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sean murphy  Drives a stick. Creates Batman books on the side.


Tire treads take forever, but when you do them right, it's worth it.

Pencils for issue 8 of Batman: White Knight

Splash from Batman White Knight

Snowing in Gotham.

1. Rough layout on computer paper
2. Final pencils on 500lbs vellum bristol
3. Final inks

Pencils from Batman: White Knight

I bought this book at a yard sale to decorate my cigar room. And yes, I know how that sentence sounds: "Buying books as decoration? For a cigar room?? Nautical themed??? YOU USED TO BE PUNK ROCK, SEAN!" But I've always been into the US Revolution and nautical stuff, so now I'm reading it. And it's great! Written by Hope S. Rider, it's about the 1st naval vessel in the US. And it's a 1st edition signed by the author.

But what interests me the most is that it's the ONLY book she's ever written. How can someone be so good at writing and quit after one book?

Batman: White Knight

I accidentally spilled ink under his nose, but was able to work it in.

A silent sequence of Bruce attending to his wounds (beside Alfred) in White Knight.

Big reveal in issue 3 of Batman: White Knight....... The rejected Harley decides to become the new Joker, calling herself NEO JOKER.

It was important to me that both Harleys get empowered in my book. Classic Harley becomes the source of courage for Napier to keep moving forward. And the rejected Suicide Harley (Marian Drews) upgrades to become the new Joker, while harnessing the power of every villain in Gotham.

White Knight is written to make Harley fans on BOTH sides happy.

Batman: White Knight

Batman: Knight White

I don't really give a HERO SHOT of Batman in most of the issues, mostly because I see it as a Joker story. However, in issue 5, I finally threw this in.

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth.

This is the much-talked-about love scene with Jack and Harley in White Knight. I've been told to cover up the nudity with word balloons, to meet DC's "teen+" rating. Which I understand.

I was pushing for an "adult" rating, but I don't know if DC has that. Maybe for the sequel I can convince them. :) *panel 5 will be flipped, as she's putting the ring on the wrong hand.

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