight! Almost there... and speaking of, almost to the WEEKEND 😍 take care, my friends. #yoga #bakasana #yogaeverydamnday #running #fitspo #fitlife #armbalance #dreadmill

Worked a 9 hr work day then taught 3 classes, 14hrs later and I am whooped. Working on Compass Pose here. Happy Midweek, Fitfam 💃👌 #yogaeverydamnday #compasspose #vinyasa #fitspo #yoga

2 miles is better than nothing, right? Baby steps getting back into running shape... oh my hair is blue these days by the way 🙂 #running #justrun #workout #workoutselfie #runningselfie #fitspo #fitness #marathontraining #zensah #withoutlimitz #xc #running #fitlife #teamzensah #athlete #7zd #brandambassador

Taught 2 yoga classes, drank some midday beers, went for a swim, then went for a hike. Sunday 10/10 💃🌲

Time to get back on the horse. Felt super shitty, but what can you expect after 3 weeks of no running? You get what you put in. Going to slowly base build for a few weeks now and get rid of some extra weight, then marathon training starts in August. (Also a running store near me was shutting down so I got a bunch of gear on clearance, including these super sweet neon calf sleeves :) #zensah #withoutlimitz #xc #running #fitlife #teamzensah #athlete #7zd #brandambassador

Winding a class down after a good, challenging flow is one of my favorite parts of teaching a yoga class. Been teaching a lot more recently, both HIIT and yoga classes- which is on top of my full-time job, so I haven't had much time for anything else... including running. But we can always make excuses, right? I'll be back on IG when I'm done coming up with excuses not to run 😉until then, lots of love to you all, may your feet be fleet, and your bodies and minds happy and healthy ❤️ thanks to my sister and best frahnd @analiseelectra for the photo of last week's class 😊#yogateacher #yogaeverydamnday

My new favorite breakfast! Golden smoothies 💛 the key ingredients? Kefir and turmeric! Kefir is high in protein and has lots of good probiotics and turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Added some mango, a banana, and a little bit of cinnamon and voila! Working on staying up on exercise AND diet for a more holistic picture of health in my life. Yum! #cleaneating #ayurveda #health #livewell #turmeric #probiotics

Returned to one of my original forms of movement tonight and went to a modern dance class, and it felt SO good to move like that again. Before yoga or running, I grew up dancing, but it's been several years now so I was a little afraid maybe my body wouldn't move that way anymore, but it still felt so natural and good. Sometimes I get so caught up in reaching a specific fitness goal, but I think it's good to remember that there are so many different forms of movement and fitness, and it's important to always do the ones that bring you joy and man, I don't even care how it looks, dancing brings me joy! Have a great week, beautiful people. #dance #justmove #instafit #crosstraining

Hey... you guys rock SO much. Coming back to IG and to running after having to take a little break and hearing so many positive words of support and encouragement was just the most wonderful and empowering thing. I love this community of runners who are also just amazingly kind and caring people who lift each other up. So thanks my beautiful friends, I am blessed to have all of you. This weekend was me and my husband's 2nd anniversary so we were out of town for the weekend- that's me at San Juan Bautista- but still squeezed in a short run this evening when we got back... it's better than nothing, right? Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't caught up with everyone and what's going on with YOU, but I will soon, or send me messages and tell me how your training is going these days- I missed you guys! ❤️

Hi! Today feels like the beginning of something new! We'll start with a confession: I haven't run for almost two weeks, not a single mile. Today was my first baby run back. Why today? Firstly, I've been feeling horrendously exhausted and pretty ill recently despite getting tons of sleep and being very healthy- yesterday I found out my thyroid is suuuuper out of whack (I've been treated for hypothyroid for almost 15 years but turns out my current dosage wasn't doing the job anymore). Though it's going to take a few weeks for me to start feeling the effects of a higher dosage of meds, just knowing there's a cause for my fatigue made me feel a lot better. Secondly, I registered for California International Marathon on December 3rd! Official training will start mid-August but it's time to start rebuilding my base. I'm excited to have a goal to work toward again! It's a huge Boston Qualified and I've got a looong way to go till that, but a girl can dream right? Third, I talked to my running squad, Runners Empire, made up of 19 other runners here on IG and they are so inspiring to me (and also hilarious and also the only people who rival me in drinking post-run) so I decided to get back out there and just start putting one foot in front of the other for them. Thanks my friends ❤️ what got you out the door today? #run #instafit #fitness #marathontraining #trackqueen #runningisbetterwithbeerandbuddies #truth

You guys! I know I'm a little late to the party, but I have just discovered the joy of cycling 🚵 inherited a nice road bike and finally went to get it (mostly) fixed up and, oh man, I'm gonna ride all the time! So excited to have an alternative to running and maybe, just maybe, I'll start swimming too so I can try a triathlon next?!? Baby steps tho.... #cycling #instafit #fitness

You've carried me over 600 miles, you absolutely stink to high heaven, we ran a good marathon together, and I loved you so, but it's time... goodbye Zantes 😭 my favorite road shoes have finally kicked the bucket.... replaced them with some Altras though don't worry, there's no true replacement for you, Zante ❤️ #marathon #roadrunner #shoelove

Woo! Another great race in the books! I didn't have high expectations for this race because I've barely been running since AR50, but expectations succeeded! A 10 minute PR on a course with 1,000' gain and stayed with my sister (who had trained even less than me haha) until Mile 20 when I got a big second wind and kicked it out for the last 6.2. Finished the last few miles at sub-9 pace and more importantly felt SO strong. I'm excited to see how a flatter course with more training goes- I'm thinking CIM?? How were your races and runs this weekend friends?? #marathon #endurance #fitfam

Ready or not... 🤷‍♀️ see you on the other side #marathon

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