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Kathryn  on a healing path,cherishing beauty in the little things...✨England✨go gentle,scatter kindness 🌸🕊roses,crystals,light & peace

Dad brought these in from the garden earlier, so nice to have a piece of spring in next to me 🌼💛and esp to have some flower energy today, x

Love you Mam ✨🌸✨🌷💝👩‍❤️‍👩

We are precious
we are loved by Love,
and in every moment of the unfolding of our lives,
we are not forgotten.

We are not left to do this.
We are held, we are provided, we are guided with light.
sometimes it's in great wide casting beams, sometimes in colours of rainbows, other times it's just the tiniest glimmer, or glint, or reflection.
But there it is for us.
The light of Love,
reaching out to touch our heart.
Its always been there.
When we surrender our resistance to what arises, let judgement go, and move ever so gently into our heart, its easier to see, easier to feel, easier to reconnect, with it's presence - Kathryn march 24th

Follow the trail of lights 💕🌸✨

🍃☁️🍃☁️🍃🎀 .....these words, I wrote the other day in my post about giving flowers, just wanted to remember them. k

Everything here in this pic (from a while back) is from the shabby chic range Rachel Ashwell did at House of Fraser, here in the uk over about the last 5 years. It's been my favourite range, but they've discontinued it now. Such a shame. At least I have plenty of these mugs, they're my favourite because they're large but still light weight, (important when ur weaker) and pretty designs too. Gona miss the range so much!

Miss Bloom🎀

Wanted to get one of Sam's beautiful dolls for such a long time & I got this one at Christmas, it's just my colours and I love the vintage lace skirt & flower in her hair. Thank you for the charm & magic ✨ @themagpieandthewardrobe

Taking notes lately📔listening to Whatever arises love that by Matt Kahn 🙏✨love

Magazine clipping I re-found & just like 👌

Liberty pouch & crystals 🙏 ( Rose Quartz aura, sunshine aura, prasiolite, angel aura ) and little apple pin 🍃🌼🍏

I really like these biscuits by @thekitschhen can say such meaningful things with them, this one was like a real hug when it came from 🍬Jules @thisisjules (quite a while back now, but this is a # latergram of it) Today my dear friend Naomi will have received some for her birthday too. 🍰

My favourite!
"can we speak in flowers because its easier for me to understand"
Sometimes I think I communicate with close friends in the language of flowers, exchanging flower, feather, or petal photos, is like a softer way of connecting, when words aren't easy or don't quite describe what you want to but can't, you can send a flower in its place. It doesn't have to have meaning like the Victorian language of certain flowers for certain feelings. It can just be a hello, a I'm thinking of you, a keep in touch note.
I speak of narnia, and flower petals, & the seasons. I'm not really saying anything but at the same time saying something, and that something is what matters, the keeping connected is what matters.
Yet another thing that flowers gift us with, is a way to communicate beyond words, in the soft language of the heart. With flowers we show and share love. Love that sometimes we can't find ordinary words to say. Flowers step in and lead the way. They do the conveying of our care, better than we can often do. "With flowers whispering to us we remember love"~k

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