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Sea Shepherd  A marine conservation organization that DEFENDS, CONSERVES & PROTECTS oceans and marine wildlife. Join the movement!

She is our biggest and fastest small boat - with twin 200 HP engines on her stern, and a deep-v hull, she masters the waves like nobody's business, and she also has quite the interesting backstory!
Meet the Spitfire!

The Spitfire arrived in Sea Shepherd in 2014, purchased by Sea Shepherd UK for anti-poaching operations. In that same year, she was sent to the Faroe Islands to interfere with the Faroese pilot whale hunt. The trip to the Faroe Islands is a story in-and-of-itself, with the boat sailing the 200 nautical mile trip between Scotland and the Faroe Islands alone, with two crew on board.

Then, later in the year, she responded to a call of a massive pod of dolphins around the Faroese capital, a pod later estimated to be several hundred strong. After arriving on the scene, the Spitfire and her crew proceeded to guide the dolphins away from the islands.
But before long, the Danish navy fast-boat was also in the area and gave chase. After a few tense and adrenaline-filled minutes, the Danish navy stopped the Spitfire - but not before the dolphins were out of sight of the hunters. Turns out everyone was so focussed on the chase that the dolphins managed to slip away in the chaos.
The arrest, however, landed the Spitfire in Faroese custody for about 3 years, with Sea Shepherd UK fighting a long court battle to free her.
But in 2017 she was finally freed, and without much ado, she was sent to the M/V Bob Barker to go on Operation Albacore III, now leading the charge against Illegal fishing on the West Coast of Africa.
Do you remember the name of the other small boat on the Bob Barker? 📷 Tony Fenn James / Lukas Erichsen / Sea Shepherd

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Thanks to your support, our fleet has been rapidly growing throughout the last few years, and now includes many great, interesting and unique ships, but perhaps none as unique-looking as The M/V Brigitte Bardot. Despite what many people think, the MV Brigitte Bardot is a not a trimaran, but a stabilized monohull, meaning it has one hull, with stabilizers on either side. She joined Sea Shepherd in 2010 under the name 'Gojira', and had her first campaign with Sea Shepherd in the Southern Ocean that same year. But the Brigitte Bardot is just one of 13 vessels currently operating under the Sea Shepherd banner. Can you name them all? 📸 Flavio Gasperini / Sea Shepherd

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Sharks - probably the most misunderstood animal ever, hated and feared all over the world because of simple misunderstandings and a media that thrives on sensational news. As we have come to understand over the years, sharks don't make great PR-people for their own kind, so we have taken up the cause for them.
The simple fact is that sharks really aren't that dangerous to humans. In 2017 alone, 5 fatalities from shark attacks occurred worldwide. Meanwhile, 25 people died from dog attacks in the USA alone that same year! And our simple question for you today is: Are you afraid of sharks? If so, why? 📸 Eric Cheng

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She is the youngest, fastest member of our expanding navy, built in 2016 with the help of the Dutch, Swedish and British post-code lotteries. She is of course, the Ocean Warrior.

Her engines are her largest parts, taking up the entirety of the massive engine room and giving her four times the power of our other second most powerful vessel, The M/V Bob Barker, whilst also being capable of running economically on electric motors, although this can only be used for relatively slow cruising. Her watercannon packs a serious punch and can deliver over 20.000 liters of water per minute to poachers who refuse to stop.
She is, in short, the perfect at-sea poacher-fighting beast of a machine.

Do you remember what her first campaign was? 📸 Simon Ager / Sea Shepherd

#PoachersBeware #StopIllegalFishing #MarineConservation

For deckhands, there is always work. Whether in complete downtime with repairs and maintenance projects, during drills like fire, person over board, damage control, or even during action stations. There is always plenty of work to go around, and therefore always a need for new people who can stay longer periods. Many rolls need to be filled in the seven departments on the ships, bridge, communications(IT), engineering, deck, galley, media and medic. Given the choice, which department would you join? 📸 Alejandra Gimeno / Sea Shepherd

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CUTENESS OVERLOAD! There are so many cute baby animals in the world, but baby turtles have to be on our top 3! What is your top 3 baby sea animals? 📸 Sea Shepherd

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#ThrowbackThursday - In November 1986 Sea Shepherd activists traveled to Iceland and took action against illegal Icelandic whaling operations. Sea Shepherd engineers Rod Coronado and David Howitt planned the sinking of all four of Iceland's whaling ships in Reykjavik harbor.

However, the plans were changed at the last minute when Icelandic crew were spotted aboard two of the ships. So as to not endanger lives, only the two unoccupied vessels 'Hvalur 6' and 'Hvalur 7' were scuttled.

The crew also destroyed the whale processing station at Hvalfjordur. The sabotage shut down Icelandic commercial whaling activities for the next 17 years. The attack became a headline story worldwide.

At the time, Iceland had a 98% pro-whaling population, so the whales had nothing to lose and everything to gain with Sea Shepherd's sabotage on the ships and the whaling station. However, recent polls show that only 34% of Icelanders now support whaling, and the whaling debate has become a serious one for the Icelandic people.

With commercial whaling dying and whale watching in Iceland a growing industry, the writing is on the wall.

The two vessels in the photo, 'Hvalur 6' and 'Hvalur 7', are the same two vessels scuttled by Sea Shepherd's operatives. 📸 Sea Shepherd

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The mythical awesome Orca that everyone knows and loves has throughout history been known by many names. One of these, even common today, is "the killer whale", but why is that? 📷 Bob Talbot

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She is our flagship, the largest vessel in our fleet, and has played a key part in our operations since she started with us in 2006. She fits more crew and equipment than any other vessel in our fleet, and has done campaigns across the planet, visiting every single continent on the planet. Opposite to the Bob Barker and Sam Simon, the Steve Irwin started it's career as a fisheries patrol vessel for the scottish government in 1975. This continued on for 28 years, whereafter she was taken out of service in 2003. In 2006, Sea Shepherd found the vessel for sale and promptly purchased her, with her first Sea Shepherd campaign being the 2006-2007 anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica.
The Steve Irwin's first campaign with us was also the first campaign we gave an operational name to. Do you remember the name of it? 📷 Simon Ager / Sea Shepherd

#ShipLife #MarineConservation #Ship 📷 Simon Ager / Sea Shepherd

The oceans are full of all kind of wonderful, seemingly magical creatures, all part of an intricate eco-system, dictating the health of the oceans. Every single one of these are vital for the future of the oceans, and should thus be protected. But what animal is in this photo?

This photo was submitted as a part of our "Their World" photo competition earlier this year, by Kristin Sansonetti. 📷 Karin Sansonetti

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Happy World Animal Day everyone!

Just a few days ago, The MV Brigitte Bardot arrived in Galapagos, the island group known for its amazing biodiversity that spawned Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

The MV Brigitte Bardot has traveled to the Galapagos archipelago in preparation for upcoming campaigns. Being there, one of our veteran photographers, Simon Ager, took these amazing photos, perfect for World Animal Day!

How many islands are in Galapagos? 📷 Simon Ager / Sea Shepherd

#Galapagos #WorldAnimalDay #Animals

We understand that for most people it is difficult or downright impossible to uproot your entire life, with family, friends and job, to go on conservation adventures at sea.

But still, maybe the oceans are important to you, and we completely understand that, so even though you can't be there in person, we have a way for you to maximize your impact for the oceans without leaving your home comforts.

Become a Part-Time Hero!

The regular and reliable support of Sea Shepherd's Part-Time Heroes enables Sea Shepherd to more effectively plan for and undertake ocean conservation operations around the world, deploying our ships and resources where they’re needed most.

Become a Part-Time Hero through our website!

Have you applied to our crew, or are you a Part-Time Hero? Why/why not? Tell us your story! 📷 Simon Ager / Sea Shepherd

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