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Kathryn louise  on a healing path,cherishing beauty in the little things...✨England✨kindness is magical 🌸🕊roses,crystals,light & peace

Fly Charlie Gard, fly high, in peace, you are loved.
May love surround your family🙏🕊 (a little boy who was very ill in the Uk, & taken to the hearts of so many)

" And there we see what matters
All that matters in the end
Is how deeply, not just that we love
but that we let love in to us " ~ k

Can you feel the shifts today and lately. The divine feminine energies are rising. 🕊✨💝 I use this meditation a lot, that's part of the beautiful content in Rebecca Campbell's sisterhood 🙏 @rebeccathoughts

Ooh, lost my flow a bit on here, and found it hard to post again, also it's been a tough week, lots of energies to integrate and lots of worth issues surfacing to clear. Even when you've done so much work on that topic there's always a way to release another layer and deepen our self love and acceptance it seems 🍃🙏

...just posting as a way of honouring brave little Bradley Lowery's inspirational spirit, after his passing this afternoon love & prayers are with his family xox🕊 may he shine on in Love, with the angels

2 of my fave essential oil products ...these are just so good. air purifying spray and sleep/relaxing balm by 1001 remedies @1001_remedies at @cultbeauty 🐬🍃 sometimes it's worth paying that bit more where you can - for then they become a healing therapy, with all sorts of supportive qualities for your body mind, alongside a beautiful natural scent. ✨ #cultbeauty #1001remedies

Peony heart healing 💝
a latergram from the other week when it was warm.
A sweet 👋 hello to new followers, thanks for your company within these little squares, I hope you find my Insta a peaceful space, scattered with kindness and words spoken from my heart 💝all I keep Insta for is really for that, & for finding what lifts me vibrationally, supports me, & guides me ✨for connections, meaningful friendships, and mostly sharing what I love. ✨✨🌹✨✨which is usually pink, butterflies, angels, crystals, roses...plenty of roses, ☺️ & flowers, books, oracle cards, but it is not just about what's pretty to is always heart centred and v much with a depth of feeling to do with healing, hope and honouring of spirit and the interweaving of all life with a message and a meaning, held in Love.

One of my favourites by Rumi "Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.
Love has no cause, it is the astrolabe of God's secrets.
Lover and loving are inseparable and timeless.
Although I may try to describe love,
when I experience it, I am speechless.
Although I may try to write about love, I am rendered helpless.
My pen breaks, and the paper slips away
at the ineffable place where lover loving and loved are one.
Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love." ~ Rumi

Be thankful
When people see You
When they see past the veils the illusions the scars, the tears the fears
Be grateful
When people see You

When someone sees the real you
And praises, cares, accepts, honours or loves you
How good it feels to be acknowledged to be seen and cherished
What a blessing to be given love
Not to be met with judgement, not to be met with questions, not to be met with a closed heart
Just to be met with love
Is all we really want
~ kathryn

Gratitude for my ✨soul sistars✨the ones who see me,xx
Who do you see? how does that feel? to you to them? and can you see yourSelf in your truest light xx

"Nature is an angels favourite hiding place" and my dad spends a lot of time in nature 😉😚🍃🍃🌈happy Father's Day to the best dad xxx😍

A card I drew today from a new fairy card deck ✨🌟🦋...where possible I'm sharing a few more "of the moment" posts, things that I want to share or remember within the day.

Feeling empathetic, trying to process it, my own, others pain. Feeling it more tonight than some nights. Remembering to let these things we don't understand and feel painful, open our hearts more than close them 💕

I can't do much
It can be hard seeing people doing lots
It can be hard missing out
Wishing you could join in

Thank you universe for remembering me
Thank you for including me
These peonies meant so much to me today
It's hard to describe how much flowers can come to mean to me
How much they signify
Or how they hold a comfort or a message a healing or a meaning
I want to remember
That you're there for me
Allow receive let you care for me

I can think I'm not connected sometimes when I'm removed from living life
Lying in one room now for 3 years again
You bring to me these messages feelings currents flows
You gift me with what I can hear receive and see
I want to remember this
And continue seeing you in me, in everything, and in what is.
Thank you for being there for me
Please angels guide and be with those people lost in the fire, help them with all they went through and help any of us in any suffering, like Bradley and Charlie
this post is more personal to me, more vulnerable, harder to post, but needed to share.

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