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You’re not always going to like the job you have.

You’re not always going to be happy with how much money you make.

You’re not always going to have opportunities in front of you to move up in the world.

BUT, you always have the capability to change your circumstances by enhancing your skills.

You see, you’re making shit money right now because when you went out to get your job you portrayed the skills to get you the pay you currently have. If you don’t work to improve your skills, you won’t make more money.

So how to you improve your skillset? Start with figuring out what your goals are.
If your goal is to move up at the company you work for, look at the people above you and ask yourself “what skills are the being paid for that I don’t have?” For example, if you work in the warehouse and you want to move into sales, spend time at work learning what all of the products your shipping actually do and why people buy them, and perhaps attend a sales seminar or web class to improve your sales ability, and show your superiors you’re actively working on those improvements.

If your goal is to start your own business to get out of the rat race entirely, then you should be focusing on learning how businesses are built and how to become an effective entrepreneur. Then start trying little side hustles so you can get experience.

The value that you seek is always right in front of you, it’s just a matter of going to get it. So the next time you complain that you hate your job, understand that it’s not your bosses fault, or the company’s fault, or the economy’s fault: it’s your fault.
Do the work to fix it, or stfu. #happymonday

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When most people DM me to tell me that I've motivated them to #startabusiness or become an #entrepreneur, they usually tack on that they'll have a Lamborghini like me in X years or that they'll be a millionaire by a certain age etc... The problem is material goals never work out because they don't help you become the person you need to be in order to earn them. Focus on being the best at whatever you do and the rewards will come.

I agree with Mr. Cuban. Becoming rich is not simply about learning how to make money, but how to provide value to the world in a way that delivers you wealth in return. Learn to do the same with my latest book, RADIUS, available at

ATTENTION GRADUATING CLASS OF 2018: Being an adult doesn't have to suck. For your entire lives you have been pushed down one very narrow path: School, Job, Retire at 60. But life is much broader than that when you allow yourself to explore beyond the artificial boundaries your parents and teachers have set for you. Want to travel the world? You can do that now on a shoestring budget. Want to start a business and be your own boss? I can teach you how at Want to work on projects you care about from mentors you look up to? They're out there - go find them. The point I'm trying to make here is that you have a choice - you've ALWAYS had a choice - and now you finally will soon have the opportunity to make one for yourself.

One of my favorite personal mantras is to never take advice from someone who isn't an expert in what they're teaching you. That's why for the past 7 years #SecretEntourage has barely touched the topic of the stock market. While I've made plenty of money in the market, I'm not a day trader and I don't pretend to be one on the internet, unlike so many other "gurus" out there teaching stock trading. When it comes to day trading there is only one guy I trust and that is Jared Wesley of He's graciously agreed to join Secret Entourage Tuesday at 8PM EST to teach how to get started and survive the market. Click the link in my bio now to register! @secretentourage

As the semester comes to an end and summer break begins, I know many of you are considering dropping out to start a business or pursue another direction in life. If you don't want to go to school, you need to understand that while it's not for everyone, you're still going to need a plan.

Counting someone else's money and/or expecting yourself to be on their level when you started from a completely different baseline will cripple you as an entrepreneur. If you focus on growing your income through your business and your knowledge of how money works then you will be just fine.

Enjoying lots of one-on-one interaction with my students in today’s sold out #MillionDollarBusiness workshop. Lots of growth, self-discovery, and deep work before we shift gears and party tonight at the #SecretAcademy meetup. Still time to get a ticket for tonight’s event which comes with a full membership to the SE Academy. 📥DM me if you want to come and are not get a member.

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If you’re willing to wake up at 7 AM on a Saturday to watch the ginger prince marry the chick from Suits, but won’t do the same every week to work on actually improving your own life or business, it really shouldn’t be a mystery to you why you are still poor. #royalwedding #royalpudding

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