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Sean Ward  Professional Spider-Man fan. Superhero YouTuber. Creator of #1 prank/Flash mob video on YouTube.


Just in time for Justice League to hit theatres on November 17, I received this mysterious package addressed to "Honorary Justice League Member". Check out my unboxing, experience the awesome @Gillette Justice League VR for yourself, and see how Gillette is meeting the shaving needs of Super Heroes everywhere with Fusion ProShield - The Best a Super Hero Can Get.  #ad

Enjoy some morning time pictures of my cute and very cuddly little dog, Lemon The Real Life Cartoon Dog. Yesterday she made a little house and wore the blanket like a lion's mane.

Here's me getting 3D scanned at the studio of @my3dagency !!! It was hard to pick what to wear to be turned into a 3D printed figurine (I went with the @fundotcom_ #IRONMAN suit). I got video of the experience and I'll put it on the channel when the finished figure is ready to be unveiled! I can't wait....

#ThorRagnarok with The Sean Ward Show Movie Club! As you may already know, every time a new superhero movie comes out we take everyone from the channel who can make it and do a huge group outing to preview night. Last night we saw Thor Ragnarok and it was awesome!! There was some discussion of whether or not it was too funny but I found the humor to be just the right amount. Thinking about it more today, I realized that the humor in the Marvel movies gets criticized but why I like it is that it's always in service to the story - it's never about the filmmakers trying to let the audience know that they think this is silly. I felt like Ragnarok was trying to be in the mode of Guardians of the Galaxy but more mature. This movie is a visual delight, filled with unforgettable new characters, with a great message about believing in yourself. It satisfies as an entertaining installment of my favorite series and as crowd-pleasing entertainment on its own. This movie could have ended up being one for the really hard core comic book nerds, but Mrs. Ward doesn't know anything about all that and I watched her enjoy this one like I can't remember her having fun at any other Marvel movie. Go with your friends, go for date night, or turn your brain inside out and go for the visual splendor. Photo by Mrs. Ward herself @katlangdon

Florida wedding bathroom mirror selfie! This was a beautiful event in the sunshine state, and lots of fun to see @melf_studios and my frequent collaborators from down here looking all fly and formal. The suit was a random surprise find at @hudsonsbay from their #1670 line, the tie is @rw_co , and the shirt is custom made by @indochino - check out the monogram on the sleeve!! The tie clip is an antique from @torontovintageclothingshow and glasses are the bomb from @ditaeyewear

#halloween styles!!! Mickey Mouse in the house. This was a last minute pull together and after the reaction it got from people I think I need to do it again but with bigger ears and the yellow buttons on the shorts. This was Friday night, costume party wedding rehearsal on the beach in Florida with @katlangdon - tonight is the main event!! Congratulations @melf_studios !!! Photos and collage by the lovely @katlangdon

Big schemes, huge plans, talking trash at Batman. This is an awesome pic by @timbermingham taken on the roof of my #studio in downtown Toronto. Check out the rest of the group from an impromptu #JusticeLeague photo shoot on the @the.sean.ward.show account. Tickets for the movie went on sale last night so we have the #SWSmovieclub happening for that, and I've got an awesome unboxing coming up next week on the youtube channel so watch for that!

On my way down to the studio for a big afternoon, followed by a bit of @tadfilmfest with @leehoward_art . We'll be talking about superheroes, Bears, and business. This suit is from @bananarepublic from the first day they put it out for sale, I saw it and was just "I gotta have it". Going casual with a @uniqlo @uniqlocanada t-shirt

Rocking a little more of a casual look today to be ready to change into an Iron Man costume for @the.sean.ward.show - my new @johnnycupcakes sweatshirt, @tokidokibrand @marvel cap, a pair of @converse all-black Chucks, and some pants I probably got at @winners

The lighting isn't optimal yet but hello from my selfie mirror! Today I was feeling some #dressforsuccess and I pulled out this suit from the back of the closet - it was the first actual suit I ever bought, 4 or so years ago, from @jackthreads Previous to that I was on the "fake it til you make it" train, buying jackets and pants from vintage stores and putting them together to make suits. I got this suit at a time when a $179 suit was a huge luxury. The tie glimmers and has red dots, I don't remember where it's from. 💀 shirt is from @zara

#Latergram my sister took me took me to @roythomsonhall for a performance of John Williams music! The whole second half of the program was just Star Wars! If you're quick you'll catch what I put on story from the show. Rocking a burgundy dotted suit from @haightashburyto and a 💀 shirt by @zara HI MOM #stylin #profilin

Here's another one from our recent #andywarhol shoot with me as Andy and @emperiam as Edie Sedgwick. Amazing photos by @timbermingham! There's a whole gallery on my Facebook page, the first in what I hope all be a serious where I get to Play some of my personal inspirations like Paul McCartney, Charlie Chaplin, and Walt Disney. Thank you to my awesome collaborators! I've wanted to do this shoot for years!

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