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AS FOR BGC19 I DECIDED to hold all new shows until 2019 to start the year fresh and with a bunch of new videos, bgc19 will be a holiday themed season, so it will be christmas themed bgc! But will come out at the end of january, episodes for all new shows will start premiering, january 20th, sneak peeks will start the first week of january!

Alright guys its almost time for some new episodes to come out. I just made a new page for my other shows, it wont have bgc on it but it will have the love and hip hop on it, it will be connected with the new youtube channel very soon

Trust me guys theres alot being filmed right now,

Ok guys I've told you already, I'm not giving a set day on BGC , because it's going to be fully filmed before its released this time, so the sassy little messages that are starting back up again better stop. I'm tired of fans having attitudes and no respect, I'm doing this for free I dont get paid to do this, so dont demand me, and dont message me with attitude with the same damn question that I've answered 1,000 times, I do this for free to entertain you guys and express my hobbies and create art, so I'm done with the disrespectful messages. I'm going to start cracking down on the disrespect.



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