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RADIUS will teach you everything you need to know about building a business that LASTS. This is not a get rich quick or cash grab method. This is how to build a business for GENERATIONAL wealth. Is that what you want to learn? If so, go to now or click the link in my @secretentourage bio

Of course, nothing amazing happens overnight. But amazing things can come from small ideas. It's easy to forget that started as nothing more than a website selling books. Bezos knew that if he wanted to succeed selling everything, you first need to sell one thing. The magic is made in the way you scale. What if there was a way to validate if your idea was the right one to start? What if there was a way to immediately understand why your product isn't selling, or why your business isn't making enough money? What if there was a formula that you could plug any business or venture into and see where and how far it could go? Well, there is. It's called RADIUS - and you can get it today at or at the link in my @secretentourage bio.

Are you a driver, or a passenger? A lion, or a sheep? If you choose lion, you better be ready to prove it. Because "wanting" it will NEVER be enough.

It's true, three out of four kids love #thirdcircletheory (the 4th probably does too but she's hungry rn). Wanna see what all the fuss is about? Get it on #audible today (FREE if it's your first book).

One month until the #mayweathermcgregor fight, who's your pick?

Do you have a great idea that you are turning into a business? Don't miss this step or you're going to open yourself up to potentially expensive pivots or revisions to your product AFTER you launch instead of before. This is just a small clip from the beginning of the #product section of my #RADIUS course that teaches you the 21st century way to successfully launch a business. Join me tonight at 9:30 EST in a FREE webinar where I'll be going over the most important concepts from radius. Link in bio - @secretentourage

Shed that dead weight! It's easier said than done, but it is a MUST if you want to advance to the next phase of your life. Remember, people who don't want to move up in the world themselves will do whatever it takes to keep you down. Not because they don't want to see you succeed, but because they don't want to feel embarrassed for themselves if you make something of yourself and they don't. Fuck that game, play yours instead.

What I love about this clip from @peterjvoogd's Academy interview is that it's the advice that most of you DON'T want to hear. Entrepreneurship is fucking hard. If things like this discourage you, you weren't meant for it. Plain and simple.

This is why I write and teach people business and entrepreneurship people. People keep paying thousands to learn stock trading and real estate investing but hardly ever think they need to learn business. Most people think you can only learn business by practicing and that is where they lose countless amounts of money and time just going to trial and error. Read #thirdcircletheory, join the secret academy and learn the new #radius model and for less than $500 you will understand business better than spending $40,000 In any business school worldwide. Link in bio.

Believe it or not, when I was 14 I used to wash cars for $5 a car because I didn't have a green card and couldn't work anywhere. At 16, when I got my first car, I used to wash my car every single day because it meant the world to me. Even when it snowed or was 5 degrees out, I would still be outside cleaning it because I couldn't afford a garage. It was so cold at times that even my quick detail spray would freeze on the car as I sprayed it. Nothing ever stopped me from keeping cars clean. Today at 35, a few million dollars later, the cars have changed. The garage is bigger, warmer and nicer... but I am still cleaning my cars. It's not about the efficiency, it's about the habit and self-respect. That's why my #aston #vanquish tag says #notlazy.

Fantastic advice from #SecretAcademy teacher Stephen Key, founder of who has generated millions in income from licensing his inventions. Whether you want to get into the licensing business or not, the wisdom shared here is extremely valuable.

Thanks for this one! Elon Musk is an absolute inspiration to us all at #secretentourage. Extreme entrepreneurs go #allin on their visions. I'd say this one is paying off #tesla #spaceX

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