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Sherri Bemis  🎤Singer @Eisley & @bemisfamily Chugging coffee, slinging tunes and raising babies with @maxbemis in TX. 💖 💌

Lol all day at the ‘learning to ride a bike’ drama. 😹

Instead of doing the classic Valentine’s date tonight, we took my parents out to get some Cajun food!! Shrimp, grits, gumbo, creole potatoes🥴🤤💖 Hope you all had a day spent with someone who you love and who loves you 🥰

@laurenteau sent me this photo she took at the girls party 😍😍😍😍 I have looked at it like 200 times!!! #bemissisters #lucyandcoralineparty #lucybemissixthbirthday #coralinebemisfourthbirthday

My pint-sized chef is always excited to see what recipes arrive and wants to make them right away😂 We actually ended up taking this box to a big family gathering and making ALL three meals at once. It was really fun! And so EASY🤪 Use my code SDUPREE80 to get $80 off your first month of @HelloFresh. Link in bio💖 #hellofreshpics #freshfriends #getcooking #hellofreshpartner

When @maxbemis moved to TX in 2008 (?) to pursue me, his Californian DL license expired before he got a TX one...and then we got lazy. We just got married. Who cared? Driving gave him anxiety at the time and I like it, so I just ended up driving us. He used his passport for ID. And the years slipped by (we’re awful, I know); And then...He lost his passport...(stranded in the UK)...all good, you can get another one! And then he lost the new one. And then we were screwed. 😂 It’s amazing how hard it is to get a license when you have no other photo ID! So we gathered EVERYTHING we needed, right? Birth certificate, marriage license, credit card bills ect ect to take to DMV to prove his identity. All good...right?? NO. Because we had brought the car insurance but didn’t have the registration receipt. Oh damn. We lost that. Ok-off to purchase another copy and come back another day. Ok! Got it! No problem! We’re back. Ahhhh...but then some weird misinformation about us owning two cars. Which-we DON’T. We gave my parents our old one YEARS ago. But some sort of the paperwork was off. So, Bye. Ok! Sorted THAT out; go back. “Ahhhh sir. You didn’t watch the crash video and print out the form to prove you watched it”. Ok. Watch the video from 1987. Get the form. Go back. YES! Finally he’s driving the car over to the test starting point. So relieved this chapter with the DMV is over...but then, after five minutes, he drives up, shrugging out the window. “Sooo...they said our ‘third brake light’ is out?’. And I can’t take the test’”. 🥴 I laughed....And then I cried. All that being said-DON’T LET YOUR DL EXPIRE! And esp if you have no other photo ID! 😂We learned the hard way...and until he has that license, we’re still learning...THAT WE SUCK. 🙌🏻 Anyone else have fun stories like this? Where you just are REALLY shown that you can’t adult successfully? 🥳

Don’t ever ask Coraline to “hold your coffee for a second”. Also notice...Lucy seeing dandelions mid-photo and picking them as a prop. #bemissisters

Oh my gosh it’s actually February 12th!?? And I’m already behind on fulfilling the @kickstarter rewards I’ve got on my to-do list this month😅! Personal voicemails, the art subscription and the tattoo designs! SO MANY of those😂🙌🏻! I’m so honored you guys trust me with something so special! I’m excited 🥰Anyhow, between putting our house on the market, crashing at my parents, throwing a double birthday party and dealing with two stomach bugs in one month, I’ll be lucky to catch up. I CAN DO IT!!!!🥴 I can do it. #whirlwind #ithinkican #iknowican #charleshanleybemis

Happy 6’th Birthday angel Lucy. Your name means ‘light’ and no name could fit you better! Your light shines so bright! Thanks for making me a mom. #lucyjeanbemis

We had a small family birthday party for the girls and their cousin, Wolf, tonight. I had intended to do the full-on-Sherri-style birthday bash...but in the chaos of moving in with the ‘rents, and starting this new chapter, I decided to give myself a BREAK😂 I can’t wait to see what @laurenteau shot today. She went ABOVE and beyond to document their party and I know I’ll be looking at these photos, lovingly, until I’m an old granny! Also, @the.tribe.dupree made amazing spaghetti casserole that I’m about to dive back into 🥴😍 #lucyandcoralineparty #lucybemissixthbirthday #coralinebemisfourthbirthday #bemissisters #birthdayphotoshoot

When she walked out of her closet wearing this combo, I about died 💔😍 (The lipstick on the teeth is a bonus). @treasure__troll bought us these little overalls when she was younger and they’ve been hanging on our wall because they’re the cutest thing ever! #lucyjeanbemis

Her baby teeth are just my favorite thing ever. Gonna cry when the first one goes eventually. We’ve had a crazy but fun few days getting into my parents and we DID it!!!🙏🏻🙌🏻💕🏠🙈💔 #coralinemaebemis

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