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So I’ve had a fuck load of people ask where my trey has been. I had an accident in it at the end of last year and I promise you that it’s been one of the harder things in my life to accept. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s taken a long time to get done but it’s well on its way to being back home. I had the option of salvaging my car and cashing out 70k. Easily had the option of junking my shit and buying a dream car. But I’ve never been about that SUCKA shit! I don’t ever front and I don’t acquire anything that I can’t afford. My car means more to me than the bragging rights most want in the scene. The insurance was able to pay for my car to get fixed and although it’s taken forever we took our time looking for original parts and making sure no China shit was used to rebuild my car. Hopefully everyone learns from our mistakes (meaning me and other fellow lowriders that have wrecked) and never ignore the fact that this can happen to any of us real riders in the game. Let this be an eye opener and be sure to be 💯 when we’re out there in them streets or the highways. It really shook me up and although it hurts to see my shit in pieces again it hasn’t stopped me from doing what I do. I am a real rider and no one can say otherwise! Be safe out there everyone... these cars weren’t built to ride on 5.20’s with all that weight in the trunk!

🔐 'd up...

Feels Like Sunday...

It's how you pull up.. pic from my bro @huertaphotography

Was good seeing this car out yesterday. Took a nice cruise with the bros to the Viejitos Cc 21st anniversary picnic. Good times😁💯

Me n my wife dippin in the deuce. Pic by my bro @huertaphotography #sdtone

The Ultimate Lowrider said it best! I respect all aspects of lowriding and this is what my opinion of a real lowrider is. Show on the streets and on the freeway! Respect to all the Bombs, Hoppers, show cars and street cars. In my personal opinion this is what a real Low Rider is all about. If your offended by my opinion then chances are YOUR DOING IT WRONG! This is what motivates me and where aspire to be some day. Nothing but respect for this man @the_mothership_1959impala_ #selfmadelaxcc #reallowriding

No where near being a switch man but last night I had the honor of swinging my boy @kareem_the_car_king 's car and I'll tell you man.. this is on some whole other level shit!!😳 #kliquesandiego #sdtone #heaintcatchit

Repost from @pdubism Front end Friday #kliquesd #sdtone

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