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Seanakayne | FURIOSA studio  ✨Oakland Hair Stylist✨ ♻️ Certified Green Salon Owner♻️ ✨Natural Blonde Balayage ✨ ✨ Razor Hair Cutting✨

I'm so grateful for my amazing clients letting me play with color with and on their hair as my canvas. Thank you @wangthangg.

I got this in the mail today from @davinesnorthamerica @davinesofficial. April is earth awareness month! I am proud to say that since November I am a Certified Green Salon 🌿🍃🌱♻️.

Some fresh new hair painting and toned with a smoky pink. Ready for spring

I don't often post pictures of my Mens cuts. But I love doing them! This photo shoot was to fun not to post. This is my client and good friend getting squirrelly and shy when I put him in front of the camera. Don't forget to swipe left ⬅️ to see all the silliness.

My beautiful client @jenrikay tagged me in this. Best hair pic. Clearly we have done a lot of photos of her ever changing hair color and she knows how to show it off. I had to repost this. Our goal is to give her a nice clean palette so we can do some neons or pastels. This is our first session of going all blonde! One more session should do the trick✨🙌🏽✨. #ilovemyclients

I had such a fun time getting creative on @_filanon before she goes to Japan for a month!! Im@hoping all the lavender fades first and she will have another beautiful creative color of blonde going to that light jade color into that rich teal. I'll have to wait to see her pics she post from Japan !

A rare moment of me posting myself! This is my process of starting with a really warm rich color and ending with a beautiful natural looking light brunette. I wanted something that matched my natural root. I'm I live with my new color. Thank you @msbiggins for all you do for me 💋

These curls are absolutely beautiful! With that rich chocolate color with hints of a deep caramel to give dimension. Curls can often look flat and one dimensional. Lighting them for some brightness, brings them to life.

This beautiful client is the best bleach and tone client ever. She comes in every 5 weeks for her roots. With consistency like that there is never any banding issues or yellow lines created by inconsistent hair appointments. When she first came to me she had a bob! Who says bleach and tones can't grow there hair.

This beauty came in with beautiful hair! I gave her a good healthy trim, about 3 inches. Our goal is to grow out her layers so she can have a long gorgeous one length haircut with sweet wispy bangs!

I had such an amazing 3 days with @misionerochicano #xperesioncreativos teaching me the ways of pixel hair. This was so inspiring and mind blowing. #hairheroes. Thank you @adamfederico for hosting this!

😻swooning over Marco and his pixel creation. Can't wait for tomorrow! #xperesioncreativos #neverstoplearning #iwanttogotospain

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