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Seattle Aquarium  The Seattle Aquarium offers fun, exciting ways to discover more about Puget Sound! Mission: Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment.


Check out this great video of Umbrella on an active day! Thanks to @kkeisenl for capturing this giant Pacific #octopus in action. #PhotoFriday

Come to #Seattle for the views—stay for the incredible marine life. #SeattleAquarium #repost 📷: @allysonposton

Feeling sluggish after the long weekend? This opalescent #nudibranch should brighten your day! The colorful fingerlike projections on its back (called cerata) aid in respiration and also act as a defense against predators.

This common murre appears to know it's being photographed! These #birds lay only one egg each year. #DidYouKnow that the eggs are pointed at one end? This shape may have evolved to keep eggs from rolling off rocky ledges and into the ocean below.

We absolutely love seeing any artwork from our visitors—like this super cool drawing of Umbrella the giant Pacific #octopus from @kelseydrawsthings.

Feeding time! There are few things as popular as a #diver with a handful of #fish food!

Have you ever seen a #pufferfish all puffed up? It's fun to see how it looks afterwards too—almost like the #fish just had a bad hair day!

Don't mind us on this #PhotoFriday... reposting this insane video from @velvetilvs. Although sea cucumbers are sometimes referred to as the vacuums of the ocean, sucking up waste from the ocean floor, they actually serve an important role, as they redistribute those dissolved nutrients on the sea floor. #SeaCucumberPoop

How gorgeous is the humphead wrasse? #DidYouKnow that humphead wrasses can survive from three to 30 years? #FishFacts

Start #2018 off right with this adorable #otter shot. Thanks @lisbarreto for this perfect photo of Adaa! #boop #repost

Today's #WinterFishtival featured animals are cnidarians. Not sure what cnidarians are? These are marine animals such as jellies, coral, sea anemones and sea pens.

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