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Sean Lowe  🍕

My dude has his first school concert tonight and he’s dressed for success.

I remember Saturday nights being different.

Y’all into baby giggles?

Hey NYC, next Friday we’re hosting a holiday party with @bkoof and @gy_yrigoyen at the @sleepnumber store on 5th ave at 7pm. I’ll be doing live demos of what it’s like to sleep on the couch after posting videos like this to Instagram. Catherine can talk about the actual bed. Come see us! #ad

My wife is an amazing mama.

Just told him about the night he was conceived. He’s still processing it.

Tis the season to not leave your bed. @sleepnumber is helping make my December completely unproductive and I love it! #ad

Thank you @people. These things aren’t so bad once you get past all the poop and slobber.
#Repost @people with @get_repost
Sean and Catherine Lowe’s family is the sweetest. ❤️

PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE AND READ: I want to tell y’all about @micaelasarmy. It’s a non-profit pediatric cancer foundation I’ve been apart of for over six years. The foundation was started by one of the sweetest mothers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her name is Sharon White and she started the foundation because she lost her eighteen year old daughter Micaela to leukemia in 2011. In 2012, I had just come off The Bachelorette and a friend of mine who is a nurse and worked with Michela before her passing told me a group of girls gather at Sharon’s house on Monday nights to watch The Bachelorette in honor of their friend Micaela because that used to be their Monday routine. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to surprise the group one Monday night during the show. Long story short, I was impacted to my soul after hearing about Micaela, her battle with pediatric cancer, the lack of research dollars for childhood cancer and Sharon’s resolve to make a lasting impact in her daughter’s name. Ever since then, I’ve done my best to raise money for such a worthy cause (like the Millionaire pic above). Today, we’re raising money through the all-natural wrinkle releaser @tomandsheris my good friend @austin_eudaly created. THIS IS NOT AN AD. I’m not getting paid one penny for this. Just really want to raise a ton of money for pediatric cancer and get Austin’s product some visibility at the same time. Use code: MAMONDAY for 15% and click the link in my profile. And oh yeah, free shipping on orders over $50. Also, look at my stories for the before and after using the spray. It’s seriously legit- no more ironing. This is the longest caption I’ve ever written. I’m sorry. But if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably really wrinkly or love kids. Okay, I’m done. Thank you!!

Sometimes you gotta let your booty air out.

Fresh fade and a lollipop. My man is feeling good.

He obviously got the swaggy gene from his daddy.

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