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Sebastien Izambard  Singer, Producer, Composer and self taught French artist. Member of multi platinum selling Il Divo and solo artist. BELIEVE ✨ CREATE✨INSPIRE✨ 🌟

I have no words, just tears running down my face how traumatising it is for my family and everyone out there.
Today was one of the hardest concert I ever had to do to witness all of this and facing my powerlessness.
My family lived a huge trauma and were in high danger, me on the other side of the world useless to my family, us potentially loosing our house in the fire, friends who lost their homes, animals, you just name it.
My heart goes to all my friends, my neighbors, my enemies, we are all bothers. After the shooting let’s all pray for peace and restoration to sanity. ✌️ 😥 @ildivo @sebdivofanclub #losangeles #thousandoaks #sadness #prayers help our community

No more Guns allowed America. It’s enough blood enough of anyone who can one day loose their mind and kill our friends, family and children. No more guns.
More health care for people who can’t afford to be treated in psychiatric hotels, can’t continue with a world of anger... extremes never lead to a solution it leads to our own death. AMERICA, politicians wake up!
I pray for all the victims next to my home and all the families.
NO MORE GUNS NO MORE BLOOD ENOUGHHHHH @ildivo @sebdivofanclub #nomoreguns🚫 #nomoreblood #thousandoaks #insanity #usa #guns

South Africa are you ready? Check out shows on our website
See you soon 💋 @ildivo @sebdivofanclub #timelesstour #wecameheretolove #touring #southafrica #johannesburg #captown

We all have the power to create, we are all a product of Love but also of inspiration.
Don’t ever give up on your power to create, to inspire, to make.. no matter what anyone tells you.
I was often the one unable unable to encourage someone’s talent because of my own insecurities or fears... don’t do that just give and open your heart... we all can choose to help someone to blossom and blossom our ourselves.

Are you ready to shine with me?
Leave your comments below good and bad I’m not here to judge anyone I’m here to create a safe place for us where we can create and express anything we feel 👇🏼
@ildivo @sebdivofanclub #creativity @kofiamusic #studiotime #funnyguitarist #writing #music @joshmoreland

Australia thank you so much for having us @ildivo thank you for ALL the love.
I hope you will have us back before another 6 years this time.
Thank you to @1worldentertainment it was an amazing 2 weeks down under.
Enjoy these few pictures of our trip here 2018 @sebdivofanclub #touring #timeless #wecameheretolove 📸 by me.

So good to see friends that have always been there for you. #denishandlin thank you for your incredible support and unconditional friendship for 15 years and everyone at @sonymusicaustralia
Love to you all, can’t wait to come home again @australia #australia #friends #music #sonymusic #team #australia australia 🇦🇺

This is what I call Timeless.
Australian architecture, stunning buildings @ildivo @sebdivofanclub #timeless #perth #melbourne #architecture #modern #church #mix @melbournecity

Great company on the plane right? Australia 🇦🇺 I don’t think anyone can play any better than @shanewarne23 still! #letsgoaustralia🇦🇺 #cricket #melbourne #legend #sport #sportman #shanewarne @ildivo @sebdivofanclub

Being now, looking forward... all expressed on @marioschmolka picture my album We Came Here To Love.
Always learning and looking at the simplicity and beauty of life... it’s always all available to me when I choose to. @ildivo @sebdivofanclub #wecameheretolove

Yesterday we met Tracie at the show in Perth during our Australian Timeless tour 2018.
Tracie has a beautiful son called Harry.
Harry is a big fan of Il Divo and the only thing that calms Harry down is Il Divo, our music.
Harry has been admitted to @perthchildrenshospital in severe conditions.

Tracie has invited us to meet Harry at the @perthchildrenshospital today.

Carlos and Urs had an intensive promo to do over the phone so we (David and I) offered to go straight away to visit Harry.
It was such an incredible experience and a privilege.
We played La Vida Sin Amor and straight away Harry was able to calm himself down... it was incredible for all of us to witness.
Harry even stood up a bit and danced a little. It was a pure miracle whilst David and I started to sing for him few lines of La Vida Sin Amor.
Our hearts were full of joy and we could feel the pure Love in the room flooding within us.
Harry illuminated the room with his contagious smile and laughters... this was for me a lesson of life. What may seem important in life is sometimes not what we think it might be... God only wants me to be closer to him a day at a time and help others which consequently is helping me to live a better life and be a better self.
His mother has authorised us to post these 2 wonderful pictures of Harry. I would never put pictures in general of anyone and today I did because I hope it will inspire you to make/create something really special in the world.
It can be your neighbour who needs help, someone in the street... Thank you Harry and Tracie for this magical moment, I will treasure it for the rest of my life.
Thank you to all the staffs whom I consider my true heros in life all the nurses everywhere around the world underpaid and over worked.
You have the hardest job in the world with often 12 hours shift... you are a model to how my heart should be like or would want to be like.

Much love to everyone of you. @ildivo @divodavidmiller @sebdivofanclub #perth #childrenhospital #life #hope #faith #love

Please let’s make the difference together. I know we can’t help the whole world and if we can make a small difference why not?
Instead of getting 1 coffee let’s give it to Charlie.
I’m all in!
@ildivo @sebdivofanclub #makethedifference #savecharlie #wecameheretolove #giveyourheart

A great way to start the tour in Oz 🇦🇺 @ildivo @sebdivofanclub #promo #australia #tour #timeless #wecamheretolove

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