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SEA LIFE London Aquarium  Official Instagram account for SEA LIFE London Aquarium, home to one of Europe's largest collections of global marine life. #SEALIFElondon

#Lionfish are stunning, right?
#DYK depending on the species they can be covered with red, white, orange, black or brown zebra-like stripes. Just don't be tempted to get too close... a Lionfish can give a nasty sting! 😲

You wouldn't guess that #seahorses are poor swimmers from looking at them would you? We think they're pretty amazing to watch! 🌊 #SEALIFELondon #ILoveSeahorses

Meet Daryl, our Blue Dart frog who's actually named after the famous English dart player, Daryl Gurner! 🐸 🎯 #BlueDartFrog #SEALIFELondon

Aww! It's mating season for our Gentoo Penguins! Potato and Max have been hard at work preparing their nest. Who would love to see a little penguin chick waddling around soon? #SEALIFELondon ❤️🐧 Photo credit: Danielle Highman

Yikes! That's a whole lot of legs! Can you guess which creepy creature this is? 😲
#RainforestAdventure #SEALIFELondon

It seems our Arowana isn't happy about the weekend being over. Don't fret, it's time to dive into a fresh new week at #SEALIFELondon! Who's ready for it? ☺️#MondayMotivation #Fish

We're celebrating our weirdly wonderful Gentoo Penguins, in honour of #WorldPenguinDay! Dive straight into our stories to learn more about our penguins! 🐧❤️ #SEALIFELondon

Our displays are really quite stunning! We could stare at our anemones drifting in the current for hours! 🌸 #SEALIFELondon #anemone

Wowza! There's a reason our jellyfish are the most snapped creatures here at SEA LIFE London today! They do look beautiful... 📷

Credit: Andre Di Monaco

Yikes! Meet our giant #GoliathBirdEater. She might have eight legs but she's very friendly! 🕷️🕸️ #BravetheBugs #SEALIFELondon #RainforestAdventure

Our African Dwarf Crocs usually lurk silently in the waters at #RainforestAdventure. Can you spot them, explorers? 🐊 #SEALIFELondon

Did you know that octopuses have THREE hearts? Meet our lovable octopus Inkling! 🐙❤️ #SEALIFELondon

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