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Second Youth  Debut LP out on Vinyl/CD/Digital NOW!!! Punk Rock band from the UK & Italy. Indiebox Records/DRA Long Live Nostalgia.

Bologna, we’re supporting @antiflag save the date 08/06/18

Check out new compilation to steam our new song 1992. #secondyouth

TRACK 7: Boots and Mohicans is a song about the fact that we are surrounded constantly in life by people that have an opinion for everything. Everyone is offended for something and they think this gives their opinion some validation. The truth is the human race is a disgrace and until you learn that, you'll continue to be offended for every small word and action. Listen now for free on Spotify - just go to

Art: @dicksmithdesigns

#secondyouth #punkrock #dearroad

Next show 12/05/18 @venicehardcorefest

Thanks to everyone who came to our record release show. One of my favourite shows as a band. Was a blast, Olbia. Thank you. If you didn't get a record, you can find one at In the meantime, I'm gonna join Foli, and lay down. I'm dead.
Thanks @davide_giagheddu for the photo.

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@indiebox_music_ @demonsrunamokentertainment

TRACK 6: Homeward Bound is a song about not realising what you have until it's gone. Sometimes we all want to move on and search for better things because we think the grass is always greener. But in reality, it ain't. Listen now for free on Spotify - just go to

Art: @dicksmithdesigns

#secondyouth #punkrock #dearroad #homewardbound

OLBIA. See you Friday for our rescheduled release show at @devilkissrockclub #Olbia.

#secondyouth #punkrock #devilkissolbia #devilkiss

TRACK 5: 1992 is a simple song about that feeling music gives you. That sensation of those experiences with your friends in those teenage years skating and listening to those records you always loved with your headphones on and not a care in the world. Listen for free now on Spotify - just go to

Art: @dicksmithdesigns
#secondyouth #punkrock #dearroad #1992

TRACK 4: Suzanne is a song about unconditional love between a man and his bike. Ride away from your trouble and find sunny skies and better days. Sometimes we need an escape and Suzanne is mine. Listen now for free on Spotify - go to

Art: @dicksmithdesigns

#secondyouth #punkrock #dearroad #suzanne

TRACK 3: Letter Home is a song about being there for someone, even if time after time they are not there for you. To give and not expect something in return is the true definition of love and/or friendship. Listen now on Spotify for free - just go to
Art: @dicksmithdesigns

#secondyouth #letterhome #dearroad

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