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Hawaii Ocean Photography  Water photography specialist and printer of extra large fine art prints and canvas using premium epson papers, canvas and inks. Seandavey.com/gallery

I defintely walked away from this morning’s session with a mixed bag of lollies, this being one of ‘em. There’s another 3 of my best images as handprinted and signed 8x10 inch prints for the best title offered on this print. As many of you know, I rate individuality highly. #waves #crashingwaves

Matt Burgess
I’ve noticed Matt develop as a really good ocean photographer over the past ten years or so.  His work has great composition and variety. I enjoy that a lot.  I also enjoy that Matt shoots an area that we see so little of, in Victoria. #matt_burgess_photo

This from now 18 years ago already; the wave known as the Millenium Wave that Laird caught. I was there on a Rip Curl trip and our boat had a fouled fuel filter. I could see, something was going on through the big lens. Surfer ran it as an opening spread in the magazine ( might have been the big issue) one of the guys there said at that time in 2000, this was the most hit on photograph on their website at the time. #milleniumwave #tahiti #bigwaves

Abe over in Miami knows a cool shot when he sees one. He ordered this very cool large triptych which I printed up onto metallic gloss paper and then it was applied to an acrylic. The picture is called Hawaiian Fish Tank. It looks pretty deluxe Abe. #acrylics #acrylicart ##hawaiianfishtank #teamtokina #kualoaridge #splitlevel #overandunder #triptych

The evergreen Tom Carroll laying down some familiar lines a couple of years back but at Rockpile. Tom loves Pipeline but is not too stoked on the free-surfing crowd, so this is why he likes to surf the pile when it’s on. #tomcarroll #surf #northshore

Another photographer who’m I have very much admired over the years is the late Peter Dombrovskis who used to spend as much time as possible, trecking through Tasmanian Widerness with 5x4 inch film camera. I used to actually process all of Peter’s 4x5 inch transparencies. Sadly they found him kneeling in front of his camera on tripod, out in the wilderness several years ago, after suffering a fatal heart attack. He was blessed to leave this world, doing what he loved the most. #peterdombrovskis #tasmanianwildernesssociety #naturephotography

Flashback here to a very young @john_john_florence getting ready to paddle out into 10-15 foot surf for his first Pipe Masters. Notice how the contest rash guard is several sizes too large for him. Tell us your oversized or undersized story....

Still pretty cool out there for Hawaii but at least the winds are back to single digits. When was your first trip to Hawaii. Anything amazing happen ?

No this isn’t today, but we can dream.

With this season’s constant on shore winds and lack of real waves, I’m already looking forward beyond the surf already to the warmth of summer and the clarity beneath the surface. Bring it on already. #turtles #underwater #sealife #hawaii

Following on with other artists whose art, I have found inspiring; we have a total legend of color; Pete Turner. Pete became famous decades ago for his images full of rich chunks of color. He definitely had an influence on some of my work for sure. Sadly Pete passed away last year, but you can still check him out on his website at www.peteturner.com #peteturnerphotography

Here’s a surfer that I didn’t get to shoot very much but when I did, he always impressed me with his natural flowing style. @shauncansdellshapes was so good to watch at Pipeline. This is probably one if my favourite pics from the Pipe simply because ofthe joyous style shown here. #shauncansdellshapes

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