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Could he possibly look any less interested in my affection 😭
A few updates on life:
- Trying to get my Non-Profit finally up and running! Lots of steps to do and I'm not just going to rush into shit. Trying to find a small space to rent so I can run the facility thru it. Also thinking of people that I believe would make a good board of directors.
It will be baby steps at first. Taking in one dog first and slowly working my way to more and more once a larger facility and staff members come together. I have my long term goal and that's always the easiest thing to write down. It's the short term goals and plans of action that take importance. I want this to be a staple within the dog community. I want people to smile and WANT to help with finding homes for abandoned dogs. If anyone knows of any resources that can help find reasonably priced office space (just need a small area to start with 500-800sqft) in the Anaheim area please let me know! I'm moving forward, slowly but surely and I couldn't be happier or more terrified πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ™
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#GoodVibes4OurLives morning video. I hope you start this day with the mindset of execution! Grab a piece of paper and write down the things you want to do in life more than anything else. Now write the plan to get it: What do you need? how do you get it? What are you willing to give in order to get it? Once you have the answers to these, EXECUTE!
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Went on a quick overnight camp last night. Unpacked the tent, turned around to grab the tools, and when I turned back around it was up!!! @stinkylinkythefrenchie the little outdoorsman apparently πŸ™€

Playtime escalated quickly with this one 😳🀣
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My morning cup of coffee ain't got nothin on ya 😜❀️ @stephanie_sarantos

Yes we are still here! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
After the inventory clear-out sale I had to take a break and reassess how I want to move forward with the company. Things were moving FAST in the beginning and I will honestly say that I was stretching myself thin with everything I wanted to do. Everything was a crash course for me and I learned it the hard way because there is certainly no easy way when trying to build something you want to be taken seriously. Some Things to look forward too with the new apparel launch:
- There will be 2 separate collections I want to build on. 1) Being the fun, goofy, artistic side that was prominent in the beginning stages and 2) The casual, outgoing, wear it on any occasion type of style. - I will no longer work with an "On demand" manufacturer for certain products. This was creating far too many issues where the items I had in my office would be sent out within a day and the manufacturer product sometimes took 3 weeks. I hated this and it was not indicative of the customer care I wanted to give to build my company on.
- This will be an apparel line that should make people not only feel confident in their fashion style, but also give them the satisfaction of knowing each purchase is going towards a larger goal towards helping dogs.
I appreciate all the support this company has been given since day 1, it's a huge reason why I strive to get this correct and run smooth. Please stay tuned as I work towards making this relaunch a success on all levels. With yalls support, ANYTHING is possible πŸ™πŸ™Œ
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PERSONAL GOAL: Get back to this level of lean. Or at least close to it. I was pushing maybe 180-185lbs body weight at the time and am now at 200+ so I know I'm not going to get that "thin" look but that's okay! My life at the time of this video had taken so many amazing turns. I was fresh out of a toxic relationship, moved to a new place, had great roommates (@jazzythings & @mrtakeo ), a new business, and just an amazing all around atmosphere to thrive in. My life and growth has changed drastically since then, but it's never an excuse to fall back on. I've had the focus and discipline in the past which means I can only blame myself for not having it in the present. Never too late to change your future folks!
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Thinking I might just start off every day with a FEEL GOOD video. Too much hate in the world right now, too easy to be disappointed in our society. Sometimes it's just nice to wake up with something to smile about. Here's today's #GoodVibes4OurLives video. Please tag someone who you want to send a smile too πŸ™Œ
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A lot of y'all gave video recommendations that were centered around chasing your passion while working with a packed schedule i.e. Full time job, part time job, school, family, etc all at once and how I've come to balance my day to day through trial and error. There were also many other great suggestions that I plan to touch on but I think I'll try this one out first. I also want to make it very clear. I in no way shape or form have this thing called "life" figured out. I'm sure you see plenty of people and accounts who give the illusion of success and things being happy and good all the time, but I know a lot of these folks and their lives couldn't be further from that "truth" they present to you. I will discuss how I personally built what I've done in the past, present, and for the future as well as be very honest with the process. I'm not rich and I'm far from reaching my own personal goals, but I'm confident in what I've learned thru trial and error. If there's one thing I try to always have in my posts/videos/advice it's HONESTY. Some of y'all might walk away motivated and inspired, some of y'all might walk away disappointed because I'm not on the level of others. All of that is fine because at the end of the day I'm at the level I have created for myself and will rise or fall based on the belief and confidence I have in my abilities. This will be a fun video, but I'm sure it will also be emotional as well. If you want to be notified when the video is uploaded please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel: Sean Sarantos.
Have a great night y'all πŸ™
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It's like finding out Hogwarts is REAL! πŸ™€Can I be the principal!? Hell I'll be the janitor I don't care just let me be a part of this!!!! - TAG a dog lover to let them know places like this exist!!!
#Dog #dogs #dogschool #dreamjob #magicalplace

Embracing some father-son time with @theclarkstar.
Just some updates since I've been sporadic with my account posts lately:
- @dapperdogsapparel relaunch collection is currently in the works and I hope to have the new items available in the next month or so. Just trying to make it better than before and take what I've learned with it's initial launch so it gives the BEST to everyone.
- Dog Training School is going smooth. Just got my results back from my last exam and scored a 99% πŸ™Œ woot woot. I'm planning out a structured program so I can slowly take on clients and built a solid reputation that shows trust and confidence with dog owners.
- Online training is still going strong. @humanengine_ and I have helped HUNDREDS of people change their lives for the better and we do it thru science based programs built on safe and healthy guidelines. Shitty online training needs to change and we are slowly chipping away the best we can.
- The children's book I'm working on with @grizzlyjerr is also in progress. This is something happening with whatever free time is available but I'm hoping it can come to fruition by the end of the year.
- That's it for now. I'm doing my best to focus on balance. To not get overwhelmed with one project which will in turn affect another project. I am highly considering going back to doing YouTube videos as well. That is such a tough SM to manage, but it also helps me stay consistent. Would you all enjoy that again? If so what sort of content would you want to see primarily?
I want to thank everyone for such constant love and support y'all give to me and my little family. It means the world and is a huge reason why I work so hard on projects that will hopefully help people and dogs all over the world. With your positivity ANYTHING is possible πŸ™Œ #NoLimits #BigDreamsRequireBigGrind

I told y'all he's picking up chicks. Meet Links new girlfriend Ciara. It was love at first boop ❀️
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