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Sebastian Kienle  Ironman World Champion 2014 @sebastiankienle #triathlon #ironman #noshortcuts #cantstop

#realitycheck at @trainingdiagnostics in Zürich with my new coach @philippseipp.
Philipp and I have been knowing each other for a long time. He progressed as a coach as much as I did as an athlete in last years. Now he gets to know me even better because of the good chunk of data we collected today.
Super happy and very excited to start the new chapter with him.

Restart into training does not look quite as spectacular (mostly indoors on my @tacxperience NEO) but after a three week break it’s just great to get the legs going again!
#backtowork #noshortcuts #oneobsession #timetomakethechimifuckingchangas

13 years, 3 World Championship titles, 3 runner-ups at World Championships, 3 European Championship titles, 7 times sub 8h over the long distance. Much more important: a hell of a time!

You were there with the greatest victories and the bitter defeats. You saw me fly and crawl. In moments where I felt as king of the world and crying on the ground. That's why we're friends, even if I will take a different path. Thanks Lubos!!! Over the past 13 years, I've achieved everything I dreamed of in sport. Just like Lubos, I know that in sport you can only progress, when you're ready to try new things. That's why I'm going to work with a new coach from now on. Stay tuned.

Pics: @koruptvision, @jamesmitchell5, @michael_rauschendorfer, @talbotcox, @ingo_kutsche_photographie

For the love of speed.
#timetrialtuesday from the street of speed.
#noshortcuts #oneobsession 📷: @jamesmitchell5

Back home: post Kona depression.
Thank you guys for all the messages in the last week! When I win races I rarely look at all those comments, I do when I don’t really feel like winning...
In the days after the race I could barely sleep, it felt like I flushed a whole year of prep down the toilet. I tried to tell myself: you still had a good year, but at the same time I know, I’m lying to myself. I got a message from a good training buddy @jpburger1 with one of these motivational quotes: “if you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you loose”
I love that quote. So I’m not trying to cheer myself up, but I’m analyzing what I did wrong... but at the same time accept, that there will be always things that you can’t influence.
First of all I need to get my heel & achilles fixed. Therefore I will not try to race #challengesardinia next weekend.
I’ll keep you posted
📷: @jamesmitchell5

Took me a couple of tries to finally post something about my DNF at #ironmanworldchampionship. After a great swim for me in the main pack I had a couple of mechanical problems on the bike. The neutral support did a good job trying to help me, but I kept struggling with issues.
After I dismounted in T2 I had some bad pain in my left heel. I started the run in the hope it would get better but it got worse. After just one mile in the marathon I had to drop out.
You read a lot of stories similar to this in the days after the race. That’s what is it all about, overcoming adversity. You are prepared to suffer a lot in that race, so it’s almost impossible to make a decision like that yourself. Of course I have the feeling that I let a lot of people down esp. myself. But that’s also a reason why I love this sport: it can take a lot but it also gives you a lot.
Thanks to all my partners who support me, my wife Tine, my coach Lubos and to all you guys who follow my journey.
Congrats to Daniela Ryf & Patrick Lange for their wins and everybody who finished this race!
📷: @ginesdiaz

I still remember the feeling of crossing the finish line first in 2014 but I also remember the feeling of crossing the line last year in 4th. One long year of work later, I’m back here. I love that feeling of excitement. Link in bio for the full clip.
#momentsofkona #noshortcuts #givesyouwings 🎥: @koruptvision

Time to get all the new toys on the road. Some of the equipment changes compared to last year: new @bikeonscott helmet which saved ~4-12 Watt depending on head position (track, @ 45kph) but almost same ventilation.
Shoes have been a big surprise ~ 3-5 Watt saved, depending on cadence.
📷: @jamesmitchell5
#noshortcuts #momentsofkona #bikeonscott #ironmanworldchampionship

Dolphin show 🐬
Sound on 👏

Enjoying the sundown and the much cooler air during an easy evening run.
@talbotcox followed me with the camera, his drone, and all his other toys. Link in bio.
#momentsofkona #noshortcuts #oneobsession #imwc

Aaand another TT pic from QueenK. The only time of the year when you sometimes feel like you are getting chased by paparazzi... #momentsofkona #noshortcuts #imwc 📷: @koruptvision

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