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Sherri Bemis  Lives in a pink house in TX with my husband Max and our two pixies, Lucy and Coraline 💕Singer/guitarist @Eisley.

1. Watching @hotrodcircuit in Atlanta w/ @parkercase. 2. Watching daddy/@sayanything w/ @heatherfeatherb, 3. Running into the @sayanything show. 4. Leaving the @sayanything (running into @andyjackson/@hotrodcircuit). ❤️🙌🏻 Best night! Tomorrow...Nashville! Which!!!!

Most beautiful bass player award goes to @garroneisley.
Holding down those low-tones and high-fashion @eisley & @sayanything. #cousinsforlife

We know really cool dance moves.
Also, I can barely hold them at the same time anymore. 💔#momworkouts #dancemoms

Chocolate's in.
Fun day in Orlando as always! (Sorry my kids have been wearing the same 4 dresses for the past week. #tourlife) ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️

Another day, another hug 😂

And I have quite literally no idea how you pick which one of these to post so...#postthemall (@lyttlechris cameo in one of these 😂🙌🏻). Xo

My feed has turned into mostly pictures of hugs lately. And I ain't mad about it.

When you're trying to pout but your big sis swoops in to comfort you and you can't be mad anymore.

Just a few days left of tour! ♥️

This dress has been her favorite since I can remember. Gonna be SO sad when it's not a thing anymore someday.

@jayrussell!! 🙌🏻❤️ 14 years ago (when I was like 20, omg I'm so old😂) @eisley toured with @hotrodcircuit and @brandnewrock. Jay (who's in HotRod) was golden back then, and is still golden! 🏆 So trippy to feel like I just blinked and here we are on tour together again but he's playing with my two kids (and has two kids of his own!). ⏳⏳⏳#timewarp

Guys! Our new @eisley video is up on @vevo.
Directed by @israelanthem. Yay! Linked in bio🖖🏻
"This is a dark love song about an obsessive lover" // explore the grim fairy tale within "Always Wrong" now on Vevo."

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