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Sean Hayes  Sean Hayes is an actor & producer in Hollywood, CA from TV, Film & Broadway. 👻: TheSeanHayes | Facebook & Twitter: @SeanHayes

I can’t believe the 2nd Season of our docu-series is already coming to an end this weekend. Don’t miss Part 6 of the @cnnorigseries “The History Of Comedy” this Sunday at 10/9c. #HistoryOfComedy

The moment when director @therealjamesburrows & @_schwim_ reunited at the taping of our recent episode. @nbcwillandgrace

Date night with @scotticenogle!! “Star Wars” at The Hollywood Bowl. @starwars @hamillhimself #starwars

Ran into this amazing human being, Barry Hoff, who was my Broadway show dresser for both “Promises, Promises” and for “An Act Of God”. ❤️

“Proclamated” and it feels so good! (P.S. I know it’s not a real word. But I couldn’t resist.) 😜 #WillAndGrace #WillAndGraceDay

Happy #WillandGrace Day! Thank you to all you amazing fans for all your love and support over the years! ❤️

What an amazing time shooting our latest episode last night. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. @nbcwillandgrace #WillAndGrace

‪Here’s an entire run-through of our show in 40secs, which we are taping this week, that we do for the writers. “Bzzzzzzz...” #NoSpoilers @nbcwillandgrace @eric_mccormack @therealdebramessing @meganomullally @chelseahandler

A little throwback Wardrobe Dept. sheet when I hosted @nbcsnl on February 17, 2001. Me, a young lad, was gleaming with joy that day. #SNL #BucketList✔️

Be sure to catch an all NEW episode of the @cnnorigseries “The History of Comedy” tonight at 10/9c. Tonight, it’s all about Sketch & Improv Comedy. #HistoryOfComedy

A true summer experience!! I had the pleasure of watching “Jaws” with a live orchestra last night at The Hollywood Bowl with @scotticenogle @bobgreenblattpics & #LizBrixius. So fun!!

We are officially back in production for @nbcwillandgrace Season 2 (a.k.a, Season 10). Tonight, we tape our first episode of the season. #WillAndGrace

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