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Stephanie Cano  🌈RESIST 🧜🏻‍♀️Self love Enthusiast|she/her 💍@mr_kaycee_cano 👽“You are exactly who you are meant to be in this moment of your life.”

STILL waiting for my acceptance letter. 🙄🤔🤣 #Hufflepuff #potthead #harrypotterisbae

Brave and empowering. You are the only one who gets to dictate how you feel and what you do. Remember that. It’s ok to not be ok. 💜

Illustration by @doodlebotillustration. Check out their page for more wonderfully empowering and supportive creations and posts. 💜

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I have been called everything on the left but I feel everything on the right. Their words do not dictate your worth and do not make how you are feeling invalid. Their words are not who you are. Their words don’t deserve to control how you feel and what you do. Your feelings are valid and life is hard. Be kind to yourself. 💜

Thank you, @leannegchapman for letting me repost this!
#ptsd #cptsd #bekind #love #selflove #mentalhealth

I didn’t realize I had the photo on the right still when I took the photo on the left, this morning. I was scrolling through my IG randomly and saw I posted the photo on the right back in June.

It’s really awesome stumbling across something like this because it’s such a great reminder that those small little changes make a difference over time. Even though it’s slow and I may not see it day to day or week to week, I am slowly getting my healthy body back. And this photo just reiterates that! The difference this time is I am taking my time and not losing who I am in the process. I’m not stressing about food anymore. I don’t feel guilt when I don’t go to the gym or when I eat French fries. I walk. I eat healthy. I say yes to things I never did before. And I’m STILL losing weight. Second time’s the charm. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

There isn’t a huge size difference here but there is a huge difference in how I feel. And I am celebrating that today!

Remember to take life one day at a time. One healthy choice at a time. And that goes for your body and mind. Love yourself because your body will reward you if you do. 💜💜💜
#weightloss #healthyweightloss #balance #lifebalance #selflove #selfworth #onedayatatime #motivation #transformation #fatloss #healthyliving #positivethinking

I LOVE this!! I use to relate to the left side SO much! Food=(ed)guilt. Not anymore! Life is short, just eat the damn cookie!

Holidays are here and with that.... FOOD. Remember life is about moderation and not deprivation. And it’s important fuel your body with good nutritious food but it is also just as good to have moments of joy with food as it’s good for your mind and soul. Find a balance that works for your goals and ENJOY the journey of life.

Love you and have a wonderful Sunday!! ...I need to go find a cookie now. 😜😘🥰🍪

Life has a way of always working out, sometimes we just need to be patient and welcome change. Life also has a way of teaching us so much if we let it.

I have learned SO much this year. I have learned who I am, what I want out of life and who I want in my life. It’s so empowering.

One thing I can not allow back in my life is toxicity, on any level. I have been through too much, I have climbed too many mountains and have grown too much for toxic environments or people.

I love working. I LOVE the group of people I work with but the environment has become toxic with little support when we desperately need it. I was stressed to the max. Crying all the time. Feeling like I’m always on edge and I hated it! So... I QUIT! Just like that and I feel like a million pounds has been lifted. I don’t want to live my life stressed to the max. Luckily I have an amazing supportive husband and a new income with @monatofficial! I’m so excited to follow a new path. And with great hair! 😂 Who knows what the future holds...but it’s bright and for the first time, I know and feel that I am in control of this wonderful life of mine.💜

*CLOSED* Let’s get to this giveaway!!! It’s time to celebrate! I want to know what your biggest takeaway from this year was. What did you learn about yourself? What is something hard you went through and what did it teach you? Everyone who comments below opening up about struggles and triumphs this year will be entered to win!! No need to tag anyone. No need to go follow anyone else. Let’s just talk!

I love you guys and just want you to feel good! Soooo... What will you win?? Let me tell you!
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Swipe for a photo of what you might win! 💜 Giveaway open until midnight Sunday 12/2! Winner will be chosen by drawing on Monday. Giveaway is limited to the US. (Sorry everyone out of the US. Love you the most!)

Love you guys and can’t wait to see what you share. 💜💜

💇🏼: @wooptidosalon @jolyma

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Let’s #EndGunViolenceTogether - go to to send your representative a postcard demanding they take action on what more than 90% of Americans agree on: universal background checks.

I’ve sent my postcard! It takes less than 30 seconds. Your voice matters!

@toms is donating 5 million dollars to charities across the country committed to ending gun violence.

TAKE MY MONEY, @toms! Let’s do this!! ✌🏻 @blakemycoskie

My mom (@kokomaxipants) just texted this to me. 🤯 I never really thought of it that way! But I LOVE this!

Back when I was losing weight the first time my motivation was love. I didn’t love myself and didn’t value myself so I felt I needed to look a certain way to find love. That was my main motivation to lose weight the first time. Talk about not putting me or MY needs first. That being said, I gained the weight back. Mostly due to not understanding why it was important to keep off, I still did not value or love myself so when I started gaining figured that’s what I deserve and thought I was now invincible to gaining. Food was always my enemy. It made me feel guilt, shame, sadness, frustration, anger, the list goes on. Or at least I THOUGHT that’s what made me feel those things. In hindsight it wasn’t the food at all! Like momma always says, “it’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you!” I was feeling those things for numerous reasons and it wasn’t because of the food. It was because of other things in my life and food was a way to feel control and to feel pleasure. Cause... Mmmmm! So of course it was only natural to think of workouts as punishment for eating those French fries and of course there were so many negative emotions around food and working out.

Don’t worry. Present Stephanie now only laughs at past Stephanie(in a loving way) but also thanks her for those life lessons. Here’s my thing now: I LOVE who I am. I LOVE the way I look, at ALL sizes because I know I’m awesome at 180lbs or 340lbs. When my mom sent this to me it. Sparked a whole new motivation.

Rather than complaining about having to move and sweat why not celebrate the fact that I can still move and sweat. I feel like we take little things we have for granted and in the long scheme of life we don’t value what’s important! Enjoy exercising because someday we might not be able to! Enjoy eating healthy because it’s crucial for quality of life. You AND your body deserve to live a LONG happy life. So let’s start to change our mindsets for the more positive!

Thank you, Momma for always helping me grow. I love you!

#twosidestoeverycoin #positivethinking #selflove #exercise

Well, I’ve finally decided to give @monatofficial a try and I am LOVING it! My hair has never looked or felt better! It took a while to pull the trigger, though. I mean... I stalked @mycolorfullifestory for only like 10 months... no big deal. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Monat is a naturally based, clinically proven anti-aging hair care line that is really incredible. I receive offers daily to be a part of different businesses or market different products but none of them felt right. Monat felt different to me and it is different. There is no minimum requirement and I really love the product. So if I don’t have to be pushy, will have great hair and make extra money then it’s for me! Haha 🌿

I have been searching for a naturally based hair care line that my hair would accept. None of them gave me the hair results I wanted. Either it was too dry or it felt too oily. I felt like I was either going to have to accept hair that was less than desirable or waste money on trying product after product. 😩

I’m pretty skeptical about things and never usually pull the trigger (remember, 10 months of stalking?🤫😏) but I am honestly so happy I finally made the decision to try Monat. My hair feels SO soft and light and on top of that I have an opportunity to build a better foundation for our future with Monat. The sky’s the limit!! I realized jobs are changing and how people make money is changing. There are more opportunities if we are willing to take the chance. And not only that, when my hair looks and feels healthy, I feel better about my appearance and feel more professional at work. It’s a win win! 🥰

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about Monat or want to give it a try! Just shoot me a DM. Did I mention it is #vegan and #crueltyfree ?! ☺️

#Me 🙋🏼‍♀️😂🥰

Omggggg you guys!!! Are you a cookie fan?! Of course you are. Let me tell you... my friend @jamalreally is a MASTER BAKER! I had no idea. My life will never be the same after eating his cookies. They’re so good @mr_kaycee_cano was trying to hide them from me!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jamal from back in our High School days and he is one of the most genuine and wonderfully loving people I have ever met.

The cookies he makes are literally the best I have EVER had in my life and he is doing a cookie giveaway out of the goodness of his heart just to make someone happy. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

I just had to support my friend making other smile. And OMG trust me, you’ll want to enter this giveaway! Swipe over to see how to enter, head to his page and tell him I said Heeeyyyyyy! 😂😜😘 #jamalreallylikescookies #giveaway #cookies #yum #tistheseason #giveback #spreadlove #andcookies

Well. We survived Monday!

How is everyone’s day been so far? Has it been a good start to your week or was today a little rough?

I am feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted. There is so much going on at work and in my head it’s hard to feel at ease, ever. No amount of sleep can soothe this exhaustion. Do you ever feel that?

I’m curious what gets you through those hard times where you feel stretched completely thin. How do you decompress and relax? How do you get your mind out of all the stress?

Part of me is looking for other ways to cope and another part is interested in starting a dialog on stress management and dealing with anxiety. I have been feeling like I am emotionally yo-yoing (🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😂) through the weeks and days this fall. One min I’m going to light everything on fire and then I’ll talk to my work bestie (thanks, boo. @itsme_jennarose) and will feel ok and that I can totally do this. Other times, it’s much harder to find ANYTHING to make you calm down or feel better.

Regardless of how my day has gone it is only fair to me to find a way to wake up in a positive mood to start the next day. I am learning, even though it’s hard, to really reset the next morning and not drag on yesterday’s baggage. If I were to wake up still stressing or feeling bad about yesterday, how can I expect to have a good day today?? Right?

Some days are harder than others. Find something that brings your joy before bed, do that, and wake up ready to take on the next day. For me, lately, my husband and I have been watching FRIENDS before bed. I’ve seen it a million times but I still laugh like it’s the first time. Laughing is therapeutic and really helps. Other nights I’ll take a steamy shower in the dark with rain forest sounds on. If that doesn’t work, I tag team @mr_kaycee_cano in and he usually runs over with a hug. 💜

Life is one day at a time. Live in the present and love yourself. (I feel like I’m giving myself a pep talk. 🤣)

I really love that I have this amazing space to share with all you really amazing people. I don’t think you know how much sharing like this helps me get through these times. I appreciate you all so much! Stress is a bitch! 😂

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