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They’re good (Photo from Sebastian’s Weibo)


You woke up still on Jefferson arms, you both ended up falling sleep together on the couch.You smiled while looking at his features and how he was sleeping peacefully. “Are you watching me sleep?" You heard him say with a sleep voice. “I can’t help it." You said and smiled. He opened his eyes and caressed you hair and cheeks with his free hand while the other one was placed on your waist firmly. “Do you want to talk about it? About last night?" He asked you. “Well, we kissed and it was really good. I liked it. A lot." You said and chuckled while drawing patherns with your finger on his chest. “Yes, I have to agree with you on that." He said and you lifted your body, your lips only inches from each other and Jefferson looked at you, his hand on the small of your back. “We can do that again and again..." You said and he kissed you, more urgent this time. He pressed your body against his like if it was possible for you to get any closer to him. “Grace will wake up anytime soon." You said after breaking the kiss. “You’re right." He said before kissing you again. "Jefferson... Let’s go." You said and laughed. He protested but you stood up, walking towards the kitchen followed by him. “I would ask for your help but I know you’re terrible when it comes to cooking." You said and he laughed, hugging you by the waist while you were making scrambled eggs. “Ouch!" He joked and you laughed while he kissed your neck. “Papa!" You both were interrupted by Grace running towards her father. “Hey sweetheart!" He said lifting her up. "Good morning (Y/N)!" She said and smiled. "Good morning, Grace. Breakfast it’s ready." You said. "Let's eat."Jefferson said and helped you to put the table. "It’s great that we don’t have to go to the Granny's anymore." Grace said laughing and you smiled at Jefferson who rolled his eyes.

Sebastian out in NYC last night 📷 Photo credits to sebastiansource on Tumblr


Abs is back to the gym! I mean Seb is back to the gym... sorry... my bad


New/Old promotional pictures from The Martian with Sebastian as Dr Chris Beck 📷 Photo credits to sebastiansource on Tumblr

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Poor Tom... being the new guy... not easy lol

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Seb and Anthony being interviewed during D23 Expo

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I'm dead 😩 Photo via @jamie_grooming


Status: still not over yesterday 📷 Photo via sebastiansource on Tumblr

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Chocolaccino and Vanilla Ice 📷 Photo credits to Sebastian Stan

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