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Stephanie Cano  🌹PDX 🌈RESIST 🧜🏻‍♀️Self love Enthusiast 💍@mr_kaycee_cano “You are exactly who you are meant to be in this moment of your life.”

Sam Smith concert !!!!! Omg I am STOKED!!! @samsmithworld

I think it’s important we share stories of people in our lives or things that brings us joy in hopes of spreading that to others. I want to share a special #TransformationTuesday with y’all. This is my good friend Kaitlyn and this photo is her transformation! She’s doing Keto and is down 25lbs with the hopes of getting another 30 off.

What I found powerful about her post was it wasn’t really about her transformation specifically. She has been noticing a lot more negativity on that page in the form of people just not really supporting each other. If someone wasn’t “full Keto” they seemed to get a little hate towards them that they should be more serious or that one pound a week was something to be upset about. Kaitlyn herself had been struggling with self love so I can imagine seeing those comments would impact her or anyone negatively even if not directed towards them.

Kaitlyn stepped out of her comfort zone and by addressing it she showed those who might be feeling like they aren’t doing good enough or don’t lose as much as others that it’s OK because everyone is different and on a different path. The comments were overwhelmingly positive and supportive. It was also eye opening to those who might be leaving those negative comments. Swipe to see her post. She was also very open and honest about struggles with her own weight loss.

Great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone and Kaitlyn is a great example of that. I can’t begin to tell you how proud of this woman I am. I have seen her at her low and she has BATTLED her way to where she is and has become one of the strongest women I know. Even when she has a bad food day or eats too many carbs (not a thing but ok) she stays positive about it. There is always another meal. There is so much time to figure it out. But the goal in life is to be happy and sometimes a muffin will do just that. Make you happy. I love sharing people who support happiness along with health. We are humans which means we can and will never be perfect. Make choices that bring you health AND happiness. Give this strong woman a follow! 💜 @kaitlyn_rose_cole #weightloss

There is probably a 6 year difference between these two photos. Me a year ago, or even 6 months ago would look at that photo and think.... “Wow. What have I done to myself?!” Now I look at this photo and think “damn, I look good!!” Yes, in both of them! 😜

The difference is in how I feel about myself. I remember taking the photo on the left. It was my first photo in a bikini. It was my first bikini too. I remember feeling fat and embarrassed. WTF STEPHANIE?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ It amazes me that I am now that woman on the right so in love with who I am. 😍

Everyone’s comments on my last post were overwhelmingly positive and so appreciated! I have come a long way and love sharing so much with everyone. My goal, in all of this posting, is to hopefully show people that when you truly love yourself it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. You will be comfortable no matter what size because you know OUR SIZE DOES NOT DICTATE OUR WORTH.

I sometimes feel like I’m preaching but seriously you guys, loving myself has changed my life. I have way more fun, less stress and I make decisions for ME regardless of what others want of me. I am free.

Someday I may get back down to 185lbs(left photo). I’m slowly still losing weight but don’t feel negatively towards my body anymore. It makes weight loss so much more fun and enjoyable when I don’t feel I have to rush to get the weight off to feel loved.

Remember, everyone fluctuates with their weight in some way or another. Everyone is insecure about something. Let’s start talking about how we feel about ourselves more. Let’s be bold and open up in hopes it gives someone the courage to open up too. Let’s create a community full of love where instead of being shamed by our “flaws” we embrace them, share them and ACCEPT them.

I went from not knowing who I was in the slightest to being an incredibly strong and more brave than I ever thought possible. Now, this is not saying you won’t have bad days or will always feel this level of happiness (another post on that to come, #sorrynotsorry). Be kind to yourself and don’t listen to the haters. As my husband says, they may be talkin shit, but they’re still talkin about YOU! 😘

Facebook memories reminded me that two years ago today I “deleted” my IG. All I remembered was what bad time that was for me. I don’t think I’ve ever thought that low of myself. But I’m grateful for it. A photo of me that I had edited was posted and I received a ton of hate back on my photos and to my direct messages. Kaycee got some of that backlash as well. I’ve told this story a couple of times so I won’t go into too much detail so if you want to know more please feel free to send me a message.

But back then I would go into deep mood swings and was so insecure about myself. Going back to therapy really helped a lot! During that time I realized I had to pause in those really low moments and actively think about that feeling, if it was valid and why I was feeling it. It’s like I had to break myself down from the top and build it back up again from the beginning. Through that process I learned who I was and how to be happy. Then I came back to IG and owned what I had done and addressed me photoshopping my body. Now those words have effect on me and the comments don’t even make me bat an eye.

It’s kind of fun now to sit back and think about that period of time and reflect on the growth I’ve had. That break from IG and all that drama was the best thing I could have done for myself. I remember starting my other account that I post more photos of our home and life. When I started that page I felt totally free just to begin again as me. It was awesome! Coming back to this account and talking about what was happening was very empowering. I wanted to continued to talk about my struggles not only because I hope it helps someone, but because it helps me too. If you’re feeling upset about something, try talking about it. For me, talking about it takes the power away from it. 😊😘

**Photos of my body is not something l really like to do. But I have really fallen in love with my body recently and wanted to go outside my comfort zone to honor it.☺️ And the photos behind me are some of the more mild comments that were said to me during that time. I’m only using them as an example.❤️ They just remind me this world needs more love.

Relationships. Where do I even begin? No relationship is perfect Every relationship has its ups, downs and bumps in the road. Kaycee and I have both had our fair share of really hard relationships and even in our own we have struggled. The first couple years he and I were together we were both going through some major shit independently. It made being together, hard. Mostly because we both deal with things very differently.
But through those hard times we have both grown independently and together. I have NEVER seen personal growth like I have from Kaycee. As a man. He is incredible.
Kaycee and I had to learn who we were as individuals and what we wanted as individuals before we could be good together. Luckily, even through those rough times we were bonded by something we couldn’t ignore. We loved each other and we gave each other the time we needed. We argued a lot. We misunderstood each other A LOT. We just didn’t get it. Until we did.
We then figured out we didn’t know how to communicate and that was the stem of most of our “issues”. We even had an Ah Ha moment in the kitchen one eight that ended in a high five when I said “oh you heard this when I said this!” And he followed with “oh shit and you prob thought I meant this when I said that!” Holy shit we communicated! 😂
I wanted to share this with you because we all are in relationships. Whether romantic or not. But the key to their success is communication and active listening. Listen to your partner and try to understand where they are coming from. Be patient. Lead by example and don’t expect the same thing right away. They will learn if they are the right person. Kaycee and I BOTH learned.
Fast forward and today is our two year wedding anniversary and I can honestly say we are so happy. These are some of my favorite photos of us. When he proposed. Our first time meeting, our honeymoon, and more. The IG photo of Kaycee with the comments was our first EVER conversation(we met on IG) and the text message was from 8/30/13 when he foreshadowed our relationship. 😂 Shall I continue the art of foreshadowing?
@mr_kaycee_cano I will give you a baby someday. LOVE YOU!! 😜

Love is love. And love comes in all shapes, sizes, genders and colors. I hope regardless of who it’s with, that each and every single one of you finds the love of their life. Don’t let anyone feel you can’t love who you are meant to love.

I found this short video extremely touching. I remember my “first love” and how young I was. It was hard for me to be open about liking a boy for fear of being teased. Imagine a young girl liking another girl and the feelings that comes with that. I never had people tell me who I loved was wrong or god doesn’t approve of me or who I love. I never had people saying hateful and hurtful things to me because of what gender I was attracted to. But why should the LGBT community have it any different than me? I hope for a world someday where being gay, bisexual or transgender has nothing negative attached to it. That we accept people without missing a beat and acceptance is just... the norm.

The comments on the original post at @positivity appalled me. The hate that comes from people is something I will never understand. Please do not let ignorance or hate have ANY effect on you. This goes for all of you. They are WORDS from people who are lost in their lives. If anyone ever hates on you, smile and keep scrolling or walk away. They aren’t worth your time, feelings or energy.

Be kind and love hard. 💜

Don’t tell me you haven’t been through some shit in your life?! I swear, the entirety of my 20s was literally the worst. Just 💩. Haha And by that I mean I made some bad choices and had some life lessons that huuuuurt. I swear. If I have kids ... and they... I digress. 😤🙃 Haha But here I am! 🤗 Better and happier than I’ve ever been. And it’s because of those life lessons and those REALLY hard times that I know my worth. I trust myself and don’t second guess myself anymore. I own my shit and hold my self accountable. I LOVE myself. I learned a lot about who I am and the woman I want to be when life got hard. So remember, when life really sucks, when we are down on ourselves the most that we have the ability to gain so much. Those hard times are teachable moments. They super suck, 😣 but they will usually always be worth it in the end because you will learn so much about who you are and what you are capable of. STAY POSITIVE. ☺️Be kind to yourself. Trust yourself. and really love yourself. You’re on a journey. Might as well enjoy the ride!

Maybe she’s born with it... maybe it’s contour, highlight and cat hair. 🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️😂

Dinner time! 👌🏻

From scratch beef and zucchini teriyaki rice bowl topped with cilantro, red onion, radish and lime.

Zucchini, radish, red onion, cilantro and limes are from @imperfectproduce. #notsponsored #butshouldbe

Beef is grass fed and free range. The rub I used is a mix of cane sugar, spices, paprika, chili powder and salt. The teriyaki sauce has both orange and lemon zest, honey, ginger and soy sauce.

#healthyfood #responsiblefood #imperfectproduce #madewithlove #yummy #dinner #food #eatyourcolors #portland #pdx

Read this. Absorb this. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

ANY negativity, hate, or ALL lives matter bullshit will be deleted and blocked. We do not have time for that shit. ✌🏻

#blacklivesmatter #blackwomenmatter #blackmenmatter #sayhername #antiracist #noexcuse #whiteonblackcrime

Where ya at?! Portland, Oregon for me! (But currently in Cal right now for work). •

#whereintheworld #community #love #friends #lovethyneighbor

Louder for the people in the back!! Mental illness is not a failure. It is not a flaw. It is part of who we all are. To some degree we ALL struggle with mental illness and is something that looks different on all people. I struggle with my mental health on a daily basis and having to work on my mental health is now a normal part of my life. But for some people it is way worse an illness that is more chronic or severe. It is MY job to make sure I remember everyone is on their own journey and everyone is dealing with different circumstances and struggles. If you are struggling with mental illnesses this is your reminder there is nothing wrong with you. You are simply on a different journey than anyone else. As am I. It is important that you remember how resilient and strong you are. Every low in life can be worked through. One day at a time. One moment at a time. If you need help, ask for it. Which, can sometimes be very hard. If you see someone who looks like they need help or support, offer it. Life is too short and we are all going through SOMETHING, remember that. For me, it comforts me to know I’m not alone. It also reminds me to be kind to everyone. You never know what someone is going through. Every single one of you has me if you need support and love. I will answer every comment and every DM. May take me a couple days, but I gotchu boo and am here. You are not alone and will get through everything. Have a great night and BE KIND TO YOURSELF! And as my therapist says: YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE IN THIS MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE! 💜💜💜

📷: @bodyposipanda

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #selfworth #bekind #love #effyourbeautystandards #selflove

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