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Happy Birthday to @hamillhimself 🎂 You better wish your father a Happy Birthday @imsebastianstan 😂

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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 💛

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Part 2 it’s already on Wattpad everyone ❤ Link: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/xWsP0ND9FG


Sebastian in Barcelona doing a photoshoot for Hugo Boss *swipe for more* 📷 Photo credits to Weibo/bbuchanann and sebastiansource on Tumblr

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Sebastian in Barcelona... New photoshoot coming soon? 📷 Photo credits to @romainwilliam



Look that smile 💙


New imagine on Wattpad everyone!! ❤ Link: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/5zYt5Q0nyG


Sebastian for LA Times


"I still can’t believe it! You guys were a thing and I didn't notice anything!" Sam exclaimed, making you and Bucky laugh. “I did. We have thin walls here. I could hear their moans all night long." Natasha said taking a sip from her drink. "That's gross." Peter supplied, shaking his head. “Actually, we wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for Peter." You stated and smiled at Peter. “You know that I wasn’t jealous! I told you, (Y/N)." Bucky tried to defend himself. “Keep telling yourself that." You told him and kissed his lips. "Get a room." Sam said and rolled his eyes. Later that night, you were suprised by Bucky standing on your doorstep. You noticed that he had just come out of the shower since his hair was still wet, falling on his shoulders. He was wearing jeans, a gray shirt and a leather jacket. "Where are you going?" You asked, walking towards him. The smell of his cologne and soap filled the air. “Where are we going, actually. We’re going to have dinner. Tonight." He explained. "And you're only telling me this now, because..?" You asked him and smiled. “Because I wanted to do the right thing. To ask you to be my girlfriend properly." He continued. “Who are you and what have you done to Bucky?" You asked him jokingly. “Hey I’m trying to be nice." He said. "I'm going to get ready. Get out of here." You pushed him out of your room. The dinner couldn’t have gone better, the food was great and the company even better. “What are you thinking about?" Bucky asked as you both entered your bedroom. “You know, I've never been so happy before." You confessed. “Me neither and I hate myself for being such a fool and almost losing you, (Y/N)." He confessed. "That's all behind us now, Bucky. We’re together. That’s all that matters." You reassured him and he kissed you. “We should celebrate this moment." He suggested. “What do you have in mind?" You asked him and chuckled. “Let me show you." He said before taking you in his arms and placing you on your bed. Bucky looked at you smiling as you caressed his cheek. “I love you so much." You told him. “I love you more." He replied before kissing you again. {Beta reader: @captainrxgers} ● My next imagine will be only on Wattpad●

Sebastian at the Unitas Gala Against Human Trafficking last night in NYC


Margot talking about Sebastian it's the cutest thing ever

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