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Sean Ensch  Landscape/Travel photographer. Freediver. Human. 📩

Jigsaw puzzles in the Southwest.
For some reason, people don’t seem to like desert photos on Instagram, but I sure do. The Southwest is amazing.


Above Romsdalen with the Rauma river snaking it’s way through the valley. 🏔

Across the glacier lagoon.

A very black night, deep in Arizona, with only the faintest glow of dawns’ first light and the stars above to illuminate the world.

Dominica, The Nature Island.

Heading back to the Caribbean islands this month. It’s been over two years since I have dipped in Caribbean waters. To me, nothing beats 80f+ degree, clear oceans to dive in.

Swirls, lines, textures, and colors. Camping somewhere deep in Arizona with some good people. ⛺️ #arizona

Color palettes in north Norway. #lofotenislands #norway

Who is heading north for the coming winter? 🏔❄️

These sheep have the best view in town. Fond memories from Norway.
#norway #norge

Ubud, Bali. The thought that goes in to the structures in Bali really impresses me. Most buildings, even cultural ones, in the modern world are built for practicality purposes and are plain/simple. The Balinese build these temples by hand and it’s pure craftsmanship. The intricacy of the designs and carvings are amazing to see. Really beautiful.
#bali #indonesia

A little piece of Godafoss in Iceland shot at two different speeds. 1 or 2?
#waterfallwednesday #iceland
It was always interesting how shutter speed can greatly change the mood of the photo. The first is taken at a slower speed allowing the movement to smooth out and makes a more dreamy, abstract looking visual. While the second is taken at a very fast speed to freeze every drop. To me this makes a more real and raw look, which can better depict the power of it. 💭

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