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Sean Ocean  Traveling photographer who has a tendency of having too much fun | @j_dmlo は私の心を保持しています

Woman Crush... for the rest of my life

I've been naughty this year...

Embrace the darkside

When the light is just right.

She kissed the darkness inside and fell in love with the madness in her own mind... blood fell instead of rain that night

Most would say the hardest part about being a photographer in this day and age is that you are now competing against so many. But with technology and knowledge instantly at your finger tips the more important truth is that the harder competition is against yourself. You are your biggest hurdle and you can not climb without constantly trying to better yourself. Stay motivated. Stay creative. Create something better than what you created the day before.

Happy Birthday to my favorite person @j_dmlo You truly become more beautiful with each day that passes and your smile still brightens my everyday. Here's to being forever young and forever happy!

My wildflower dancer, bathing in the last few moments of fiery light

Ride or Die

Selfie Sunday

Celebrating another year with my adventure buddy. I love you @j_dmlo and I promise to only get a little more ridiculous with each year that passes. Although in our old age you are really going to have your hands full 😁

Sunday Mornings with this little Portuguese princess