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Sherri Bemis  I sing @Eisley and love being a mom. Love of life @MaxBemis. TX=home Collabs/inquiries 📩

Going on hour two of a pop-song dance party. Coraline just requested “Stranger in my bed” by @katyperry 😅

My hot husb put up a new song on SoundCloud. It’s the demo of one of the songs that will be on his solo E.P. that we’re hoping to crowdfund with the @kickstarter (among other things!). Check the link in my profile or his twitter! :) It’s about me and It makes me blush.

Ya’ll...Coraline’a face is what dreams are made of 😍. Seriously. And this dress on her is painfully beautiful. The clothes that @pinkchickenny sends are always some of the girls favorite things because they’re always so gorgeous and unique...just like them.😜


Charlie when you give him a taste of apple butter > Charlie when you take away his Apple butter. #applebutter #tasty #messybaby #charleshanleybemis

She comes in like this after playing dress up and Max bawls. Hahaha. #lucyjeanbemis

Hey guys! So Max had a super fun idea today for the Kickstarter and we posted it it just now. Max is doing acoustic versions of the SayAnything record that he put out when we met and the record he wrote right after. And I’m doing a full album of my own versions of SayAnything songs! You can check the link in my profile if you’re interested!💗

I slept like crap last night and it wasn’t even because of a baby. It was because of anxiety and worries and me letting those things keep me from sleep. “Is our house going to sell?”, “Do we even really WANT the house to sell?”, “Are we making the right choice?”, “Will our Kickstarter meet its goal?”, “Will people even like the records we make, if it meets its goal?”, “Did I brush Lucy’s teeth last night? We just payed thousands for all that dental work and I’m going to screw it up”. OMG, shut UP brain. The trick is to just keep thinking of all of the things you’re thankful for and to repeat those and focus on those. But last night ‘worry’ won and now I’m cracked out and made myself kind-of grumpy and nothing is even solved! So what’s the point of worrying about these things?! All I need is what’s in front of me every day and that’s my family. And at least I have super cool art friends who make cozy clothes. #reallife #worrywart #anxietysucks

I know being dehydrated effects your milk supply but I only remember to drink water a few times a day and this boy is chunking out in a big way😳 #superbaby #breastfeeding #charleshanleybemis

Well Hello Dolly! 😜 Who else actually LIKES creepy dolls? We’re a “creepy doll” family. 😂 #lucyjeanbemis #vintagedoll

Dreamy baby 💜

Charlie’s been asleep for awhile so (of course) I am looking at photos of him. I know I’m not the only parent who edits photos of their babies at 3am like a lovedrunk fool. These are the pics I’m drooling over right now🤤💘#charleshanleybemis

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