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Secrets of A Jewel 💎  Written By: Juliet C. Helping Women Find Their Inner Jewel!

Be A Priority Not An Option 💎 #SecretsOfAJewel

💔It hurts. It hurts like hell. I don't think words alone can truly express what heartbreak really feels like. Heartbreak can change you, depress you, and in worse case scenarios kill you. But, can we look at heartbreak differently today? Let's go back to when I said heartbreak can kill you. I mean this figuratively speaking of course. It can kill the essence of you so to speak. Everything you thought you knew about yourself is now up for debate. You lost yourself , so you think. I'm here to tell you you didn't. What that heartbreak really did was evolve you. Just like a caterpillar that goes into a cocoon and comes out a butterfly, you have now been reborn. Embrace that. And once you do that, you'll thank heartbreak. What did you learn from HeartBreak??? JujuJewels #Growth #HeartBreak #whatdosentkillyoumakesyoustronger #weallbeentherebefore #secretsofajewel

To all my entrepreneurs out there, it is IMPERATIVE to invest in yourself and your brand. I'm going to say this, it's better to take your time with launching your brand and business than to rush. Even the smallest things like business cards are vital to the appearance of your brand. I've met so many women and men who had the idea of starting a business but want to take shortcuts such as a cheap website or horrible visuals. VISUALS ARE EVERYTHING. I can not stress this enough. (Hence the all caps 😘) Thus, make sure everything is perfect from the website, to the visuals, to the launch. #businesstips #branding #jujujewels

#SelfLove Is the Regard for one's own well-being and happiness ❤️ Before you can properly Love anyone you must first learn to Love and Care for yourself. It's ok to put YOU 1st! #secretsofajewel

When I see dark skin/light skin issues, and the idea of one complexion being the reason someone is "better" than the other it's so unfortunate in our own community. WE are all different shades and THATS what makes our culture so DOPE! You don't see that in any other culture!!! Why not embrace it ? Why not uplift it? I love telling another woman how beautiful she is. Whenever I do, her face just lights up. 😍 Dark, light , in the middle doesn't matter we are all a sight to see! Brighten someone's day and throw a compliment out in the universe ! #WeareJewels #WeAreBeautiful #JujuJewels #NoColorism #Beauty #womenempowerment

Have You Gotten Your Copy ? If not what are you waiting for ? Link in bio order your book today! If you already have it , what's your favorite character ? #ShippingToAllMyJewels #secretsofajewel💎 #Book #Author #selfpublished #orderyoursnow 💌📭📦

Stay Strong Beautiful! Things will get better, it may be stormy now, but it won't rain forever. #YouCan #TimeHeals #StayStrong #JujuJewels #secretsofajewel💎 #webendbutdontbreak

Don't Believe Me! Just Watch! Let's show them Jewels 💎

Pretending to be Happy vs being Happy has become an epidemic and Social media isn't helping ! The Instagram model that appears to have it all together DOSEN'T ! That Baller who seems to have it all in order DOSEN'T!!!
Happiness isn't in material possessions STOP trying to pretend to be happy in order to keep up with what's hot. Dig deep and really find out what makes you happy, and I guarantee it will show! #jujujewels #secretsofajewel #beHappy #author #book #selfpublished

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Be Kind To YOURSELF today! #YoureARareJewel #LoveThySelf #KnowThyWorth #YoureBeautiful #JujuJewels

I truly believe love is a verb. It's more complex than just a feeling. Anyone guilty of saying "I love you too" when you didn't really mean it ? 😬 Yea, those high school sweethearts are the main culprits. What about having a grandparent pass that you wish you would've showed more love to ? Anyone can say it , but it's what you do with those words in the time that you have with that person that counts. Time is never on our side but love can be. Start living to show love instead of just saying it. ❤️ #SecretsOfAJewel #Author #Book #jujujewels #love

Life is about failure as much as it is about success. From the mistakes we make to the blunders in romantic relationship, we are constantly reminded of how we could be better. By focusing on the important qualities that make us who we are . We preserve our self-worth in the face of our shortcomings,
while keeping us open to the idea that there is room for improvement. Boasting usually is negative connotation. But today I want you to take a sec and Brag about yourself a little. Self affirmation is very important! You need to know that you're awesome! Share 2 things that make you AMAZING ! Excited to read your comments :)
#SelfLove #youareenough #knowyourworth #SecretsOfAJewel #yourararejewl #Author

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