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Sean Glass  My birthday is August 1st NY/LA @reunion @smalldifference @madeat3am @glassnotemusic former @AppleMusic I'm just alive. I like Twin Peaks, Kanye + tea

Fuck it. It's my birthday and I broke up with my non-girlfriend yesterday. #morelife #liontalk #leoseason #yeezyseason (this isn't today, but recent, just liked this photo)

Rest in peace, nick. As you said to me every single time I ever talked to you...LOVE YOU BROTHER. Will miss you.

Thank you @robynkonichiwa for your forthcoming #MissingU single release on my birthday August 1st. I appreciate you moving it up two days so we can dance to it non-stop on the occasion. These pics are from a really fun night that started @kcrw @thejasonbentley bday party, moved to this after hours club where I had to talk to bouncer like "hey, I'm with, uh, Robyn. Like, Robyn Robyn." It took a second but after we sung some of her songs together he understood and let us in. I was beyond excited and not surprised in the slightest that Robyn and I were on the same page, focused on dancing and ignoring the drugs that were all around us. I love people who need nothing more than good energy to dance, connect and enjoy the world. Robyn is one of the special people in the world, I'm honored to have received her seal of approval to HANG WITH ME a few times (always the aviici remix tho). She went indie long before it was trendy, long before there was a framework to follow, long before anyone would help out. She's built such a magnificent career that ever step of the way has connected with and inspired so many. Her music and videos and personality are visceral loving and lovely and all who encounter her just want more. Most importantly, besides all my love for her as a person...she writes produces and records THE BEST pop songs of any living human being. Period. Period. Holy wow Jesus I am so excited for #MissingU.

Me and @jeffgoldblum a few weeks ago. Got to meet my dad #DavidLynch and my daddy #JeffGoldblum back to back. Was pretty magical. What a charismatic person wow. Sorry for light in photo tried to photoshop it out but didn't feel like spending more time on it. Nothing profound need be said about this guy. You already know.

Oh gee. Nearing the end of #DavidLynch bio #RoomToDream this man's influence on me is second likely only to my parents. When I was a kid and exposed to #TwinPeaks, I had this friend who was beautiful and popular and looked ten years older than we were. She was going through a lot, but nobody took her plight seriously bc she was a pretty, popular girl. For some reason, my grandma let me watch Twin Peaks when I was way too young, and getting to know #LauraPalmer made me understand what my friend was going through. In a weird way, I learned about sex and relationships vicariously through this friend, long before I ever had my own. I was proud that I could be the one peer whom she felt comfortable sharing her struggles with, and I feel it was due to David Lynch's work that I was prepared for that. As I got older, I sadly experienced too many Laura stories and continue to meet too many Frank Booths IRL. Duality is reality. The world is nuanced. That's what makes it beautiful. Can't have the light without the dark, and if we understand that, we can dive into our dreams and reality with equal fervor and smiling Mr. Lynch famously does. I thank him for helping me grow, learn, attempt to create my own #TheArtLife. Not another has lived who has influenced art and life as, music, painting, much. Shout @sabrinasutherland2691 cropped to left. @davidlynchfoundation @theatre_acedtla #KristineMckenna thank you! @twinpeaks @showtime #bluevelvet

#Capri #Italy #Faraglioni #MountSolaro #BlueGrotto #GrottoAzurra #amalficoast one of these was sunrise just as I was sneaking in to swim in the blue was wild bc the water was choppy and nobody was around. The entrance was filling w water so I had to time it. Was exhilarating and beautiful. Lots of Godard Le Mepris Battle of the Gods vibes here. In Sorrento now...headed to Positano today for weekend. Hit me if you're here or have recs!

I love wearing braids. Trying to conjure my best #latrellsprewell here. Also pro tip if you have #TOPICALSTEROIDWITHDRAWAL like me it feels amazing on your face and scalp. And my grandma twinnie says I look more handsome w my hair pulled back. So double bonus. Btw yeah this is a bleached then dyed @lamarodom @lakers jersey. #lamarodom #lalakers #lakers #lakersjersey #braids #cornrows by @jahmonit in LA hit her if you want them!!! She's right next to #arclight Hollywood so catch a movie too.

It won't kill you but it'll make you want to kill yourself and others. I've said this for years. So sad n emotional from seeing this. Check my IG story I talk about my #ECZEMA and more importantly #TOPICALSTEROIDWITHDRAWAL. Talk to me if you have it I know it's hard to communicate w people who don't understand. If you're seeing this after the story is gone, DM me and I'll send you whole thing. UPDATE: will turn this into a Medium post soon. In meantime read the IG highlights I left the story up.

#MyMyMy #IBloomJustForYou #TroyeSivan I love what he's been doing so much the last few years. The music is the most enjoyable refreshing pop in a long time. The only other pop singer whose songs take shape like his is #ArianaGrande. What makes him stand out tho is how meaningful it all is. He and @sophie_msmsmsm are doing things for sexuality that I haven't witnessed in my lifetime. I'm a straight white cisgender male from new york city. I watch Troye dance in @grant_singer My My My video and I'm unqualified turned on. It is sexy as hell. Between this and #CMBYN I really love how culture is treating sexuality in a way that starts with love and energy exchange. I don't think about if I'm gay or straight while watching these. I just FEEL. It makes me treat people differently. Makes me appreciate friendships and intimacy alike. Makes me want to go further sexually too. I hope everyone pays close attention to everything @troyesivan does this year. Not since #FreddieMercury has someone spoken this profoundly and emphatically on sexuality in pop culture. Btw...go see @bohemianrhapsodymovie November 2. #borhap #bohemianrhapsody #Queen @officialqueenmusic @arianagrande @cmbynfilm @cmbynmonet @tchalamet @armiehammer @chalametclothes @madeat3am

My foot hurts a lot today. #ootd this is at @biancallen shop @carolinasarrianyc go there and buy stuff they're amazing designers real artists. I'm not wearing any of their clothes tho. This is a shirt I made last year @smalldifference and haven't released yet bc I'm still deciding where clothing fits in my life as a form of work and creative expression. I'm really happy to have seen Kanye talk today about how Yeezy isn't a fashion brand but a clothing company and other things. It's exactly how I feel and speak of my work in clothes. They're a form of expression for me that lead to targeted connection. Bianca is one of those examples...I consciously set out to connect deeper with people who make clothes, and she and I met via mutual respect over one another's work in clothes. It's been really rewarding to me...putting myself to school in an unfamiliar industry...and learning enough to speak the language but only grow my respect for the true artists in this space. I'm not one of those, I just use clothes to express myself and connect with orhers and I know how to do that, but I have developed none of the craftsmanship of artists like her. It's so so so hard to do, I'm really happy I've put so much of my time into this because the expanded relationships in my life have been so rewarding. And I'm going to continue to expand upon my forms of expression, with clothing as a huge part of that.

I think this was taken on this weird night when I was out dancing w my friend. First we went to a lesbian bar and met a bunch of people we brought to another party. This guy approached us and told me he was dating this girl who saw me in #50shadesofgrey and basically they started buying us drinks and they all wanted to have sex w us. He insisted on this afterparty situation at his apartment and we actually went but his apartment was really shitty Stuy town spot and it was really awkward like there was a dude sleeping right next to where the living room was. I felt like I was in college but there was more coke. We brought girls from the lesbian bar who wanted to have a sex party kinda situation too. In the end tho I just had sex w my one friend at my place and it was cool. Definitely not as wild and exciting as all the cokehead sex party stuff could have been but I was happy. Moral of the story is sometimes having sex w tour friend is better than doing drugs and having sex parties. Btw wearing my friend @kuzyknyc @elizabethkuzyk prototype cow hide jacket one of one! She's launching soon. And @showmethebody shorts. And @illesteva @jusske glasses.

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