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Sean Rabbitt🇺🇸⛸  チームアメリカスケート選手⛸ Team USA Figure Skater🇺🇸 Myprotein Teammate 🥛 #fashion #fitness #travel #日本 #figureskating #motivate 📍🇺🇸|🇯🇵 Work request → DM/Email 📩

Couldn’t get the 5 Olympic Rings, so I settled for 4 Audi rings. 🚙✨ 私は5オリンピックリングをたっせいすることができません、だからアウディの4リングを得た。💎😍
But seriously, this month marks 10 years since I started coaching skating and I have worked hard not only on the ice as a skater but also as a coach in classes, private lessons, and traveling the world doing seminars. I’m very grateful that while I’m still skating I have been able to pave a path in coaching that has been fruitful in many ways. After driving my starter car the last 7 years, I felt it was appropriate and time to upgrade to a big boy car. So grateful and excited to keep working my butt off!
In posting this I want to make clear I’m in no way trying to gloat, but hopefully inspire people to keep working hard and pursuing their dreams because by working hard and preserving you can achieve anything!

True champions are not always the ones who win, but those with the most guts to put it all out there and give it 110% 💪🏻⛸✨

「BATTLE ROPES ⛓ バトルロープ」
When there isn’t a lot of time for the gym, build a killer sweat with circuit training!
I did a 30min circuit that included battle ropes, 4 sets 30 seconds each!
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Look at that team! 🏆 Seriously the saying goes it takes a village, our team killed it this weekend with everyone getting a medal, solid start to the season! Proud coach! @gracerraine @carolynannalba ✨⛸

Little retro with a little current, mix it up, ya know? ちょっとレトロとちょっと現在スタイル、おしゃれでしょう?
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| What was today’s daily success ?| 今日の毎日の成功は?|
Success is what you make of it, everyday find something small in your day that was successful. .
Before you know it you’ll find you’re pretty successful!

✨Monday Motivation | 月曜日モチベーション
Aspiring to change the world by being a giver of good vibes! Who’s gonna share a smile and keeping spreading good vibes? 😃 ✨笑顔で世界を変えることを願っています。今日は誰かに笑顔を見せて、また笑顔で見る!
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Team USA Athlete Assistants at @usfigureskating Excel Summit! 🇺🇸⛸
Always grateful for the opportunity to inspire and work with the next generation of athletes who have big dreams of wearing the American flag! 次の世代のアスリートに刺激を与え、働く機会には常に感謝しています。彼らはアメリカの旗を着る大きな夢を持っている! .

Florida | round 2🏝
フロリダ | ラウンド2 ☀️
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Korean bbq with the Honda’s!🧞‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️
@ta1honda と @marin_honda と焼肉ナイト!🍖🍗

🔥:: Monday motivation 月曜日モチベーション ::🔥
They say old dogs can’t learn new tricks. This old dog learned a new trick! 🤘🏻💁🏻‍♂️ 皆古い犬は新しいトリック学ぶ出来ない言って、だから私は「古い犬」新しいトリック学びました⛸😊✔️
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2018 @usfigureskating Governing Council done! ✅ 2018年アメリカフィギュアスケート連盟のルールチェンジミーティング終わった!
Many great discussions and decisions made, many great friends seen, and many new opportunities for the next year to come! Thank you for a great 2 days. Next stop; HOME! たくさん新しいルールと前のルール違うになりました、たくさん友達に会った、今年選手ためにたくさん新しい機会あります。2日目お疲れ様です。次:帰る!

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