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May your weekend be as sassy as Simba’s.
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Happy Saturday!
Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to @dapperdogsapparel supporter @mjacot5 and her handsome little man for wearing our “Wanna Taco Bout It” women’s tank 🙌🙏. The new drop has been really great and I can’t thank y’all enough for supporting the company and our love for dogs and dog lovers ❤️
Check out the site www.DapperDogsApparel.com to check out the entire inventory! I’m sure we have something you’ll love 🙏
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I always stress the importance of enjoying moments with your pups. Although we know their love is unconditional, it can be common for most to get accustomed to it and not give attention simply because they're used to having them around... Until they're gone 😞
When you're dog lays it head on your lap, take a moment and let it all in. Remember the love you both have for one another. Their lives are very short compared to ours, they deserve just as much unconditional love as they give us.
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🙌Please Read 🙏
The key component to creating success in ANY area i.e. health, work, relationship, etc, is having PATIENCE.
We unfortunately live in a time where shortcuts and unethical methods are being rewarded in exchange for people’s integrity and values. They look away if the $ is right, they get famous for disrespecting others, they use and abuse friends, family, and drugs in order to reach the top quicker, and the list goes on and on and on... The days of believing in yourself through sheer will and determination is a lost art that I refuse to let go extinct! No one creates something worth while overnight. If you want to leave a lasting impression you MUST be willing to put in the time in order to achieve it. You are the master of your destiny, the ruler of your universe. Do you want to be able to look back and feel proud of how far you’ve come, or do you want to be a fart in the wind like so many others?
Feel free to check out and apply one of our several programs (@kelechiopara_ ) by clicking the link in my bio or sending me a DM. We take the time to create a plan that works for each individual because shortcuts are not what we believe in 🙌🙏
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Ugh that FACE! ❤️my baby boy is becoming my old little man 😟😭 Stop getting older!
@theclarkstar 8yrs old
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NEW ITEMS have just dropped for @dapperdogsapparel! Like I said before, I am doing my best to do drops on a more consistent basis. This drop has over 9 new items to it, feel free to swipe and see some of the new additions. You can to www.DapperDogsApparel.com to see the entire inventory on hand.
Thank you all for the continued support with the company, I hope y’all continue to enjoy the items 🙌🙏 #fashion #Apparel #dapperdogsapparel #clothing #clothes #shirt #tanks #dog #dogs #cute

- First off please LIKE this post if consistency is something you have a hard time with 🙋🏻‍♂️
When it comes to training and diet, consistency and patience are easily at the top of the list as to why people fail to meet their expectations. It’s a frustrating thing I’ll admit! You work so hard for weeks to build a steady routine and all it takes is a few bad days in a row to completely fall off track and lose momentum. The thing I try and remember is that every day is another opportunity to start all over. You can either suck it up, admit your mistakes, and try to fix them OR you can keep living in the Groundhogs Day universe where you just keep saying “I’ll get back on track tomorrow”. There’s only so many excuses that can be made before you simply have to come to realization that it’s YOU that is failing YOU. Once you can accept that, the next question is “what are you going to do in order to succeed?” Oh and to explain the pics, the top left is where I want to be at again and the right side is where I’m at currently. Baby steps!
Check out www.FitFreakProject.com to sign up for our customized science based programs!
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the world must witness this amazingness 🤣
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Via @kelechi_opara_
During check ins for the fitfreakproject Some are on vacation and can't enjoy themselves because they are worried about losing gains made on our program . By the way, there’s a FLASH SALE for our 12 and 16 week programs.
_Truth be told a week isn't going to do anything. At the earliest, u may experience some muscle loss in 2 weeks but this depends on how hard u train the week before going on vacation. Personally I overreach {not the same as overtraining} the week before. Here's the thing though. Even if u lose muscle it takes approximately 33% of the time it took u to gain it. This means if it took you 18 weeks to get in the condition u r in. It will take u 6 weeks.
_Why? This is because although you lose muscle, the nucleus -->the control center of the muscle cell is never destroyed.
_Let me back up , whenever you workout part of the process of hypertrophy (increasing muscle size) is the activation of satellite cells (stem cells) which fuse with the muscle that was worked to make it larger. Along with these stem cells, come brand new nuclei (the nucleus is the control center that regulates gene expression in other words "turn on" the process needed to create muscle ). So when you stop working out for a period of time, you lose muscle again can happen as quickly as 14 days. However, the new nuclei that was created NEVER goes away. As a result, when you start back in the gym after a vacation regaining what's lost occurs at a FASTER rate because you are SKIPPING a step -->adding new NUCLEI... since the ones you created before when you first gained muscle(from working out) never went away. Incidentally, this is what's known as muscle memory.
I hope this helps people who hesitate taking time off to relax and enjoy life.
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Due to the technical issues that were going on with our site we are extending the Fit Freak Project Flash sale! This will apply to our 2 BEST programs which are the 12 and 16 week programs. The site is showing the original pricing so please note that the 12 week program is 25% off and the 16 week program is over 35% the price you see on the application!
These programs are going to be the absolute best value. We have helped thousands of clients reach their goals so we hope you give us the opportunity to work with and help YOU reach your goal as well! ✅ www.FitFreakProject.com ❇️ LINK IN MY BIO
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Haven’t been feeling very well all day but I couldn’t let it keep me away from singing Happy Birthday to my two handsome boys! @theclarkstar is now 8 years old and our little @stinkylinkythefrenchie is 2yrs old. Time is flying by 😭😭😭
Thank you to my beautiful wife @stephanie_sarantos for getting this delicious looking cakes from @jackboydogbakery! #birthday #happybirthday #dog #dogs #birthdayboys #birthdaycake #cake #frenchie #frenchies #frenchbulldog #frenchiesofinstagram

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