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Another solid trip up north. Thanks for the rolls everyone! #arizonajiujitsu #bjjlifestyle #sharethelove #lotusclub #gdjiujitsu #maracababjj #noegosnoproblems

I wasn’t able to speak about this moment yesterday during the promotions as it would’ve been literally impossible for me to get the words out in a way that anyone would understand what I was saying. Words can’t express how unbelievably proud and grateful I am of @ash2.02. When we first started dating I told her that Jiu Jitsu is my passion and that I didn’t want her to feel obligated to do it just because I do it. I’ve always told her that if she WANTS to do it, I will teach her, if she has no desire, that I would have no hard feelings at all. I never imagined that she would become as obsessed with it as she has. Even while pregnant (thanks to an amazing mentor in @amandarcondo0526, who takes nights off from her own training to practice baby safe Jiu Jitsu) she is still making time to be on the mat learning and practicing the techniques. Forever grateful for this chick and the million ways in which she has made my life better. #lotusclubfightandfitness #lotusclubaz #wolfpack #PIC #cantstopwontstop

The internal struggle of dreading the workout you’re about to do and then realizing you’re afraid of a 12 minute workout, but also knowing it’s still gonna suck, but that you should just suck it up cause it’s 12 freaking minutes, but it’s still gonna suck, is something that’s really hard to describe. #lotusclubfightandfitness #lotusclubaz #wolfpack #kiloforkilosc #igottagetbrianinagi #paybackmothertrucker

I’ve met a lot of people through my Jiu Jitsu journey. Some good, some bad. @sjudson01 @dhampton250 and @robgdbjjp are without a doubt some of the best people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet throughout said journey. Rode up to Prescott with @mcintosh.cody today and had a ton of fun playing footsies with Rob, remembering how flexible Daniel is and how much I hate his stupid sweep, and being humbly reminded that there is levels to this stuff by Steve. Thank you guys for the hospitality and waiting around for us to get up there. Looking forward to doing this more often. #Repost @gdjiujitsuprescott (@get_repost)
What an awesome last rolls of the year @gdjiujitsuprescott thank you for all who showed up Daniel,Sean,Cody you guys made it a good day for us at gd- prescott

We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over. In 2018 we will not only offer the west valley’s best Jiu Jitsu program, but also offer elite level strength and conditioning and fitness programs. Stay tuned! #Repost @lotusclubfightandfitness (@get_repost)
New toys! They look so pretty. Big improvements coming to our strength and conditioning and fitness programs in 2018. #lotusclubfightandfitness #LotusclubAZ #WolfPack #qualityoverquantity

Sorry guys, Gym’s gonna be closed for the next few weeks. I gotta master this thing. Blame @ash2.02

It’s a BOY!!!

Thank you to everyone for coming in right before the holidays! Hopefully tonight’s festivities will keep the weight off over the weekend! #lotusclubaz #wolfpack #fight2win59 #party

Easy-E on the Gi bag?! Come onnnnnnnnnn! If I saw someone else wearing this Gi, I’d be super jelly. Fortunately, I’ll be the one making everyone else jelly while I get to wear it! #ctrlindustries #ctrlsquad #grateful #lotusclub #fight2winpro #partytime

The holidays are upon us, but I’m still tryin to party tonight! LETS DO THIS!!! Open mat from 6-7, all are welcome. #lotusclubfightandfitness #partytime

The house is a mess and still under construction but all of the major stuff is done, just gotta paint, and do the backsplash. #thisrenovationisgoingtokillme #downiehomerenovations #finalstretch #doitforthekids #happywifehappylifewasthesayingbeforepinterest #mylightingandcameraisntasgoodastherealtors #trustmeitlooksbetter

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