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Sean Richards 

Tame impala

Phase 2 complete.

Phase 3 commence!!

Phase one complete.
Meet this piece of shit for tacos before the flight


Ovi still won’t let the cup out of his sights. Hahaha. He’s hilarious

He’s a proper outdoor cat now :)

It’s almost that time. Less than 2 months

I have an apprentice helping me today. He’s a shit plumber, but he’s cute


I broke my annual haircut trend. I’VE HAD TWO THIS YEAR. Who have I become?!

There are times I wish I lived back a few decades ago.... and then I see something like this and think “naw this era is good”

George has a new friend. But he’s creepin my place pretty hard. I woke up the other day to him glaring at me from outside... 😶

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