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Kathryn louise  ✨Kindness is magical✨love is healing 🌸🕊roses,crystals,light & peace✨RiseSisterRise✨England✨taking time away from Instagram

When you discover lovely creative spirits like Megan @jupiterlala on Instagram & save for one of their pieces, it comes so full of heart,soul & meaning. ✨🕊✨ thank you Meg for all your kindness & inspiration, & for what you bring through in your work, which is true, pure, sparkling light xx

Yesterday in need of some guidance, two card draw for why things are as they are and what can help me with that, these two were a comfort & a guide. Trusting my path overall can sometimes mean missing applying it to the smallest of moments in the present. And both spoke to following my heart in that way, in the tiniest smallest sensed ways, as well as knowing it in the larger. 🐚💞🕊 grateful for the pockets of connectedness that come amongst the feelings of being in a void without access to universal support. I know that’s a misperception but boy can it feel so very real to feel so v left out, and unheard.
Oracle cards can bridge a gap esp when the readings ring true, when we can interpret what’s symbolised and said, so that it makes sense to our own heart in that moment & what is most needed.
I trust my path,my heart is my guide.🕊🐚💞 #workyourlightoracle #workyourlightoraclecards

“Kindness I’m sure ripples out and touches many more hearts than we could ever imagine” ~ k ~ thank you so much for touching my heart & for all the kind wishes & words on my last post, it really was unexpected & v appreciated 🕊 ~ “kindness is multi faceted it begins with a compassionate response & yet encompasses empathy, understanding, generosity of spirit & love, it bridges gaps, unites and includes, & also I believe, loops back to the giver and returns that same kindness to them multiplied” ~k

xx scatter it everywhere like rose petals 💫

I miss myself so much xx
This was 2007 when I recovered some of my health, after 12 yrs of illness which had kept me in bed. The other pics are from those same three years.
It breaks my heart that it is now 8 yrs since I was as well as this, and
4 yrs since I was downstairs.
I am putting these pics up because I realised I don’t have any of me on my feed and I wanted to show who I am. 💞 I can’t share more current photos because I’m too unwell.
My spirit has always been strong but the last few years it too many times has felt broken & I wonder if I will ever get back to this me that I am in the photos. xx

Sweet sweet pea 🕊 gentle pink ray

Sisterhood of the Rose of my favourite cards✨I love this deck so much, by sisters of the Rose beauties @rebeccathoughts & @starchildtarot ✨I love you both so much! xxx

Lovely meditation from @daniellelaporte I got lately,with a focus on pink white and golden light ✨

So grateful for kind words, caring & connection & sharing from the heart lately, 💛💫 dear @tenthingsjewelry @myfinegarden @suz011 @jupiterlala & @shewhois ✨🕊✨

Full moon vibes
Image via @theritualstore guidance from @mysticmamma

Mother Mary ✨🕊✨ Surrendering despite the pain. Hanging on to why I came. Reciting your name.
Still wanting to stay, wanting to believe, something easier will come my way.
Soon ✨soon🙏and mother Mary says to us do not be afraid.

One of so many heart touching moments, this music “Eternal source of Light Divine” during Meghan’s entrance & walk✨

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