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Diving into Autumn like... oh wow, after I wrote that I realized that they are actually diving into Autumn Lake!! 🍁Whoa. Mind blown.
Anyway, what's everyone favorite Autumn tradition?! Comment below and let me know! My siblings and I are having a bonfire πŸ”₯ to celebrate the Equinox. πŸ‚

What's your favorite color? Mine is bluuuue. Blue blue sky, turquoise seas, blue topaz...

We need to take our responsibility as Earth's protectors seriously. If we don't, what are we leaving behind for our children? What can each of us do to keep our planet healthy? Shouldn't we be putting money and energy into coming up with real solutions for the disposable plastic economy, at least?

Boys love butterflies too! πŸ¦‹ Let's be sure to encourage the gentle side of all our children. Our world needs it.

This sign and walked by stick hung outside of our cute little place last year in Indian Rocks Beach, FL, where we went for my sister's wedding. First time we really spent time away from the kids as a couple. I was surprised how much fun I had and how little I worried about the kiddos (in good hands with Mommom and Poppop, so...) It's good to remember that you actually like being with the person you married as a person πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž

I sometimes (ok all the time) question what positive impact I can have on the world. But consider this. Today I listened to the creative empire podcast @mycreativeempire, and Elizabeth Quintal of @cheekydays was the guest. Her subscription boxes aim to teach children about giving back in a natural way. I loved her story and visited her website where I read a wonderful post about how to choose kindness and how modeling it to our children is one simple, small way we can teach them how to choose it for themselves as well. It left me feeling inspired to keep trying to make a difference. I may not be famous with a huge sphere of influence, but if you are reading my words, you are now another person who may take their own action to create a kinder world. We are all only one imperfect person, but we all create ripples around us. Let's create the good kind together!

One of those days... 😜 Hang in there friends! 🐱 #thursdaymotivation

Kid sandwich. This harmony is what I'm trying for. For all of us humans. Everywhere. They disagree and fight, but they still love and unite. In the end, we all need to learn to not do harm and look deeper to see the soul inside the other as our sister, our brother.

Courage, smarts and a loving, kind heart. Because girls are not sugar and spice, they are real humans, with real talents, traits and passions! 🀘πŸ’ͺ❀️ What are you made of?

Quality bedtime stories for my rebel girl ❀️πŸ’ͺ😎 love @rebelgirlsbook #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls

Let's wrap this week up and put a nice little bow on it 😊 How did your week go?

The message I am trying to share through the Seagoatsoul line of clothing is fairly simple: STRENGTH with HEART. πŸ’ͺ❀️My hope is that by creating a visual, tangible message, it will be taken to heart and serve as a wearable reminder of our incredible potential. My strongest focus is on young to teen girls, because I know how vulnerable they can be to doubting their own strength, hiding their genius, or burying their uniqueness in order to fit in. I want to push back against the noise that tells them they have to be skinny, wear pink, look pretty and be agreeable. The more they see and hear that they are amazing as themselves, and the qualities that matter can be worked on, not inherited by chance, the more they will believe it, embrace it, and become the kind of people who lead powerfully with love and make this world a brighter place.

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