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I'm trying my best to teach these two how to sculpt a dad bod but they clearly have a long way to go.

PJ birthday party with the whole family to celebrate my Filipino fire cracker. She's like a fine wine... I like to gulp it up.

Doing dad stuff with my boy.

There's so much more to this woman than just the sexy exterior I like to gawk at daily. She'd never tell you but her company @lowe_co is doing big things and she works tirelessly every day on it while raising a baby at the same time. Just thought she needed some public recognition for all she does. Now back to gawking.

My goal this Spring is to get outside and enjoy this beautiful Dallas weather! Sporting my dorky dad attire today and grilling for the family after spending the morning walking Samuel around the neighborhood. On crazy days like today, I can't go without a @PremierProtein shake to keep me energized. What is your goal this Spring? #ad #PremierGoal #TheDayIsYours

He's the guy that puts his name on the group project after contributing nothing at all.

Samuel and I are reviewing potential dates for his Uncle @kevintinkle on @vouch_app. If you haven't heard, Catherine and I are two of the original founders of the dating app which allows your friends and family to help you find matches. We've gotten tons of great feedback but the biggest challenge for us and any dating app is getting a solid foundation of users. So we're asking for your help. Will you download the app (link in bio) and tell your friends about it? Let's make America a little less single.

Mine and Catherines fitness journey has it’s high points.. as well as low points We try okay?! So even during our plateaus we have religiously stuck to our @teamiblends detoxing, it’s a 30 Day program, and works to clean out our bodies so that what we eat directly fuels us! I haven’t felt sluggish in months, thanks to Teami! Energy is important to us, so we can keep up with the little one. I encourage you guys to check it out and use LOWE for 15% off yours! #thankyouteami

Happy Easter from the Lowes!

Nothing better than a child's laughter. Except maybe pizza. Or cookies.

I'm writing thank you cards this morning to everyone who has purchased a piece of furniture from our new line. So if you receive a card with the handwriting of a little girl, it's me, a grown man, just saying thank you.

With Easter Weekend approaching, moments like this with my boy make me appreciate God's great sacrifice and love for us that much more.

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