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"Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace." — Unknown

It was good to #stopdropandyoga between two steep streets to do a #treepose for #treeposetuesday by this beautiful #Sunflower wall #yogaover50 #yoga #bicyclefriendlyphilippines

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms." - Zen Shin

This portion is between two very steep climbs so I decided to #stopdropandyoga on our way to Pinto Art Gallery.
Roadside Warrior 3
#streetyoga #publicyoga #saturdate #bicyclefriendlyphilippines #yoga #sunflowers

Mother's Day 2019
Am the proud mom of these three

When the world is topsyturvy...
Coffee and yoga, anyone?

#yoga #officeyoga #saturdaywinesipyoga
#yogainadress #dancer @dr.eadloxyogi

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit." ~ Khalil Gibran

It has been crazy lately:
-Senseless bombings in Sri Lanka
-Earthquakes yesterday and today here in the Philippines (Pampanga and Samar respectively)
- Dirty politics here, there and everywhere

If I were not surrounded with the people and things that matter most: God, family, friends, pertinent work ...I would be in despair

A quick shot for a yoga pose and clearly I am out of practice #treeposetuesday #yoga #beachyoga

A quarter century!
Happy Birthday to my sweet, intelligent, simpatico artist son!
We love you!

I love the fact that my sister, Chesca @latebloominglotus and I have met the beautiful @angela_argentina in the flesh.
She is interesting and fun and very passionate and intense about life. Wishing her abundant blessings of joy, peace and LOVE for her birthday. (sorry for the late bday greetings)
Sending you loads of hugs dear Angela! ❤💕 #TorontoCanada #IGfriends #yoga #Goddesspose #treeposetuesday #tututuesdayasana #tutu

We are getting discharged today!
We surely have a fighter for a grandson: A true warrior! From being hooked up to a heart and bp monitor, IV drip etc to being unattached except for our heart strings to him.

Here is an update:
It has been a crazy and wild roller coaster ride for all of us with Mikael.This is our 3rd time back at St Luke's Medical Center (QC) since December.
When Mikael arrived at the ER last Friday (Jan 18) his crea, potassium and electrolyte numbers were all shot with hemoglobin levels down (3rd blood transfusion since Dec), xray results also showed pneumonia.

His stats had the medical staff at the ER and at the pedia wing looking pretty alarmed so much so that they asked and reconfirmed about Aneka's DNR orders. (no intubation/no electric paddles). Clearly God has been responding to our prayer requests. They removed his oxygen assist last Monday morning. Removed his cardiogram electrodes (is that what it is called?) Monday evening and then transferred him out of IMCU at 1am Tuesday. Yesterday his heplock got blocked and the doctors not wanting to puncture him again decided to go back to giving everything orally (keeping our fingers crossed). His numbers are stabilizing and he is looking much better.
Nothing much has changed in his daily regimen except that some of his medicine was given intravaneously through his dextrose here at the hospital.

Despite his coughing and still slightly pale coloring the change in his demeanor is noticeable.From weak and fragile those past days at home to feisty, chatty and smiling.

There is a part of me that thinks that maybe when his time comes, he wants to leave us with happy memories of him and not his rag-doll like physique of the past days.

After these past couple of close-call episodes, we wonder if we are being prepared for is this a dry run of sorts..practice? Of course we are always thankful for this precious extended time with our sweet little Mikael.
As always he continues to fight and live up to being #oursweetlittlewarrior !! We will continue to keep the faith and trust that this is all part of HIS plan.
Pls do continue to keep him & us in your prayers #chronickidneydisease

My 2018 was a reminder to BE STILL:

A #rotatorcuffinjury among other aches and pains humbled me and reminded me to never take wellness for granted.

Our #sweetlittlewarrior's #chronickidneydisease is a constant reminder of the fragility of life and dictated that I give time and make every moment count especially with those closest to my heart.

My going #backtowork refreshed my perspective to make me more grateful and appreciative of what I can still do for the community.

My prayer for 2019:

Father, continue to slow me down, quieten my mind and help me to rest in your love.
Steady me and ground me in you.
Remind me that you are God.
You control all things, and you have called me to relax, to smile, to be joyful and to trust in you.

#2018bestnine #frozenshoulder #illiapsoas #yoga #inversion #headstand

"Being happy is to thank God every morning for the miracle of life...allowing the free, happy, simple child inside each of us to live; -from message re Being Happy by Pope Francis

Merry Christmas everyone!
#oursweetlittlewarrior #Mikael #makingeverymomentcount

I've ridden twice with Robbie McEwen, 3x sprint winner, Tour de France using my old beat-up bike, Red. It was pretty awesome BUT nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can beat riding with the love-of-my-life, winner of my heart, Rosar, as well as people I love, the Manlalakbaykers.
#robbiemcewen #cyclinglife #backonthesaddle #manlalakbaykers #bicyclefriendlyphilippines #notayogapic #ketoboardgamer #ahm1201

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