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One year later: "I'm so nervous." You said while checking yourself in the mirror once again. “You look stunning, my dear." Mrs. Stan reassured, holding your hand tenderly while caressing your cheek. “Thank you so much. You’re like a mother to me." You confessed and hugged her. "And my son finally found the perfect girl." She added. “How is our bride doing?" Chris asked, entering the room. "I'm almost ready." You told him and smiled. “You look beautiful, (Y/N)." He said. "How is he? Is he nervous too?" You asked him.“Sebastian?He almost peed his pants earlier. But I've never seen him this happy before.The guy can't stop talking about you.You two are made for each other, (Y/N)." He explained and you smiled. “And what about you and Carol, huh? I want to be a bridesmaid too." You winked and he laughed. Chris met Carol during his time in Tokyo and when he returned, he couldn’t stop talking about her. “One thing at a time, (Y/N). One thing at a time.Today is your day." He said shaking his head. “Well, I think that's it. I'm ready." You said finally and took a deep breath. “Let's go then." Chris said reaching for your hand to help you out. As you walked down the aisle and your eyes locked with Sebastian's it was like everything around you went completely blurry and all you could see was him waiting for you, standing there with a grin. You felt your eyes become teary as you made your way to him. Sebastian took both of your hands into his and kissed them. “I love you." He mouthed before locking his arm in yours and standing by your side, in the same place where a few minutes later you both would say "I do". {Beta reader: @captainrxgers}

"Hey Chris, may I talk to you?" You asked standing at the door step. "Of course, come on in." He answered professionally, adjusting himself on the chair. “First of all, I'm sorry about everything. I’m sorry about our date and how you found out about me and Sebastian. I’m really sorry." You started nervously. "Okay, (Y/N). But please, breathe." He said with a smile and you relaxed your body. “I wish things could be different between us. I hope we can be friends." You told him. “I know, but I think that I can't do this at the moment." He said and took a deep breath. “You’re a wonderful man, Chris. Any woman would be lucky to have you, but I just can't be that woman." You told him with a sad smile. “I don’t blame you or Sebastian. When I asked you out, I already knew you had feelings for him, it was very clear. I thought that maybe I could make you happy, but then suddenly you two were together. It was... surprising for me." He explained. “Yeah I know. It all happened so fast and I still have trouble believing it all." You responded. “So are you happy?" He asked you as he looked deep into your eyes. “Yes." You answered honestly. “That’s all that matters. I was thinking that Sebastian will need someone he can trust to supervise the company in Tokyo. I think I should go there." He said. “You don’t have to do this because of me, Chris." You told him. “It's not because of you. It will be good for me to have some time far away from here." He explained. “So it’s a goodbye then? I hate goodbyes." You said as you jokingly punched his muscular arms. “For now, yes." He smiled sadly and hugged you. “I still owe you a dinner." You said and chuckled. “Save a date for me when I come back." He replied and smiled before you left. After a long day at work all you wanted was to relax and apparently Sebastian had read your mind when you both arrived at his apartment. “I'll prepare the bathtub." He excused himself and went to the bathroom. “This is all I needed." You sighed after you both got in the tub, the hot water making you relax completely. “We should do this more often." He whispered while massaging your shoulders. "I agree." You said, closing your eyes. (More in comments)

What happens to Seb after having too much coffee lol He can act, he can sing and be a meme lord all at once! I think he deserves to be on carpool karaoke or maybe on The Voice


Happy Birthday to Chris Evans 🎂

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Seb's workout plan by @donsaladino on @fitner_app Go and check it out! Bucky will kick Thanos ass that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing @donsaladino #suitup 💪


"What’s happening here today? I'm totally lost." Beth said. "It's all my fault." You told her. “What do you mean, (Y/N)?" She asked you. “I'll tell you later. I need someone to talk to anyway." You promised her. "I know exactly what will make you feel better... Where are my cookies?" Beth asked as she searched for them in her empty drawer. “I guess you must have eaten all of them." You suggested innocently. “Did I? Oh fuck. There goes my diet." She said and you couldn’t help but laugh. You sat down at your desk, looking to Sebastian’s office door waiting for anything to happen. You heard something but you couldn’t completely understand what they were saying. You stood up on your heels when you saw Samantha closing the door and furiously walking towards you. “Who's the bitch? Tell me." She asked you and you swallowed hard. “I'm sorry. I don’t know what you mean." You lied. “You're Sebastian’s personal assistant, right? Who's the bitch that he's sleeping with? You can tell me." She screamed at you. “I don’t know." You replied calmly. “You know what?! Fuck him! I can find someone better and his mom is a pain in the ass anyway. Give this to him." She said, removing the ring from her finger and throwing it onto your table before leaving. "That woman is crazy." Beth comented. "I'll check if Mr. Stan needs something." You said before you walked to his office.
"Hey, is everything alright?" You asked him. He was sitting on his chair, his head resting in his hands. “It is now. Come here." He said and you smiled, sitting on his lap. “I feel bad for you going through this horrible situation." You confessed. “You don’t have to. It was necessary. I can't marry someone who I don’t love. She will understand it too, sooner or later." He said and you pressed your lips against his. “I need to talk to Chris." You told him. “I know. Just tell him the truth, he'll understand. I feel bad for him, he’s my best friend too." He said caressing your cheek. “Well, I hope you're right." You replied and left his office, determined to try talking to Chris and apologize. {Beta reader: @captainrxgers}

Who's excited for Black Panther 🙋🙌 #sebastianstan #chadwickboseman #buckybarnes #blackpanther

Happy Friday


There's a starman waiting in the sky

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Next morning, you went to work earlier and put everything in order before Sebastian arrived. At 8 o’clock you saw him walking into the lobby and his eyes met yours, making you both smile instantly. The same smile that you had always loved and now it was for you. "Good morning, (Y/N)." He greeted you and shook your hand. “Good morning, Mr. Stan." You replied. “Could you bring some coffee to my office, please?" Sebastian asked. "Of course." You answered. After grabbing his coffee, you went back to his office and closed the door behind you. “How was your night?" You asked him while putting the coffee on his desk. “Lonely. I've missed you. Your skin on mine, your perfume, touching you..." He spoke as he got closer to you, putting his lips on your neck and firmly setting his hands on your waist. “I've missed you too." You confessed, surrendering yourself to the effect that only his touch could give you. “I've never felt this way before, (Y/N). I feel like I need to be with you all the time." He whispered and you turned your body to face him. Your lips just inches away from each other. “Then you've clearly never been in love before." You told him quietly. “I guess you’re right." He said before pressing his lips against yours. Your hands went to the back of his neck as he deepened the kiss, pressing your body against a wall. “We should go back to work, Mr. Stan." You said breathlessly. “But I hate Mondays." He breathed in your ear and laughed before kissing you again. "Hey, Seb! Did you receive my email... Am I interupting something?" You heard Chris' voice from the door and quickly adjusted your body, you and Sebastian walking to opposite sides of the room. "I was just leaving." You said embarrassed. “You should’ve told me before, (Y/N). Before I asked you out." Chris said, clearly hurt. “I'm really sorry, Chris. Everything happened so fast. I-I was going to talk to you today." You told him but he wasn't convinced. "You don’t have to explain yourself to me, (Y/N). Excuse me." He spoke and left. “Chris, wait!" You called after him, but it was useless. “Give him some time." Sebastian said as he caressed your back. (More in comments)

As I already expected, Sebastian delivered an excellent performance as Clay Apuzzo on I’m Dying Up Here. Here it is one of my favorite moments

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